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Records of the BGEA: Montreat Office - VIP Notebooks - Collection 685

[Note: What follows is a description of the documents in this collection which are available for use at BGC Archives in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. The actual documents are not, in most cases, available online, only this description of them. Nor are they available for sale or rent.]


March 16, 2018
In accordance with the wishes of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Collection 685 will now be opened on November 7, 2018, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Rev. Billy Graham.

Table of Contents

Title Page and Restrictions

Brief Description of This Collection

General Historical Background of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

Notebook #



Harry Truman, 1946-1996


Dwight Eisenhower/Mrs. Eisenhower/Family, 1951-2014


John Kennedy/Mrs. Kennedy, 1953-2014


Kennedy Family, 1962-2011


Lyndon Johnson I, 1953-2013


Lyndon Johnson II/with Family yr of his death, 1969-1973


Lady Bird Johnson, 1974-2007


Johnson Family/Luci & Lynda, 1968-2013


Hubert Humphrey, 1950-1978


Richard Nixon I, 1952-2006


Richard Nixon II/1st Term, 1968-2007


Richard Nixon III/1st Term, 1971-2007


Richard Nixon IV/2nd Term, 1972-1991


Richard Nixon V, 1974-1987


Richard Nixon /Nixon Diary, 1968-1976, n.d.


Richard Nixon/Southeast Asia Reports, 1969-1971


Richard Nixon VI, 1988-1994


Nixon Family/Julie, Tricia & Others, 1967-2013


Spiro Agnew, 1969-1973


Gerald Ford/Betty Ford, Other Family Members, 1955-2011


Nelson Rockefeller, 1958-1976


Jimmy Carter, 1971-2013


Walter Mondale, 1976-2014


Ronald Reagan I/Gov/1st Term, 1967-2009


Ronald Reagan I/2nd Term, 1985-1988


Ronald Reagan III, 1989-2004


Nancy Reagan, 2004-2013


George H. W. Bush I, 1972-1989


George H. W. Bush II, 1990-1991


George H. W. Bush III, 1992-1994


George H. W. Bush IV, 1995-2014


Dan Quayle, 1988-1997


William Clinton I/Gov, 1979-1995


William Clinton II, 1996-2000


William Clinton II, 2001-2014


Al Gore, 1957-2010


George W. Bush I, 1982-1999


George W. Bush II, 2000-2005


George W. Bush III, 2005-2008


George W. Bush IV, 2008-2014


Bush Family, 1980-2013


Dick Cheney, 1976-2012


Barack Obama, 2009-2013


Popes John Paul I through Benedict XVI, 1978-2009


International VIPs: Argentina-Monaco, 1955-2013


International VIPs: Netherlands-Yugoslavia, 1954-2014


Elizabeth II, 1954-1994


Elizabeth II, 1990-1999


Elizabeth II, 2000-2014


British Royal Family, 1954-2015


Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy, 1966-2013


British VIPs, 1954-2002


List of Notebooks

Collection 685                                                                                                           [March 14, 2018]

BGEA: Billy Graham - Montreat Office

Records - VIP Notebooks; 1946-2015

52 notebooks (copied to PDFs and TIFs)


No Billy Graham document may be quoted by researchers in any published work (including on the internet) without written permission from the authorized respresentative from the Grahm Literary Trust. Copyright to the Billy Graham documentsin this collection are retained by the Graham Literary Trust.


Documents in this collection are closed until they are at 30 years old. For example, a documents dated May 1, 1980 is closed until May 1, 2010. In addition, the materials below are restricted as indicated except for persons with written permission from the Billy Graham Literary Trust.









30 year. Closed until January 11, 2023



Entire notebook

50 year. Closed until January 1, 2022



Notes on phone conversation with Nancy Reagan

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 3/15/2036



Notes on phone conversation with Nancy Reagan

Closed during Nancy Reagan’s lifetime



Handwritten letter from Nancy Reagan to Graham

Closed 30 years. Closed until 9/28/2023



Handwritten letter from Nancy Reagan to Graham

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 5/23/2044



Handwritten letter from George H. W. Bush to Billy Graham

Closed during the lifetime of George H. W. and Barbara Bush



Handwritten note from Barbara Bush to Billy Graham

Closed during the lifetime of Barbara Bush



Letter from Billy Graham to George Bush

Closed for 30 years. Closed until 11/13/2025



Letter from Billy Graham to President Bill Clinton

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 1/5/2044



Letter from Billy Graham to Kim Il Sung

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 1/27/2044



Letter from Billy Graham to President Bill Clinton

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 2/3/2044



Typed transcript of Graham’s meeting with Kim Il Sung in 1994

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 2/3/2044



Brief note from President Bill Clinton to Billy Graham

Closed for 30 years. 2/15/2024



Handwritten letter from Bill Clinton

Closed during the lifetime of Bill Clinton



Handwritten letter from Bill Clinton to Graham

Closed during the lifetime of Bill Clinton



Memo from John Akers to Billy Graham.

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 11/25/2042



Memo from John Akers briefing Graham for his meeting with the Pope and members of the Catholic hierarchy

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 2/26/2043



Letter from Stephen Linton to Billy Graham

Closed for 50 years. Closed until 4/20/2045



Entire notebook

Closed during the lifetimes of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip



Entire notebook

Closed during the lifetimes of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip



Entire notebook

Closed during the lifetimes of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip



The sections of notebook containing correspondence with Prince Edward, Duke of Kent; Prince Charles; Prince Michael of Kent; and Princess Margaret

The correspondence with each individual is closed during the lifetime of that individual



Entire notebook

Closed during the lifetime of Princess Alexandra

Brief Description. Letters, photos, notes on phone conversations, programs, and other documents kept at the BGEA Montreat office in notebooks labeled VIP. Most of these notebooks document Graham’s personal relationship with every US president from Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama. There is one notebook relating mostly to Pope John II and two others with documents about contacts with various world leaders.

Scope and Content

Series: VIP Notebooks

Date Range: 1946-2015

Arrangement: The order in each notebook is mostly chronological. Sometimes the pockets of a notebook contained a set of materials paper clipped together, usually to or from a family member or a presidential library. These were put together in a subfolder of the notebook folder.


