Billy Graham Center

The 2009 BGC Archival Research Lecture
Dr. Uta Balbier
"God and Coca Cola: Billy Graham in Germany"
October 22, 2009 in the Wilson Suite of the Billy Graham Center,
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA


Audio Segments

Opening Prayer by Paul Ericksen, Director of Resources of the BGC (1 1/2 minutes)

Introduction of the lecture and Dr. Balbier by Bob Shuster, BGC archivist (5 minutes)

"God and Coca Cola: Billy Graham in Germany," by Dr. Uta Balbier (39 1/2 minutes)

From the question period following the lecture:

Question 1: 2 comments: The Americans did not come to Germany in World War II to liberate it; Germans themselves made the greatest contribution to their economic recovery (6 3/4 minutes)

Question 2: What was the religious situation in the eastern portion of Germany? (2 1/2 minutes)

Question 3: 2 questions: What were the attitudes of major German religious leaders toward Graham?; what was Graham's influence on contemporary evangelists such as Reinhard Bonnke in Germany? (2 1/2 minutes)

Question 4
: What term was used in the German language for the American term "Crusade" for evangelistic campaigns? (1 minute)

Question 5: Comment by Dr. Lon Allison (director of the BGC) on the influence of Billy Graham in Germany. (1 1/2 minutes)

Question 6: Was there evidence of influence on Billy Graham from the German Christian experience? (1 minute)

Question 7: What was the location of negative press coverage of Billy Graham in the German press? (3 minutes)

Question 8: What is the background for the description of Billy Graham as "God's Machine-gun"? (1 minute)

Question 9: What were some of the negative reactions to Billy Graham's meetings from German theologians? (3 1/2 minutes)

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