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Records of the Chefoo Schools Association - Collection 710

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Table of Contents

Title Page and Restrictions

Brief Description of This Collection

Historical Background

    Chefoo Schools
    Chefoo Schools Association

Scope and Content Description

    Chefoo Schools Association Magazinesl
    CSA Correspondence and Lists
    Audio and Video Recordings

Other Information That Might Be Helpful To Anyone Using This Collection

Lists of Audio Recordings, Moving Image Recordings, Photographs in This Collection (Location Records)


List of the Contents of Boxes of Paper Records in This Collection (Box List)


Collection 710                                                                               [2/28/19]
Chefoo Schools Association; 1908-2018

Records; 1895-2016

9 boxes (DC, 4.55 cu. ft.), CDs, DVDs, Photographs

Restrictions:  None

Brief Description. The China Inland Mission (later the Overseas Missionary Fellowship) had a school for missionaries’ children in Chefoo, China called the Chefoo School. During World War II, the mission started similar schools in other parts of China and in India. After 1951, when the mission was forced out of China, the mission had similar schools in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. They were always called Chefoo Schools. The Chefoo Schools Association was a society for alumni of the Schools, founded in 1908. The magazine of the Association (alternately called The Chefoo Magazine, Chefoo, The CSA Magazine) was published from 1908 until 2018. This collection consists of an almost complete set of the magazine, correspondence from the North American branch of the CSA, photographs of the schools, and audio and video recordings about life at Chefoo.  


Historical Background

Chefoo Schools

Founded: 1881, by James Hudson Taylor, as the China Inland Mission Preparatory School.
-       1881-1941: Chefoo (Yantai), China
-       1941-1947: Kiating and Shanghai, China; Kalimpong, India; Temple Hill and Weihsien Internment Camps, China
-       1947-1951: Kuling, China
-       1951-1998: Kariuzawa, Sendai, and Nanae, Japan
-       1952-1954: Bangkok, Thailand
-       1952-1964: Tainan and Chiayi, Taiwan
-       1952-2001: Brinchang and Tanah Rata, Malaysia
-       1956-1981: Tagaytay, Calapan, Manila, and Baguio, Philippines

Headmasters (Chefoo, China):
1881-1886: W.L. Elliston

-       1886-1889: H.L. Norris
-       1895-1930: Frank McCarthy
-       1930-1945: Pat Bruce
-       1947-1950: Stanley Houghton

Significant events in organizational history:
-      - 1880-1881: The China Inland Mission (CIM), under James Hudson Taylor, opens the first Chefoo School in Chefoo (Yantai), China.
-       1909: A second branch of the school is constructed in Kuling, China.
-       1937: The Japanese invade China but regard the European missionaries as neutral.
-       1941-1945: Chefoo students and teachers are placed in internment camps by the Japanese, first at Temple Hill until 1943 when they moved to Weihsien, where they remained until their liberation by American paratroopers in August 1945.
-       1941-1947: Offshoots of the school remained open during the war in Kiating and Shanghai, China, and Kalimpong, India.
1947-1951: Chefoo officially reopens in Kuling, remaining in operation during the communist takeover in 1949. In 1951, the CIM decides to withdraw from China, officially closing Chefoo, China, and reopening at new locations in Asia.

-       1951-2001: New locations of Chefoo Schools are opened in Japan (1951-1998), Malaysia (1952-2001), Thailand (1952-1954), Taiwan (1952-1961), and the Philippines (1956-1981). The schools remained open for varying lengths of time, the last, in Malaysia, closing in 2001.

Ministry emphasis: Education of children of missionaries and other expatriates (from the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand) in China and Southeast Asia.

Geographical emphasis: School locations in China, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Alternate names: Protestant Collegiate School, China Inland Mission School, China Inland Mission Preparatory School, Chefoo.


Chefoo Schools Association

Founded: 1908, as an association for alumni of the Chefoo School.