Type of documents: Digital copies of letters, telegraphs, photographs, typed notes of Graham’s account of phone conversations with presidents and members of their family, typed diary entries of his contacts with same, programs, articles and clippings (including printouts of web pages), Christmas cards, ephemera from various inaugurations, state dinners at the White House, dedications of presidential libraries, funerals, and similar events

Notes: These notebooks contain Graham’s correspondence with a variety of influential people, mostly American presidents and their families, but also popes and the heads of state of other countries and a few miscellaneous notables. The notebooks were kept in the Montreat office of the BGEA and their order and contents were created by Graham’s secretary, Stephanie Wills. From the late September 2014 until the January 2015, the BGC Archives’ staff made scanned TIFF and PDF copies of each document in the notebooks. The originals were then returned to the Montreat office. Blank pages were not scanned and if a notebook contained two or more exact copies of items such a programs, only one was copied. Every other page that had anything written or printed on it, even scribbles or doodles, and was in the notebooks when they were received by the BGC Archives staff in September 2014, were scanned.


Of the 46 notebooks, 44 are concerned with presidents and their families. Typically, all the correspondence with a particular president and his wife is contained together in one or several notebooks. These notebooks contain materials from before, during, and after a particular person’s presidency. Lady Bird Johnson and Nancy Reagan also have their own notebooks of correspondence from the period after the deaths of their husbands. Then, for the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Bush families, correspondence with other family members besides the president and first lady are separated in one or more notebooks. Some notebooks also contain sections of correspondence with the relevant presidential library. There are generally also slim notebooks with correspondence with the vice presidents Graham was acquainted with, unless that vice president later became president, in which case his correspondence with Graham would be in a pre-presidential notebook dedicated to him.

“Correspondence” is used here to cover many different kinds of materials. Most of the material indeed consists of letters and telegrams, but there is also a wide variety of other documents, all relating in some way to Graham’s relationship with a particular president - notes of phone calls, memoranda, newspaper and magazine clippings, sermon and speech notes and transcripts, phone messages, notes for the file, photos and copies of photos (many of which are autographed), post-it notes, and blue sheets on which Graham’s secretary indicates materials that are stored elsewhere. Most of the letters are either originals received or carbon copies of letters sent, but there are some photocopies of documents, including photocopies from various presidential libraries.

Much ephemera such as programs, photos, menus, transcripts, etc., is from state occasions such as inaugurations, state dinners and state funerals. Also included are many photos, programs and other ephemera from events such as the annual National (or Presidential) Prayer Breakfast.

The digital copies are labeled solely with the date of the document. Documents with no date are labeled “No date” or “nd” As much chronological information as possible is included in the title. Thus, if there is a year for a document, but no month or day, it would be labeled “1963-No date.” If one or more documents are stapled together, each document is labeled with its own date, but there is a tag for attached items indicating which document it was attached to. With multi-page documents, the PDF copy contains all the pages in one copy. With the TIFF copy, each page of a multi-page document is a separate document, labeled “1963-02-12a”, “1963-02-12b”, etc. or, if there is more than one document with the same date, the first will be labeled “1963-02-12-1a”, “1963-12-1b” and the second will be labeled “1963-02-12-2a”, “1963-02-12-2b,” etc.

Billy Graham, of course, is the most frequent correspondent throughout these notebooks. He is therefore not listed under the major correspondents in each particular notebook. Most of the correspondence occurred within and is about topics relating to the United States, so that country is not listed under “Geographic Coverage” for each of the individual notebooks. If a particular notebook contains significant information from or about a particular country, then that country is listed under “Geographic coverage.”

The contents of each notebook are briefly described below, with a few items of exceptional interest in each book usually briefly noted. In general, the notebooks contain many friendly notes, particularly with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George H.W. and Barbara Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush. Graham’s letters often contain comfort and encouragement for the sitting president and praise for recent activities. He sometimes asked for help with his evangelistic campaigns, particularly overseas crusades, the help consisting of the president contacting the head of government or the US ambassador to let them know of his (the president’s) friendship with Graham. Graham also sometimes discussed, usually very briefly, political and social issues then current. There tends to be much more of this in the Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan notebooks, but particularly in presidential election years there tends to be some political discussion. Notebooks 17, 22, 30, and 33 contain material on Graham’s trips to North Korea in 1992 and 1994, partly to act as a conduit of communication between the president of the United States and Kim Il Sung, the head of the North Korean state. Their contents are described below. There is also a great deal of correspondence back and forth in most of the presidential notebooks offering birthday greetings and condolences and promises of prayer because of illnesses or visits to hospitals. There are also many Christmas cards to the Grahams.

Notebooks 15 and 16 are anomalies. Notebook 15 contains transcripts of Graham’s description of his contacts and conversations with Richard Nixon during his 1968 campaign for president and a little into his first term. Notebook 16 contains correspondence and reports from missionaries and others about the situation in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and suggestions for ending the war. All of this material was apparently sent to Graham so that he could pass it along to President Nixon. Both notebooks are described more fully below.

Notebooks 44, 45, 46 contain Graham’s correspondence with Popes, royalty and political leaders of other countries. All are described more fully below.


Series: I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 1: Harry S. Truman

Date Range: 1946-1996

Number of items: 64 PDFs, 64 TIFs

Correspondents: Jerry Beaven, Matthew J. Connelly, Carl Henry, John W. McCormack, Charles Ross

Notes: Most of the material are messages from Graham or on his behalf to Truman, assuring him that he was leading prayers for the president, and asking for Truman’s participation by a message or in person in Graham’s evangelistic crusades, particularly the one held in 1952 in Washington DC. There are no direct messages from Truman, but notes by his aides indicates his strong negative reaction to Graham after their one meeting in the Executive office, although the meeting itself is not described. There is also a photo of Graham and Truman together in 1967 and some letters and notes about the efforts of the BGEA staff much later to get copies of relevant documents from the Truman presidential library.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 2: Dwight David Eisenhower

Date Range: 1951-2014

Number of items: 353 PDFs, 508 TIFs

Correspondents: Frank Carlson, George Champion, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mamie Doud Eisenhower, W.K. Harrison, Virgil Pinkley, Thomas E. Stephens

Notes: Unlike the Truman notebook, the Eisenhower notebook contains many exchanges of personal letters between Eisenhower and Graham, dealing with Eisenhower’s decision to run for president, Graham’s (undeclared publicly) support for Eisenhower during the 1952 presidential campaign, the growing friendship between the two men, Graham’s reports on his activities, particularly crusades (which he often invited the president to attend), trips abroad, suggestions on a variety of policy issues, including civil rights and the need for a recommitment to religious values, and Graham’s continuing friendship and counseling of Eisenhower after the former president’s retirement. There are also numerous letters to and from Mamie Eisenhower, especially after her husband’s death. There are also several more brief exchanges with John Eisenhower, the president’s son, which are generally just friendly greetings. Another set of materials deal with the interview Graham did with Virgil Pinkley about Eisenhower for a book Pinkley was writing about the Eisenhower as a general.

