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1948. Collection 74, Tape T26. Singing "When God Speaks," after a brief introduction by Billy Graham. This excerpt is from a program dedicating a new building on the campus of Northwestern Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Graham was president of the Schools at the time. The audio quality is poor. November. 2 minutes.
1950. Collection 191, Tape T43. Singing "I Will Sing the Wondrous Story" on the very first broadcast of the Hour of Decision radio broadcast on November 5. Introduced by Cliff Barrows. 2 1/2 minutes.
1950. Collection 191, Tape T47. Singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus," a hymn which played an important part in the story of his own Christian walk and for which he wrote the music. Introduction by Cliff Barrows, followed by GBS' description of the part the hymn played in his life, followed by his rendition of it. From a December 3 Hour of Decision radio broadcast. 3 1/4 minutes.
1957. Collection 26, Tape T421. Singing "Jerusalem" during the June 10th -meeting of the New York Crusade. 3 3/4 minutes.
1973. Collection 74, Tape T31. Excerpt from a service during special services at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. GBS sings "Singing As I Go" and "Jacob's Ladder." There follows an excerpt where Billy Graham talks about how he came to know GBS, who then sings Graham's favorite hymn, "Roll Jordan Roll." November 13. 7 minutes.

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