Headquarters locations:
-       1908-2014: locations in London, Bath, Manchester, and Kent, United Kingdom
-       1908-2018: locations in Auckland, New Zealand, and Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.
-       1955-1990s: Chefoo Schools Association, 1058 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-       2003-2018: Chefoo Schools Association North America, 22 Cloughley Drive, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Executive Officers

-       Harold Judd (1908-circa 1930)
-       Frank McCarthy (1936-1954), with his wife, until her death in 1946
-       Rev. P. A. Bruce (1947-1973)
-       James H. Taylor III (1995-circa 2009)
-       Marjorie (Butler) Keeble (circa 2011-2018)

Secretaries (North America)
-       Marion Taylor (1934-1948)
-       Margaret Bunting (1949-1972)

Chairpersons (North America)
-       Carrington Goodrich (1943-1967)
-       Joe Dunlap (1967-1990)

Magazine Editors
-       Isabel Taylor (1971-1991)
-       Dorothy (Cox) Chadborn (1991-2003)
-       Ian Grant (2003-2018)

Significant events in organizational history:

-       1908: The Chefoo Schools Association is founded and prints its first magazine, The Chefoo Magazine. Branches of the CSA are established in Great Britain, North America, New Zealand, and Australia.

-       1941-1945: The CSA Magazine documents the internment of “Chefusians,” printing letters with updates, and listing any Chefoo Alumni enlisted in the military.

-       1945-2001: The CSA Magazine prints updates for alumni, including the opening and closure of various Chefoo branches and upcoming alumni reunions.

-       2001-2018: The CSA continues to publish its magazine and newsletters after the closure of the last Chefoo School, keeping alumni and former teachers updated on reunions and events for Chefusians.

-       2003: Production of the magazine transfers from the UK branch to the North American branch of the CSA.

-       2014: The CSA branch in the United Kingdom officially disbands.

-       2018: After 110 years in print, the CSA publishes the final edition of the Chefoo Magazine.

Organizational emphasis: Connecting and supporting alumni and former teachers and students of the Chefoo Schools in China and Southeast Asia.

Geographical emphasis: Alumni in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and elsewhere.

Alternate names: The Chefoo Magazine; Chefoo; and The CSA Magazine/Newsletter.

[Note: In the Scope & Content section, the notation “folder 2-5" means “Box 2, Folder 5"]

Scope and Content

I.               Chefoo Schools Association Magazines

II.             CSA Correspondence and Lists

III.           Audio and video recordings

This collection consists of an almost complete set of the magazine, from 1908-2016.  The collection also contains records, correspondence, and lists from the CSA and the Chefoo schools, from 1895-2005. Notable alumni correspondents include Carrington Goodrich and Henry Luce. A history of the China Inland Mission Schools, 1879-1929, is included as well as a folder of CSA Archives. Lists of addresses, students, staff, and alumni of the various Chefoo and CSA branches are included—of note, lists of those interned at concentration camps during World War II. Additionally, this collection contains several audio and video recordings, which include several talks by Jack Graham, an interview of Graham by Mary Previte, and a copy of a silent film from the 1940s depicting life at Chefoo, China.


Series:  I. Chefoo Schools Association Magazines
Arrangement: Chronologically
Date Range: 1908; 1933-2016
Volume: 1.6 cu. ft.
Boxes: 1-4
Geographic coverage: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand.
Type of documents: Magazines
Notes:  An almost complete set of the Chefoo Magazine, published by the CSA for their alumni from 1908 to 2018, with copies of the 1908 edition and then almost every edition from 1933 to 2016. Also includes a few early copies of The Chefusian, a magazine created by Chefoo School for its students.
Exceptional items: Folders 1-2 and 1-3 contain copies of The Chefusian, the Chefoo student-created magazine. Folders 1-15 through 1-21, magazines contain a serial publication of the History of Chefoo, by Dr. F. H. Judd, which runs across twelve magazines, No. 41, December 1948 through No. 53, July 1954.