Exceptional items:

Late 1951 and early 1952

Letters from Graham, in cooperation with Sid Richardson, urging Eisenhower to run for president and Eisenhower’s cautious responses.


Letter from Graham to Senator Frank Carlson on the ongoing presidential campaign and Eisenhower’s good prospects for carrying Southern states.


Correspondence between Graham and Edward Elson about Eisenhower’s personal religious beliefs.


Letter from Graham urging Eisenhower to run for a second term (On October 8, after Eisenhower’s heart attack, he wrote again suggesting Eisenhower not run).


Letter from Eisenhower suggesting ways Graham can help to ease racial tensions in the country and Graham’s response on March 27.


Letter from Graham urging Eisenhower to stand up to the Soviets.


Letter urging Eisenhower during a planned visit to Moscow to attend church in that city as a testimony of America’s faith in God.


Letter from Graham with suggestions for Eisenhower to make speeches for Nixon in the South in the presidential campaign.


Letter from Graham to Eisenhower urging he endorse Nixon in the upcoming presidential campaign.


Funeral service program for President Eisenhower.


Letter from Graham to Mamie Eisenhower about some memories of her husband (see also April 8, 1972).



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 3: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Date Range: 1953-2014

Number of items: 47 PDFs, 93 TIFs

Correspondents: Brooks Hays, Jacqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy

Notes: This notebook contains little about the 1960 presidential campaign. There are some materials about Presidential Prayer Breakfasts Kennedy attended with Graham, a photo of Kennedy and Graham (autographed by Kennedy), an invitation from Graham to Kennedy to attend the 1962 Chicago Crusade, correspondence on civil rights, and material on Graham’s reaction to Kennedy’s murder and relating to the funeral service.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Kennedy denying any intention to raise the religious issue and stating he would probably vote for Nixon.


Notes for Graham’s address to the Presidential Prayer Breakfast with Kennedy in attendance.


Exchange of telegrams in which Kennedy asked for Graham’s help with civil rights.


Transcript of remarks made by Graham and Calvin Thielman on radio station WFGW after Kennedy’s assassination.


Notes and program from a memorial service for President Kennedy held in North Carolina.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 4: The Kennedy Family

Date Range: 1962-2011

Number of items: 102 PDFs, 215 TIFs

Correspondents: Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy, Joan Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy, Sargent Shriver

Notes: Notebook consists mostly of friendly notes or messages of condolence that Graham exchanged with members of the Kennedy and Shriver family, especially Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., and Sargent Shriver. The notebook is divided up, with sections for John Jr., Caroline, Ted, Rose and Robert Kennedy and the Shriver family. The items described below are arranged by the section they are in rather than by chronilogical order.

Exceptional items:

Last half of 1996

Correspondence from John Jr. arranging for him to interview Graham for his magazine, George, as well as a copy of the final interview.


Graham’s press release mourning Robert Kennedy’s death and deploring his assassination and Graham’s condolence letter to Ted Kennedy.


Letter of thanks from Kennedy to Graham for his support of Kennedy resolution asking for a nuclear weapons freeze.


Letter of condolence to Robert Kennedy over the murder of his brother, President John F. Kennedy.


Letter of condolence to Sargent and Eunice Shriver over the murder of Robert Kennedy.


Letter from Shriver about his campaign for the presidency.


Letter from Shriver asking for Graham’s support for creating July 22 as Family Appreciation Day.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 5: Lyndon Johnson I

Date Range: 1953-2013

Number of items: 141 PDFs, 252 TIFs

Correspondents: Lady Bird Johnson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Jack Valenti

Notes: The notebook contains many brief letters and notes of support and friendship between the two men. Particularly after Johnson became president, Graham often wrote to encourage him in bearing the burdens of his office, especially criticism, as he was to do with later presidents. There are also letters about Johnson’s efforts to involve Graham directly in the administration’s civil rights and anti-poverty programs.

Exceptional items:


Congratulatory telegram from Graham on Johnson’s election as vice president.


Telegram of support upon Johnson’s assumption of the presidency after the assassination of John Kennedy.


Telegram from Johnson inviting Graham to serve on a citizen committee created to help ease racial tensions and support equal opportunity after the passage of the 1964 civil rights legislation; Graham’s replies, agreeing to serve on the committee but not be its chairman.


Reading text of Graham’s sermon at the National City Christian Church in Washington for Johnson’s inauguration.


Letter of support to Johnson because of the criticism he was receiving and the heavy burdens he bore.


Letter thanking Johnson for attending Houston Crusade.


Flight certificate certifying that Graham had ridden in the presidential helicopter.


Excerpts from the message Graham gave during the crusade service in Kansas City, which Johnson attended.


Letter reacting to Johnson’s announcement that he would not run for a second term.


Notes from a conversation with Richard Nixon about a message Nixon wanted Graham to convey to Johnson.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 6: Lyndon Johnson II

Date Range: 1969-1973

Geographic coverage: Vietnam

Number of items: 101 PDFs, 202 TIFs

Correspondents: Lyndon Baines Johnson, W. Thomas Johnson, John Pollock

Notes: The correspondence in this notebook covers the period of Johnson’s retirement, up to his death in early 1973. The letters are mainly friendly notes back and forth, informing each other about their activities and expressing their friendship and love. There is also information about the dedication of the Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham reporting on his Christmas visit to Vietnam.


Letter consoling Johnson on his retirement and advising him on ways to relax.

7/1969 (dated 9/17/13)

Photocopy of a page from Ruth Graham’s diary about her visit with her husband to LBJ’s ranch.


Letter from Johnson to biographer John Pollock giving his (Johnson’s) evaluation of Graham.


Letter to the former president’s assistant about attacks on Johnson by members of the Nixon administration.


Letter agreeing to preach Johnson’s funeral sermon if Johnson preceded him in death.


The program for the dedication, letters and other materials relating to Graham’s attendance at the dedication of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.


Graham’s reading notes for the service he conducted at the burial site of Lyndon Johnson.

