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John R. W. Stott, 1921-2011
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John Stott greeting students at 1976 Student Missionary Conference, sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and held in Urbana, Illinois, USA
John Stott was one of the giants of the Christian church in the twentieth century. He served his Lord and his brothers and sisters in Christ as a minister, evangelist, speaker, author, planner, leader, and mentor. His personal ministry in all parts of the world was as marked by love, kindness and honesty as his writing and speeches were by lucidity and brilliance.

In memory of this good brother and great man, the BGC Archives has put up a few documents from his life. They mostly relate to three aspects of his work (and many, many other aspects remain untouched):
    His friendship and collaboration with evangelist Billy Graham.

    His outreach to college, university and seminary students, both as an evangelist and theologian. (our page had links to documents about his work with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the United States. He had similar work in dozens of other countries.)

    His leadership in the Lausanne movement that grew out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization.

A Brief Biography

The Rev. John Stott and Paul Ericksen, head of the Archives, looking at some of the Lausanne movement materials.This picture was taken during Rev. Stott's visit to the Archives in May 2003

In 2003, Rev. Stott loaned his files relating to his participation in the Lausanne movement to the BGC Archives so that digital copies could be made.
These copies became Collection 590. Click here to go to the online guide to this material.


June 1956. Pages from the magazine of All Souls Church in London, England, where Stott was Rector.

1956. Brochure announcing a series of university evangelistic meetings or missions which Stott would be holding in North American, under the sponsorship of the Canadian and United States branches of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

1956. Letter by John Stott to the IVCF staff members he would be working worth during the university missions he held in 1956-1957.

1957. Poster for the mission that Stott led on the campus of the University of Illinois.

1957. Report of an IVCF staff member on the university missions Stott led at Harvard and Yale.

February 1961. Pamphlet, Continuous Congregational Evangelism. A summary of the principles of one of Stott's first interests and one that he maintained all his life - involving the members of local church in personal, one-on-one evangelistic outreach to their family, friends and neighbors.

December 27, 1964. "Beginning A New Year with Christ," text of a radio sermon delivered on the Chicago Sunday Evening Club program.

January 1973. One the newsletters that Stott sent regularly to his friends and supporters with updates on his ministry.

1973. Comments by Stott on the desirability of follow-up to the evangelization congress to be held the following year in Lausanne, Switzerland.

January 20-23, 1975. Minutes of the Lausanne Continuation Committee, meeting in Mexico City, Mexico. This meeting, in which Stott participated, was a follow-up to the 1974 Lausanne Congress and laid the basis for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.

January 16, 1979. Sample of Stott's extremely busy schedule as he traveled around the globe to speak, meet, plan, and guide.

October 1979. Newsletter sent to Stott's friends and supporters.

March 22, 1980. Handwritten draft of the introduction by Stott and Ron Sider for the report of the Simple Lifestyle Consultation.



    1966. Speaking to the World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin.

    1970. Portrait photo.

    1980. With Billy Graham.

    1988. Speaking informally to the European Leadership Conference on World Evangelization meeting in Stuttgart, Germany.

Audio clips

October 27, 1966. Leading a Bible study on "Great Commission," Part I during the World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin, Germany. (43 minutes) Click here for transcript.

October 28, 1966. Leading a Bible study on "Great Commission," Part I during the World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin, Germany. (42 minutes) Click here for transcript.

October 29, 1966. Leading a Bible study on "Great Commission," Part I during the World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin, Germany. (38 minutes) Click here for transcript.

January 4, 1971. Speaking on "Christian Leadership" to the National Staff Conference of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship-USA, meeting in Urbana, Illinois, USA. (37minutes)

August 1971. Oral history with John Stott by Robert Ferm in which Stott talks about his friendship with Billy Graham and the projects they were involved in. (18 minutes)

June 24, 1974. Introducing and explaining the final version of the Lausanne Covenant to the attendees of the International Congress on World Evangelization, held in Lausanne, Switzerland. (25 minutes) Click here to here translations of Stott's talk into other languages.

June 17, 1980. Speaking on "The Place of the Bible in World Evangelization" at the Consultation of World Evangelization held in Pattaya, Thailand by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. (47 minutes)

July 28, 1986. Oral history interview with John Stott by Keith Hunt in which Stott talks about what he is thankful for in the work of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). (5 minutes)

November 14, 1988. Oral history interview with David Adeney in which he talks about John Stott. (10 minutes)

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