Billy Graham Center

Home School Treasure Hunt

Come and join us for an adventure in Christian history!

Treasure Hunt items await the start of the hunt as homeschool students and staff work together to understand the Archives collection. Parents observe the hunt while considering the usefulness of the collections for their children's study.

Take a look at our Treasure Hunt follow-up resource sheet

By special arrangement, the Archives staff can hold a session for Chicago-area home schoolers and their parents. This session, for ages 11 and up, is an introduction to the history of evangelism and provides a "hands-on" experience in using a wide range of historical documents from the Archives, including letters, audio tapes, videos, and photographs, even a phonograph record without the use of electricity!

Some of the treasures to be discovered:

There will also be a time allotted for parents to discuss with Archives staff how to utilize the Archives for course work.

Not only is the Treasure Hunt an introduction to the BGC Archives, it also gives the students a chance to learn skills in using documents that they can use again and again in school and later life. The session is free and limited to fifteen children with priority given to those who have not attended a previous session. To arrange for a Treasure Hunt and for more information, call the Archives' office at (630) 752-5910 or Send us a message.

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