Throughout 1973

Letters back and forth with Lady Bird Johnson, consoling her on her loss and encouraging her with expressions of the love of the Grahams for her.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 7: Ladybird Johnson

Date Range: 1974-2007

Number of items: 163 PDFs, 240 TIFs

Correspondents: Ruth Graham, Lady Bird Johnson

Notes: Friendly notes back and forth between Mrs. Johnson and the Grahams with family news, reports on health problems, plans in several years to meet in Acapulco, and many Christmas cards.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham in which he briefly describes his tour of Poland and expresses his hope to be able to preach in the Soviet Union (see also letter of April 20, 1982).


Correspondence arranging for Graham to do an interview with staff from the LBJ Library about his friendship with Johnson; a transcript of the interview.


Statements from Billy and Ruth Graham expressing their appreciation of Lady Bird Johnson for a book being prepared for Johnson’s 80th birthday.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 8: The Johnson Family

Date Range: 1968-2013

Number of items: 85 PDFs, 226 TIFs

Correspondents: Luci Johnson Nugent (later Turpin), Charles Robb, Linda Johnson Robb

Notes: This notebook contains Graham’s correspondence with Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson’s daughters, covering more than four decades. The notebook is divided into two sections, one for Luci and the other for Lynda. Many brief letters about family event and many Christmas cards. Mostly the letters are brief notes that contain description of recent events and many expressions of friendship and regard. Lynda Robb occasionally wrote on spiritual topics.

Exceptional items:


Luci Nugent’s letter to Graham praising and describing his friendship with her father.


Letter from Graham, in response to a request from Lynda Robb, describing his reading as a child with emphasis on the importance of Scripture.


Articles about Charles Robb and his potential as a politician, including the presidency.


Letter from Lynda Robb thanking Graham for his condolences for the death of Lady Bird Johnson.


Letter from Graham to the Robbs thanking them for attending Ruth Graham’s funeral service.


Book prepared by Lady Bird Johnson’s children and given to close friends contains excerpts from her diaries, letters and interviews as well as several photos.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 9: Hubert Humphrey

Date Range: 1950-1978

Number of items: 51 PDFs, 83 TIFs

Correspondents: Hubert Humphrey

Notes: The notebook consists mainly of short letters of friendly greetings between Graham and Humphrey (Graham’s organization was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which Humphrey represented in Congress in the 1940s and ‘50s.) There is occasionally brief discussion of public issues, particularly the dangers of Communism. Several letters contain references to their first meeting around 1947, when George Wilson introduced Graham to Humphrey at the Minneapolis public swimming pool

Exceptional items:


Humphrey notes briefly Graham visit with Truman and Truman’s own personal faith.


Letter from Humphrey about help he was able to give Graham apparently over a problem about not using union musicians at a crusade in Detroit.


Letter from Humphrey talking about his recent trip to the Soviet Union and the spiritual hunger there.


Letter from Graham on the need to take the psychological offensive against Communism.


Letter to Humphrey consoling him on losing the presidency and informing him he (Graham) had voted for Nixon.


Program for Humphrey’s funeral service.


Letter to Timothy Curtin, who was compiling a book of reminiscences about Humphrey, describing Graham’s own relationship with him over the years.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 10: Richard M. Nixon I

Date Range: 1952-2006, almost all 1952-1968

Geographic coverage: Vietnam

Number of items: 185 PDFs, 392 TIFs

Correspondents: Dwight Chapin, H. R. Halderman, Henry Luce, Richard Nixon

Notes: Includes a subfolder with material about Nixon’s mother, Hannah, including the text of Graham’s comments at her funeral service (see also October 27, 1967 letter in main section of notebook). This notebook, like previous ones, contains many friendly greetings back and forth as well as Graham’s regular reports on his evangelistic activities in the United States and abroad (as well as requests for assistance in meeting foreign leaders and invitations from Graham to attend evangelistic meetings). However, there seem to be more letters of substantial length between the two men, dealing with substantial topics, especially politics and, to a much less extent, policy issues. Among the issues discussed at greater length in several letters are the dangers of Communism and how to combat it, the need of the country for greater spiritual and moral guidance, and, particularly, the politics of the 1960 and 1968 presidential campaigns, and health concerns for both men (see Graham’s letter of January 18, 1965), advice from Graham on the 1968 campaign.

Exceptional items:


Letter to Nixon on the importance of being middle-of-the-road if he wants to be elected president.


Letter to Nixon outlining the details of his visit to Montreat, North Carolina and Graham’s home in August. See also June 12, July 14, and July 25, 1956.


Telegram from Nixon asking if Graham would travel with him to Austria to be with refugees from the Hungarian revolution.


Report to Nixon on the plans for the New York Crusade and an invitation to speak there. See also June 29, 1957.


Letter to Nixon in which Graham describes his plans to visit the Middle East and meet with Gamel Abdul Nasser of Egypt. See also April 23, 1959.


Letters to Nixon outlining advice from the twenty-five American clergy in conference at Montreaux, Switzerland on how to handle the religious issue in the 1960 presidential election.

10/16, 23/1960

Two versions of an article for Life magazine by Graham for Life magazine. The first was a strong endorsement of Richard Nixon. This article was later pulled by Henry Luce and the second article substituted, which was non-partisan and urged all citizens to vote. See also December 9, 1960, and January 25, May 31, June 12, July 17 and August 18, 1961; also the correspondence with Henry Luce from October through December 1960.


Letter to Nixon, consoling him on his loss in the election.


Letter to Nixon consoling him after his loss in the California gubernatorial race and advising him to repair his relations with the news media. Only pages 1 and 2 of this letter were in the notebook.


Letter from Nixon giving his thoughts on the upcoming 1964 presidential campaign and the assassination of the president of South Vietnam.


Letter from Nixon reporting on his meeting with J. Howard Pew. See also letter of January 11, 1966.


Graham’s report on his 1966 London crusade and his thoughts on the 1968 presidential election.


Copy of a letter from Eisenhower to Graham giving his (Eisenhower’s) appraisal of Nixon as a presidential possibility.


Text of Graham’s introduction of Nixon at the Pittsburgh Crusade.


Advice from Graham on Nixon’s inaugural address, saying he should talk about the need for moral and spiritual leadership.