Series:  II. CSA Correspondence and Lists
Arrangement: Alphabetically by folder title
Date Range: 1895-1993
Volume: 2.25 cu. ft.
Boxes: 5-9
Geographic coverage: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand.
Type of documents: Correspondence, lists, newsletters, prayer letters
Correspondents: Marion Taylor, L. Carrington Goodrich, Joe Dunlap, Henry Luce, Thornton Wilder.
Notes: Contains letters and correspondence collected by the North American branch of the CSA at two different times.
Boxes 5 and 6 contain correspondence between alumni and the CSA; addresses, receipts, and other papers related to the organization; a written history of the early days of Chefoo Schools; and newsletters. The dates on the material fall primarily between the 1930s and 1960s, except for a binder of newsletters from 1985-1988 from Chefoo in Malaysia, correspondence regarding the Centennial dinner in 1981, and a letter from 1915.
Boxes 7-9 contain materials form the 1930s-2000s. These folders primarily consist of lists and correspondence, as well as one folder of archives. The lists included are student and staff, addresses, alumni, and Chefoo missionaries. The correspondence is composed largely of membership forms and updates from CSA alumni. The folder of archives contains miscellaneous, unsorted materials from the CSA and copies of papers about archival practice
Exceptional items:
Folder 5-6, Correspondence with L. Carrington Goodrich, an alumnus, who was a sinologist and professor at Columbia University and North American chairman of the Chefoo Magazine.
Folder 5-10, Correspondence with Henry Luce, the co-founder of Time Magazine, about a story in the magazine about Chefoo and another notable alumnus, Thornton Wilder.
Folder 5-16, Correspondence – Wilder, Thornton, contains a few of Wilder’s membership forms as well as the cover of the Time Magazine in which he was featured.
Folder 5-18, History: a manuscript entitled “The Story of Our China Inland Mission Schools: At Chefoo, 1879-1929.”
Folders 7-8, 7-19, and 7-21 contain lists of students and staff interned at concentration camps during WWII, the latter two listing Temple Hill and Weihsien internees, respectively.


Series:  III. Audio and video recordings
Date Range: 1995-2006, n.d.
Volume: .7 cu. ft.
Geographic coverage: United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, India.
Type of documents: DVD and CD recordings
Notes: DVD1, DVD2, and DVD3 are video recordings that all feature Jack Graham, a former student of Chefoo, recounting his family’s work as missionaries, his life at Chefoo, and his experiences as a Japanese prisoner at Temple Hill and Weihsien during WWII. CD1 and CD2 contain part one and part two of an interview of Jack Graham by high school students, where Graham discusses his life as a missionary kid, schooling at Chefoo, internment at Weihsien, and departure from China after the war. CD3 features Mary Previte (a Chefoo student and fellow prisoner) interviewing Jack Graham for the show Street Lights about Chefoo and their experiences as Japanese prisoners of war. DVD4 is a copy of a 1940s silent film about Chefoo China, specifically focusing on reopening Chefoo in Shanghai after WWII.
Exceptional items: DVD4, a copy of a silent film of life at Chefoo, China, in the 1940s (corresponding material can be found in folder 7-17).




The material in this collection was donated by Ian Grant in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018.

Accession: 08-19, 13-14, 14-48, 18-36|
November 14, 2018
Bob Shuster
N. Palladino

Accession: 10-55, 11-58      
February 28, 2019
Emily Brokaw
B. Shuster

Titles of unprocessed envelopes of photographs from Accession 10-55:

Chefoo @ Yantai
Chefoo Harbor Scenes
Co-Ed School
Boys School
Boys School - Sports - Football, Cricket, Boating
Boys School - Sports - General- Long run, Tennis
Boys School - Groups I
Boys School - Groups II
Girls School - Buildings, etc.
Girls School - Sports- Hockey, etc.
Girls School - Groups I
Girls School - Groups II
Chefoo- All Schools
Mixed Groups
Chefoo- Miscellaneous
Sons of the Prophets
SS Tungchow
Staff at Chefoo

 Postwar China
Kuling- Pre-1947 - Luling Valley, etc.
Kuling- Post - 1951

Chefoo- Sketches
Chefoo Sketches- Helen Fox
Kuling Sketches- Helen Fox
Chinese Sketches 

Chefoo- Songs & Poems

 Post China Schools

Japan- Nanae
Japan- Sendai

Individuals and Families
(contains some newspaper clippings and papers)
PHARE- Chefoo- Weihsien and Kuling
Chefoo- Pictures and Clippings
Individuals and Families- B
Individuals and Families- C
Individuals and Families - D
Individuals and Families - E
Individuals and Families - F
Individuals and Families - G
Individuals and Families - H
Individuals and Families - I J K
Individuals and Families - L
Individuals and Families - M
Individuals and Families - N, O
Individuals and Families - P, Q
Individuals and Families - R
Individuals and Families - S
Individuals and Families - T
Individuals and Families - U, V
Individuals and Families - A. Whittlesey
Individuals and Families - W
Individuals and Families - X, Y, Z

Type of material: Audio Recordings
Accession: 11-58
The Archives has one copy of each item, unless otherwise noted. These items are in the CD/DVD File.   

