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Robert P. Evans, 1918-2011
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Portrait photo of Dr. Robert P. Evans, 1974

Robert Evans was a leader in Evangelical missions for decades. He was best known perhaps for founding the Greater Europe Mission, although he also played an important part in the early days of the Youth for Christ movement in the United States and he was an important advisor to Billy Graham on all of the latter's evangelistic campaigns in Europe.

Dr. Evans was also one of the first researchers to use the Billy Graham Center Archives, coming to use the collections in the late 1970s, when the staff was still working out of a warehouse.

On this pages are links to a few documents that help to tell a small part of the story of of his ministry.

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Biographical sketch of Robert P. Evan's life

May 30, 1945. Photograph of Evans at the Youth for Christ Memorial Day Rally in Soldiers Field, Chicago Illinois, USA
1946. Annual report as the executive secretary of Youth for Christ. The report begins with some of Evans' memories from his service as chaplain with the United States Navy in World War II
1946. Speaking at a YFC rally, with other early leaders of the movement, including Billy Graham.
June 14, 1947. Photograph of Evans with the other YFC men who went with him on his first extended missionary trip to Europe.

October 28, 1947. Prayer letter describing his first extensive trip to Europe as a missionary, under the auspices of Youth for Christ.

1949. YFC World Vision Rally held at the Midwest Bible Church in Chicago, Illinois, USA
January 2, 1953. Letter recalling the early days of YFC and GEM
January 13, 1954. Letter describing the work of the European Bible Institute and his involvement in Billy Graham's Greater London Crusade.
July, 1961. Prayer letters to supporters
1962. Autobiographical materials prepared for Decision magazine
December 1963. Rough typed transcript with handwritten notes of a talk to the BGEA staff at a team meeting in Miami, Florida on "Evangelism in Europe." Introduction by Billy Graham.
April 12, 1966. Evans' presentation on the needs of Europe in relation to Christian evangelism. This talk was given at the Congress on the Church's Worldwide Mission, held in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. 18 minutes.
August 1971. Photograph of Evans speaking to the European Congress on Evangelism held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
August 1971. Edited transcript, prepared by the BGEA staff, of an oral history interview of Evans by Robert and Lois Ferm.
August 1971. Audio file of the Evans/Ferm interview. 17 minutes

February 1980 . Prayer letter to supporters

July 15, 1986. Audio file of the workshop Evans led at the 1986 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, "Developing a Sermon Directly from Scripture." 63 minutes.

September 14, 1986. Audio file of a sermon broadcast on the Hour of Decision , talking about the upcoming Mission France evangelistic campaign. Evans is introduced by Billy Graham. 12.5 minutes.

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