Letter to H. R. Halderman, Nixon’s chief of staff, with a few suggestions for possible appointments.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 11: Richard M. Nixon II/ 1st Term

Date Range: 1968-2007, most are 1969-1970

Number of items: 150 PDFs, 421 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Israel, Vietnam, United States

Correspondents: Dwight Chapin, Ruth Graham, H. R. Halderman, Richard Nixon, Rose Mary Woods

Notes: This material in this notebook contains a great many programs, photos and other memorabilia from many official events in which Graham participated, such as the presidential inauguration, White House worship services, and White House special events. There is also correspondence from Graham with a few suggestions for appointments (see, for example, January 25, 1969), conduct of the war in Vietnam and the peace talks. See also notebooks 15 and 16, which cover the same period.

Exceptional items:


Text for Graham’s prayer at the inauguration.


Letter from White House staffer Charles Wilkinson to Graham about White House church services. See also Graham’s list of possible preachers and the notes for his January 26th White House worship service.


Nixon’s address to the Presidential Prayer Breakfast. See also Graham’s notes for his introduction of Nixon.


Letter, with attachments, about passing on to Nixon a recommendation from black leader Tom Skinner about an appointment in Florida.


Memo to Nixon summarizing information Graham had gathered on a recent trip to Vietnam of the reaction of several American missionaries to the American conduct of the war in that country and their suggestions for a peace plan. See also August 27, 1969, February 1, 1970 and December 28, 1970 and Notebook 16.


Letter from Graham about his upcoming meeting with Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. See also October 2, 1969.


Letter from Graham in response to a question from Nixon about the declining influence of religion in American society.


Text of Graham’s introduction of Nixon when he spoke at the crusade in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Nixon’s letter about his appreciation of the Honor America Day program in Washington D.C., which Graham co-chaired with Bob Hope. See also July 27, 1970.


Letter from Graham to Dwight Chapin, White house appointments secretary, about contacts that Chapin had asked him to make on the White House’s behalf.


Humorous letter from Nixon about Graham leading him five dollars for the offering plate at the Knoxville Crusade. See also October 11, 1970.


Letter from Graham on which he touches on policy issues such as the desegregation of Southern schools and the need for American military preparedness.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 12: Richard M. Nixon III/ 1st Term

Date Range: 1971-2007

Number of items: 175 PDFs, 431TIFs

Geographic coverage: China, India, Iran, Soviet Union, Taiwan, Vietnam

Correspondents: Alexander Butterfield, Dwight L. Chapin, Charles Colson, Harry S. Dent, Allan C. Emery Jr., H. R. Halderman, Paul Harvey, David Allan Hubbard, Herbert Klein, Henry Kissinger, David L. McKenna, Pat Nixon, Richard Nixon, William P. Rogers, Clyde Taylor, William B. Walton, Rose Mary Woods, Ronald Ziegler, P. Zondervan

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Pat Nixon, saying he is praying for her and outlining ways he hopes to help her husband.


Letter to Nixon on the occasion of Tricia Nixon’s wedding. Graham talks about his feelings at his own children’s weddings.


Transcript of Kissinger’s briefing of the press on Nixon’s upcoming trip to China.


Materials about a briefing Graham helped arrange for Evangelical leaders on Nixon’s trip to China. Included are letters from several of the participants about their reactions.


Report sent to Nixon from missionaries on the situation in Southeast Asia. See also Notebook 16.


Transcript, apparently given to Nixon, of several articles about the condition of the Christian church in China. See another report summarizing views of missionaries. See also May 9, 1972 and Notebook 16.


List of people invited to a Which House worship service at which Graham gave the benediction.


Graham’s notes for his speech on Billy Graham Day in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was attended by Nixon.


Letter from Halderman to Graham with a list of suggested talking points for an upcoming meeting between Graham and Taiwanese President Chiang Kai-shek and his wife. See also Notebook 46.


Letter from Rogers informing Graham he will be a member of the official US delegation at the inauguration of William Tolbert as president of Liberia. See also Graham’s letter to Tolbert of September 18, 1971. See also Notebook 45.


Letter to Nixon, thanking him for calling from China. See also February 2 and April 8, 1972 and the article dated March 13, 1972.


List of Evangelical leaders who attended a briefing at the White House on Nixon’s trips to China and Russia, which Graham helped to arrange. See also April 14, April 25, 1972.


Statement by Graham on Nixon’s trip to Moscow.


Statement from Nixon, sent via Graham, to be read at Explo 72, a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting in Dallas, Texas.

Ca. 11/17/1972

Notes on Graham’s meeting with Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.


Graham’s notes from his meeting with the Shah of Iran.


Graham’s notes on his meeting with Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 13: Richard M. Nixon IV/ 2nd

Date Range: 1972-1991

Number of items: 82 PDFs, 294 TIFs

Correspondents: Dwight L. Chapin, Gerald Ford Alexander Haig, Richard Nixon, Rose Mary Woods

Notes: In addition to the usual materials relating to the Graham’s participation in the presidential inauguration and other White House events, this notebook contains materials relating to criticism Graham received as a supporter of President Nixon on issues such as the Vietnam War and his letters to Nixon commenting on the developing Watergate crisis and Graham’s letters of comfort to Nixon after Nixon’s resignation.

Exceptional items:


Open letter to Graham from Ernest Campbell, pastor of the Riverside Church in New York City, calling on him to plead with President Nixon to end the bombing of North Vietnam. See also Graham’s response of January 3, 1973 and his letter to Nixon of January 5, 1973.

Ca. late 1/1973

What appear to be Ruth Graham’s brief handwritten notes on the Graham’s activities during the Presidential inauguration. Labeled 1973-01-00-6.


Graham’s notes on his sermon for the inaugural religious service held at the White House. See also Nixon’s letter of January 22 describing the service.


Letter from Wallace B. Henley, a staff assistant to President Nixon, on the importance of having a strong spiritual influence on the men of Nixon’s senior staff. Graham’s response is February (misdated January) 22nd.


Letter from Graham to Mark Hatfield about Hatfield’s participation in the Presidential Prayer Breakfast, stressing the non-political nature of the breakfasts and defending Nixon’s presidency. See letter of the same date from Graham to Nixon, passing along a copy of his letter to Hatfield and encouraging Nixon.


Brief letter from Graham to Nixon about the dinner for Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel. See also Rose Mary Wood’s letter to Graham of March 12.


Letter from Graham to Dwight L. Chapin on Chapin’s leaving the White House staff. Graham wrote about the fulfillment that came from being a Christian.


Letter from Graham to Nixon about the integrated evangelistic meetings he was holding in South Africa.


