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Ted W. Engstrom, 1916-2006
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From Photo File: Engstrom, Theodore Wilhelm

Engstrom at podium during YFC event at Maranatha Camp in Muskegon, Michigan. Ca. 1960.

Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom was born on March 1, 1916 in Cleveland, Ohio. He professed his faith in Christ while a freshman at Taylor University in 1935. After graduating, was instrumental in setting up Billy Graham's 1947 Grand Rapids Crusade while working for Zondervan Publishing House, was a delegate at the 1948 World Congress on Evangelism in Beatenburg, Netherlands, went on to work for Youth for Christ, and later became executive vice president and then president at World Vision. He is considered a major influence among Evangelical leaders for his emphasis on management from a Christian perspective, and was credited with transforming World Vision from a small financially collapsing organization into one of the world's largest relief and development agency that blended emphasis on social service and evangelism. Engstrom died on Friday, July 14, 2006, at the age of 90.

On this page the Archives features a few items from the Archives collection about Engstrom, mainly from the period of his work with Youth for Christ. Among the historical record at the Archives are letters he wrote, audio and video recordings of his messages, and oral histories with other individuals where they reflect on his life, contribution and influence.

Biographical sketch of Engstrom's life

11-minute audio recording of Engstrom speaking on “Use of Technology in Evangelism" to the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin, October-November, 1966

Photo gallery of shots from Engstrom's life

Letter from Engstrom to Christian businessman Herbert J. Taylor

Full-text transcript of oral history interview with YFC's first president Torrey Johnson at the point where he describes Engstrom
Web sites, all available through Internet browsers, for Christianity Today, Taylor University, World Vision and Azusa Pacific University featured articles reporting Engstrom's death and summarizing his life and contribution

from Collection 20, box 72, folder 7

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