Type of material: Moving Image Material
Accession: 11-58, 10-55
The Archives has one copy of each item, unless otherwise noted. These items are in the CD/DVD File.  


Accession: 10-55
Type of material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by folder title (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

 CHEFOO SCHOOLS – CHEFOO, CHINA. This folder covers a specific geographic location and includes images of the Chefoo facilities, student life, education, student activities, national customs, and local scenery. This folder contains images of life at Chefoo School, originally the China Inland Mission Preparatory School, in Chefoo (Yantai), China, ranging from 1906 to the late 1930s. Included are group shots of students and teachers at Chefoo Prep School; the school buildings at the Chefoo site, including the construction of the new prep school; student picnics and outings to the beach or local temples; the summer C.S.S.M., or Children’s Special Service Mission, event at the beach; Foundation Day tea, cricket, and other activities at Chefoo; scenes of Chefoo at winter; and scenes of Chinese life in Chefoo, including Chinese farmers, temples, funeral processions, and scenery. Some people in the images are identified, such as one of Frank McCarthy, and several identify the photographer (Helen Smith, Margaret Bunting, Marion Taylor). Many of the images were taken from scrapbooks and some remain mounted on cardboard sheets. 151 b&w.



Box  Folder    Title                                                                                                    

I. Chefoo Schools Association Magazine                                                               

1          1          The Chefoo Magazine; 1908 

            2          The Chefusian; 1933  

            3          The Chefusian; 1935

            4          The Chefusian; Chefoo (Newsletter); 1936

            5          Chefoo (Newsletter); 1937

            6          Chefoo (Newsletter); 1938

            7          Chefoo (Newsletter); 1939

            8          Chefoo (Newsletter); 1940

            9          Chefoo (Newsletter); 1941

            10        Chefoo (Newsletter); 1943

            11        Chefoo (Newsletter); 1944

            12        Chefoo (Newsletter); 1945

            13        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1946

            14        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1947

            15        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1948

            16        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1949

            17        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1950

            18        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1951

            19        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1952

            20        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1953

            21        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1954

22        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1955

            23        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1956

            24        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1957

            25        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1958

            26        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1959

            27        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1960

            28        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1961

            29        Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1962

2          1          Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1963

2          Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1964

3          Chefoo (CSA Magazine); 1965

4          Chefoo; 1966

5          Chefoo; 1967

6          Chefoo; 1968

7          Chefoo; 1969

8          Chefoo; 1970

9          Chefoo; 1971

10        Chefoo; 1972

11        Chefoo; 1973

12        Chefoo; 1974

13        Chefoo; 1975

14        Chefoo; 1976

15        Chefoo; 1977

16        Chefoo; 1978

17        Chefoo; 1979

18        Chefoo; 1980

19        Chefoo; 1981

20        Chefoo; 1982

3          1          Chefoo; 1983

2          Chefoo; 1984

3          The Chefoo Magazine; 1985

4          The Chefoo Magazine; 1986

5          The Chefoo Magazine; 1987

6          The Chefoo Magazine; 1988

7          The Chefoo Magazine; 1989

8          The Chefoo Magazine; 1990

9          The Chefoo Magazine; 1991

10        The Chefoo Magazine; 1992

11        The Chefoo Magazine; 1993

12        The Chefoo Magazine; 1994

4          1          The Chefoo Magazine; 1995

2          The Chefoo Magazine; 1996

3          The Chefoo Magazine; 1997

4          The Chefoo Magazine; 1998

5          The Chefoo Magazine; 1999

6          The Chefoo Magazine; 2000

7          The Chefoo Magazine; 2001

8          The Chefoo Magazine; 2002

9          The Chefoo Magazine; 2003

10        The Chefoo Magazine; 2004

11        The Chefoo Magazine; 2005

12        The Chefoo Magazine; 2006

13        The Chefoo Magazine; 2007

14        The Chefoo Magazine; 2008

15        The Chefoo Magazine; 2011

16        The Chefoo Magazine; 2012

17        The Chefoo Magazine; 2013

18        The Chefoo Magazine; 2014

19        The Chefoo Magazine; 2015

20        The Chefoo Magazine; 2016

II. CSA Correspondence and Lists                                                                        

5          1          (Re) Addresses                                                                                    1955-1978