Letter to Graham to Nixon offering comfort during the Watergate crisis. See also letter from Nixon to Graham dated 6/4/73; and letters or telegrams from Graham to Nixon dated 7/20/73, 12/20/1973, 10/29/74, and 12/21/74.


Text from which Graham his sermon at a White House service.


Text of Graham’s prayer at a White House staff prayer meeting.


Letter from Graham to Nixon about Nixon’s attendance at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast.


News item about actor John Wayne’s protest of a statement by Senator Lowell Weicker that the White House had influenced the IRS to protect friends of Nixon such as Wayne and Graham during tax audits. See also 4/9/1974.


Graham’s statement to the media following the resignation of Nixon of the office of the president.


Letter from Graham to Nixon comforting his friend following his resignation and advising him on his need to draw on spiritual resources.


Statement by Graham to the media following President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon. See also Ford’s letter to Graham of 9/18/74.

1974-No date

Several pages of handwritten notes on pages labeled “Planning Sheet,” possibly by Graham.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 14: Richard M. Nixon V

Date Range: 1974-1987

Number of items: 88 PDFs, 168 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Central America, China, Eastern Europe, Romania, USSR, Vietnam

Correspondents: Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Ruth Graham, Richard Nixon, John Pollock

Notes: The correspondence in this notebook deals with the continuing friendship between Nixon and Graham after Nixon’s resignation and Graham’s continuing encouragement and spiritual counsel to Nixon. There are letters about exchanges of photos, upcoming visits, Nixon’s donations to the work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Graham’s requests for advice regarding the invitations he received to speak in various countries, Graham’s reports on his evangelistic crusades in the United States and abroad, Nixon’s sending to Graham copies of his (Nixon’s) books and articles as they were published, with appropriate comments, and reports by each man to the other on sicknesses they had suffered.

Exceptional items:


Handwritten note from Nixon to Ruth Graham, appreciating her and family’s friendship with him.


Letter Graham to Nixon encouraging him and relating indications that attitudes toward Nixon in the country are beginning to change. See also 5/12/74, 3/21/75, 4/1/75, 12/15/1975, and 12/22/75.


Letter from Julie Nixon Eisenhower to Graham biographer John Pollock giving stories about the friendship between the Nixon and Graham families.


Notes from Graham about his contacts with Nixon during the 1968 presidential campaign. See also Notebook 15.

1977-No date

Copy of a column Bing Crosby wrote shortly before he died. Nixon sent it to Graham with a brief note.


Letter from Nixon to Graham about the distortions of the media and criticizing the United States’ treatment of the former Shah of Iran.


Letter from Graham to Nixon in which he describes a service he led attended by President Jimmy Carter and President-elect George H. W. Bush.


Handwritten note of support from Nixon to Graham after the criticism Graham received because of his comments during his visit to Moscow that year. See Graham’s reply of 5/28/82 about his Moscow visit.


Letter from Graham to Nixon describing the Amsterdam 83 conference and asking Nixon’s advice on invitations Graham had received for visits to Eastern Europe and Central America. See Nixon’s reply, 8/29/83.


Text of a telegram Nixon sent to a ceremony honoring Graham in Los Angeles, California. See Graham’s reply with his comments about their friendship with actor Randolph Scott.


Letter to Graham from Nixon that includes his reflections on the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. See Graham’s 3/19 response.


Nixon’s letter to President Ceausescu of Romania, recommending he meet with Graham when Graham was in Romania for an evangelistic campaign.


Lengthy letter from Graham to Nixon on which reported on his visit with George H. W. Bush and his family, asked for Nixon’s help and advice in regards to Graham’s upcoming visit to China, discussed how he, Graham, had begun work on his memoirs. See Nixon’s reply of 9/2/86 and his handwritten note of 10/23/86. See also Graham’s notes on his 7/10/87 phone conversation with Nixon about the Graham’s upcoming visit to China. See also the memo dated 8/27/87.


Graham’s notes on a phone conversation with Nixon about the Iran-contra affair and possible advice to Reagan.


Correspondence from John Pollock, who was helping Graham with his memoirs, about his contacts with Richard Nixon to get his memories, including Pollock’s list of detailed questions for Nixon. In reply, Nixon wrote a seven-page letter giving his most striking memories about his long association of Graham and his evaluation of his character and leadership abilities.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 15: Nixon Diary

Date Range: 1962, 1968-1976; n.d.

Number of items: 17 PDFs, 190 TIFs

Notes: This “notebook” and the following one, number 16, are really folders containing a series of related documents. This folder contains several overlapping typed transcripts of material usually called “The Nixon Diary” The transcripts are about the time period from the fall of 1967 through the aftermath of Nixon’s inauguration as president in January 1969. These memoirs, of which there are more than one copy in some cases dealing mainly with Graham’s contacts with Nixon and their discussions about the campaign and the condition of the country. There are also descriptions of Graham’s travels in this period, his visits to George Wallace and President Lyndon Johnson at the request of Nixon (see also folder 388-27 in Collection 580), Graham’s reaction to the assassination of Robert Kennedy and attendance at his funeral, Nixon’s attendance at Graham’s evangelistic meetings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Grahams’ time with Lyndon Johnson and his wife in the White House during the last days of Johnson’s presidency, Graham’s participation in the inauguration, as well as a White House worship service the next day and a Presidential Prayer Breakfast on January 30. The folder also includes the first two pages of a copy of a letter from Graham to Nixon after Nixon’s defeat in the California gubernatorial election in 1962, two pages of typed notes on Graham’s September 8, 1968 visit with Lyndon Johnson on behalf of Nixon, a copy of his introduction of David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon on May 25, 1968 at the Portland, Oregon crusade, and the speeches of Nixon and Graham at the January 30, 1969 Presidential Prayer Breakfast.

Some of the transcripts were typed from dictation belts in 1968 and 1969. Copies were apparently made in 1973 and all or part of the transcripts were sent to Nixon for his use. See the note attached to page 13 of the Seventh document for more on the history of the transcription process. The various transcripts were labeled by the archivist First document, Second document, etc., based solely on the order that they were arranged on the folder.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 16: Southeast Asia Reports

Date Range: 1969-1971

Number of items: 45 PDFs, 249 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Vietnam, Cambodia

Correspondents: Garth W. Hunt, John Newman, Robert Drew Sawin, T. W. Wilson

Notes: This material, like that in Notebook 15, is different from the rest of the VIP notebooks. Instead of containing correspondence, photos, and various memorabilia, it consists of a manila folder with a series of reports (some with covering Correspondence) by Protestant missionaries and the son of a missionary in Southeast Asia sent to Graham with the intention that he would pass along the information to President Nixon or other appropriate U.S. government officials. The reports are referred to in Notebooks 11 and 12.

