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Mark O. Hatfield, 1922-2011
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Senator Mark Hatfield speaking at the 1973 Presidential Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC

Mark O. Hatfield, who spent thirty years in the United States Senate after serving as governor of Oregon, was for millions of American Protestant Evangelicals"their" man in politics. This was not only because he spoke forthrightly about how his faith informed his actions in government but because of his active involvement in many Evangelical ministries.

In respectful memory of his service to his country and his Lord, the BGC Archives staff has put on this page a few links that illustrated how he lived his Christian beliefs.

1964. Forward to the manual prepared for a training manual for the Lifeline program of Youth for Christ. The counseling program was intended for troubled teenagers.

September 1968. Talk, "The Pursuit of Excellence." Given at the Young men's Leadership Seminar, sponsored by International Christian Leadership held in Washington, D.C. 61 minutes

1973-1974. Documents relating to the Resolution on a National Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer.
January 30, 1975. Informal remarks on Christians as agents of reconciliation. He is speaking to a leadership seminar held immediately after the National Prayer Breakfast and is introduced by U.S. Congressman from Minnesota Al Quie. 13 minutes.
June 1976. Letter to J. Herbert Kane, a former missionary, about the legislation Hatfield introduced to prohibit the Central Intelligence Agency from using missionaries as information sources on the countries where they were serving.
Ca. 1981. Talk on leadership to a student leaders conference. 46 minutes.

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