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Bill Bright, 1921-2003
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From photo file Bright, William Rohl
Photo of Bill Bright, ca. 1970
William Rohl Bright, known everywhere as Bill, was one of the most influential evangelists of twentieth century. He was best known for the ministry he founded, Campus Crusade for Christ. He also authored, The Four Spiritual Laws, used throughout the world to introduce individuals to Jesus Christ. The Archives contains many documents that show his intense desire to tell individuals and nations about Jesus. They further reveal Bright's impact on the church and the world in the twentieth century. On this page are a few documents that tell of his work and of his faith.

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Documents from
the 1950s
the 1960s
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the 1980s

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From photo file Bright, William Rohl
From photo file Bright, William Rohl

On the left, Billy Graham with Bill Bright at Forest Home Conference Center in California, ca. 1946. On the right, Billy Graham with Bill and Vonnette Bright, ca. 1999

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