The three missionaries who sent reports were Garth W. Hunt (Christian and Missionary Alliance), John Newman (World Vision?), and Robert Drew Sawin (son of a Christian and Missionary Alliance missionary). The folder contains three packets of material, each of which is held together by a rubber band. The first packet is from Hunt and Newman, the other two are from Sawin. The first packet contains reports on the situation in Vietnam - the activities of the United States military, actions of U.S. Government agencies, attitudes of the Vietnamese. There are also frequent criticisms of U.S. policy and suggestions for change. Swain’s materials contain summaries of materials from Hunt and Newman as well as his own reports on meetings with Vietnamese and Cambodian officials, his assessment of the situation in Vietnam and Cambodia, and his negotiations with North Vietnamese officials to arrange the release for five captured Christian and Missionary Alliance workers.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 17: Richard Nixon VI

Date Range: 1988-1996, 2013

Number of items: 318 PDFs, 92 TIFs

Geographic coverage: North Korea

Correspondents: Richard Nixon, John H. Taylor

Notes: Notes and correspondence include messages from Graham with praise for Nixon’s articles, books, and speeches; plans for meetings; commiserations on illnesses; praise from Nixon for Graham appearances on television and his evangelistic campaigns; thanks for gifts from Graham; receipts for the Nixons’ contributions to the BGEA. Also Graham’s sermon notes for the messages he delivered at the funeral services of Patricia Nixon and Richard Nixon and photos from both events.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Nixon suggesting he contact Nien Cheng, author of Life and Death in Shanghai and a new United States citizen.


Letter from Graham to Nixon describing his activities in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


Graham’s invocation at the opening of the Nixon Presidential Library. See also 1989-12–21.


Recommendation from Nixon for the choice of Graham for the Charlotte World Affairs Council’s World Citizen Award.


Text of speech by Nixon before the National Republican Congressional Committee about the strategic position of the United States in the world at the end of the Cold War.


Letter from Nixon to Graham that includes comments supporting President Bush’s policy during the first war with Iraq.


Letter from Graham to Nixon about writing his memoirs. See also 10/21/1991.


Letter from Graham to Nixon about Graham’s trip to North Korea.


Letter from Graham to Nixon thanking him for his participation in Pat Nixon’s funeral service. See also 7/19/1993.


Notes of Graham about how he heard about Nixon’s hospitalization and his phone conversation with President Bill Clinton about it. See also notes on further conversations about Nixon’s death and funeral on 4/20/1994 and 4/21/1994.


BGEA press release about Graham’s negative reaction to reports of Oliver Stone’s film, Nixon. See also Tricia Nixon Cox’s response of 12/27/1995 to the statement in Notebook 18.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 18: Nixon Family

Date Range: 1967-2013

Number of items: 125 PDFs, 293 TIFs

Correspondents: Tricia Nixon Cox, David Eisenhower, Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Notes: This notebook is mostly concerned with Graham’s correspondence with the Nixons’ daughters Julia and Tricia, and, to a much lesser extent, their spouses. The correspondence mainly consists of friendly notes back and forth, acknowledging important events in each others’ lives and, from the Nixon daughters, their appreciation for Graham’s friendship for and support of their father, both during his presidency and afterward. The notebook contains many Christmas cards and greetings form both daughters.

Exceptional items:


Note from Julie Nixon to Graham expressing appreciation for his talk to her about the Bible. See also 10/12/1967 and 12/1/1967. She also sent a press release from the Religious News Service about Julie’s description of the important of Christ in her life, 2/1/1975. See also letters 8/8/1975 and 9/1/1976 for Graham’s correspondence with David Eisenhower about Bible study and faith.


Letter from David Eisenhower to Graham, describing the work he was doing in his father-in-law’s campaign. See also Graham’s reply of 3/8/1968.


Graham’s letter to Julie Nixon about her upcoming wedding, stressing the Christian view of marriage.


Graham’s letter to David Eisenhower accompanying a Bible and a handbook he could use for Bible study.


Copy of a speech by presidential speech writer Patrick Buchanan defending President Nixon and his policies during the Watergate. Julie Eisenhower had sent a copy to Graham.


Letter of thanks from Graham to Tricia Nixon Cox, thanking her for her statement of support for her father during the Watergate crisis, along with a copy of the statement.


Letter from David Eisenhower to Graham describing Eisenhower’s intention to write a book about his grandfather’s spirituality and asking for Graham comments. See David’s note on 8/11/75 of appreciation for Graham’s response. See also Graham’s letter of 11/29/2010 with a story about a golf game Graham had with President Eisenhower. See also the copy of Bob Gay’s letter of 8/13/1998.


Julie Eisenhower’s and Tricia Cox’s notes of the same date of thanks to Graham for his participation in their father’s funeral and Graham’s response of 5/4/1994. See also Graham’s letter to Tricia Nixon Cox of 5/3/1994.


Letter from Graham to Richard Nixon’s daughters, describing his upset that a magazine article about him quoted some negative comments about Watergate from Graham’s autobiography. Graham wrote that of all the presidents he had known, he knew and loved Richard Nixon the most.


Joint letter from David and Julie Eisenhower asking Graham to accept the Nixon Library’s 2000 Architect of Peace Award and Graham’s letter of 5/22/2000 declining for health reasons.


Letter of greeting and appreciation that Graham sent to the Nixon Foundation’s celebration in Washington DC of the 100th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s birth.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 19: Spiro Agnew

Date Range: 1969-1973

Number of items: 17 PDFs, 24 TIFs

Correspondents: Spiro Agnew

Notes: This notebook contains the relatively few letters exchanged between Graham and Agnew and a few other related items. Among the topics discussions are making arrangements for golf games so they could get to know each other better (and snapshots of one of the games), Graham’s telegram approving of Agnew’s attack on the twisting of news stories (11/14/1969), and a handwritten note of appreciation from Agnew for a phone call of encouragement from Graham after Agnew’s resignation in 1973.


I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 20: Gerald Ford

Date Range: 1955-2011

Number of items: 144 PDFs, 320 TIFs

Correspondents: Betty Ford, Gerald R. Ford, Ron Nessen, Chuck Vance

Notes: This notebook consists mainly of friendly correspondence between Graham and Ford before, during, and after Ford’s presidency. There are also photos of golfing outings the two men took together.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Ford congratulating him on his appointment as vice- president and commenting on the spiritual needs of the country.