            2          Book Lists                                                                                           1938-1940

            3          Centennial Dinner Reservations                                                         1981

            4          Centennial Dinner (General)                                                              1981-1982

            5          Correspondence – Canada                                                                  1949-1960

            6          Correspondence – Chairman – Carrington Goodrich                         1948-1958

            7          Correspondence – Great Britain                                                         1942-1960

            8          Correspondence – Great Britain – Difficulties                                   1948-1952

            9          Correspondence – Great Britain – Dorothy Loosely                          1940s-1960

            10        Correspondence – Luce, Henry                                                          1947-1957

            11        Correspondence – New York – Chairman – Joe Dunlap                        1948-1958

            12        Correspondence – New York – Miscellaneous                                  1948-1958

            13        Correspondence – North America – Chicago                                     1949-1960

            14        Correspondence – North America – Toronto Group                          1949

            15        Correspondence – The War,                                                               1939-1945

– Children coming to Canada 1940   

            16        Correspondence – Wilder, Thornton                                                  1948-1965

            17        Fiftieth Anniversary, 1959                                                                 1959

            18        History                                                                                                (1879-1949)

            19        Letter – 1915                                                                                       1915

6          1          Marion Taylor, Secy., 1934-1948                                                      1934-1948

            2          Marion Taylor, Secy. – Great Britain, 1934-1948                             1930-1948

            3          Nicoll Family – Immigration                                                              1934

            4          Receipts                                                                                              1938-1948

            5          Newsletters Chefoo Malaysia, 1986-1987                                         1985-1988

7          1          Alumni (CIM)                                                                                     1984-1993

            2          Archives (CSA)                                                                                  1930-1989

            3          Australia – Branch Lists                                                                     1950-1987

            4          Bangkok                                                                                              1953

            5          Boys, Girls, Prep and Staff – Yantai                                                  1939-1940

            6          Chefusian Missionaries – Lists CSA                                                  1955

            7          Children’s Lists – OMF/CIM – Lists CSA                                         1881-1973

            8          Concentration Camps – Lists CSA                                                     1941-1988

            9          Great Britain – Branch Lists                                                               1935-1950      

            10        Japan (Chefoo School Children) – CSA Lists                                    1953-1987

            11        Kalimpong                                                                                          1941-1954

            12        Malaysia (Chefoo School Children) – CSA Lists                              1964-1988

            13        New Zealand – Branch Lists                                                              1986

            14        Philippines – Staff and Students – Lists CSA                                    1959-1987      

            15        Prep School – Staff – 1895-1986 – Lists CSA                                   1895-1987

            16        Shanghai                                                                                             1946-1947

            17        Spiritual Gardens Digitization Report                                                2005

            18        Staff – Prayer Directories – Lists CSA                                              1939-1988

            19        Taiwan List – Chefoo Kids and Staff – CSA Lists                            1959-1961

            20        Temple Hill – Lists etc.                                                                      1988

            21        U.S. College Age – CSA Lists                                                           1987

            22        Weihsien – Lists etc.                                                                          1988-1989

8          1          A                                                                                                         1986-1991

            2          B                                                                                                         1986-1991

            3          C                                                                                                         1986-1992

            4          D                                                                                                         1951-1992

            5          E                                                                                                          1987-1992

            6          F                                                                                                          1987-1992

            7          G                                                                                                         1985-1992

8          H                                                                                                         1984-1992

9          I                                                                                                           1969-1987

10        K                                                                                                         1985-1992

            11        L                                                                                                          1982-1992

            12        M                                                                                                         1978-1991

            13        N                                                                                                         1989-1991

            14        O                                                                                                         1990

            15        P                                                                                                          1986-1991

9          1          Q                                                                                                         1988

            2          R                                                                                                         1986-1991

            3          S                                                                                                          1985-1992      

            4          T                                                                                                          1987-1992

            5          U                                                                                                         1990-1991

            6          V                                                                                                         1987-1991

            7          W                                                                                                        1987-1992

            8          XYZ (empty)                                                                                      n.d.


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