Letter of support to Ford upon his succession to the presidency. See 8/24,29/74 for Ford’s replies.


Graham’s statement of approval to the press about Ford’s pardon of Nixon. See also Graham’s letter to Ford of 9/11/74 and Graham’s response of 9/18/74.


Letter from Graham to Ford about a tussle Ruth Graham had with a demonstrator during a visit by Ford to Charlotte, North Carolina. See Ford’s reply of 6/6/1975. See also 9/6/1975.


Letter from Graham to Ford about a controversial interview by the President’s wife, Betty, and Ford’s reply of 8/28/75.


Letter of Graham to Ford after the assassination attempt on Ford’s life. See also Ford’s reply of 9/26/1975.


Letter of Graham to Ford concerning the possibility of Ford attending Graham’s evangelistic meetings in Pontiac, Michigan during the presidential election campaign.


Letter from Michael Ford, son of Gerald Ford, to Graham, praising Graham’s just released film The Hiding Place, and asking if he could rent a copy to show to his family at the White House over Christmas as a Christian witness. See Graham’s telegram of reply of 12/15/1975.


Letter from Graham to Ford consoling him for his loss to Jimmy Carter in the presidential election and commenting favorably on Ford’s record. See Ford’s reply of 12/9/76.


Note from Graham to Ford’s son-in-law Chuck Vance expressing his appreciation for the work Vance had done for Graham’s ministry in Mexico. See Vance’s handwritten reply of 3/1/5/1981 in which he talks about the importance to him of his own Christian faith.


Handwritten note from Betty Ford, in response to a friendly mailgram of Graham’s of 4/20/1984.


Letter from Graham to Ford’s son-in-law Chuck Vance that includes brief reports on his crusade in Sheffield, England and his upcoming meetings in Anaheim, California.


Letter from Graham to Clarence E. Pearson describing his appreciation of Betty Ford and his regret that he could not attend a dinner in her honor.


Handwritten note from Gerald Ford to Graham, expressing his appreciation for the kind words about Ford in Graham’s published autobiography.


Letter from Ford to Graham about the possibility of Graham speaking at the Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids. See also the resulting correspondence - 3/18/99, 5/5/99, 8/28/99 and 9/21/99.


Letter from Graham to Ford, consoling him during his illness and talking about Graham’s own faith in Jesus Christ and how that has been his chief support in his own illnesses.


Letter from Graham to Betty Ford, consoling her after the death of Gerald Ford. See also Graham’s statement to the press of 12/27.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 21: Nelson Rockefeller

Date Range: 1958-1976

Number of items: 7 PDFs, 19 TIFs

Correspondents: Nelson Rockefeller

Notes: There is relatively little in this notebook. There are letters from Graham to Rockefeller from 1958 in which he asked Rockefeller if he would be willing to help fund and use a study which Graham hoped to organize, using experts from various fields, defining an American ideology. The rest of the materials are brief courtesy notes and an invitation to Graham to attend the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the United States in Washington D.C.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 22: Jimmy Carter

Date Range: 1971-2013

Number of items: 162 PDFs, 363 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Israel, North Korea, Poland, Soviet Union

Correspondents: Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, Ruth Graham, Bob Maddox

Notes: This notebook traces the relationship between Graham and Carter, starting during Carter’s governorship of Georgia (including many photos). There is a little from 1976 presidential campaign, inauguration memorabilia, speeches and other documents Carter sent to Graham, probably to win his support for Carter’s policies, and after his presidency several letters from Graham encouraging Carter’s participation in various Christian and Jewish ministries, including World Relief.

Exceptional items:


Personal invitation from Carter as governor of Georgia to Graham to hold a crusade in Atlanta.


Letter from Graham praising the Christian testimony Carter gave at the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in Georgia. See also telegram of 10/1/1994.


Letter from Carter offering to find a site for the Billy Graham Center in Atlanta, Georgia.


Proclamation by Carter as governor declaring a week for Graham’s film Time to Run and endorsing the message of the film.


Letter from Graham to Carter during the presidential campaign offering to be of help if possible, but declaring his intention to be neutral.


Letter from Carter inviting him and his family to attend Graham’s evangelistic meetings in Pontiac, Michigan. See 10/2/1976 letter from Carter declining the invitation.


Telegram of support to Carter as he assumed the presidency. See also 11/3/1976 and 11/4/1976.


Correspondence about a passport for Marie-Christine Roberts. See also 3/11/1977, 4/7/1977, 4/9/1977, 5/27/1977, and 6/4/1977.


Booklet containing Carter’s remarks on America’s policy toward Israel, given during a reception for Prime Minister Mencahem Begin of Israel at the White House.


Speech by Bob Libshutz of the Carter administration, expressing the administration’s policy toward Russian dissidents who were monitoring human rights violations. See also several White House statements from July.


Letter from Graham to Carter describing his recent visit to Poland and his meetings with government officials there.


Letter from Carter to Graham describing the SALT II treaty just signed with the Soviet Union to limit strategic nuclear arms. See a copy of the treaty 6/18/1979.


Letter from Billy and Ruth Graham to the Carters thanking them for inviting the Grahams to stay in the White House and praising their spiritual leadership and Christian testimony.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 23: Walter Mondale

Date Range: 1976-2014

Number of items: 12 PDFs, 14 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Japan

Correspondents: Henry Holley, Walter Mondale

Notes: There are few documents in this notebook. Most of the materials are after Mondale’s service as vice president, when he was ambassador to Japan and deals with the assistance that Mondale gave to the evangelistic crusade Graham held in Tokyo in 1993.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 24: Ronald Reagan I/Governor of California/1st Term

Date Range: 1967-1984, 2009

Number of items: 145 PDFs, 382 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Soviet Union, Latin America

Correspondents: James A. Baker III, Michael Deaver, Ruth Graham, Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan

Notes: This notebook covers the friendship between Graham and Ronald Reagan and spans Reagan’s governorship, his presidential campaigns, and his first term as president. There are many photos of Graham’s participation in the presidential inauguration and his attendance at state dinners. Also in the notebook are handwritten notes from Regan, programs of various state occasions with Ruth Graham’s notes on the events, many notes by Graham on phone calls with Ronald or Nancy Reagan, several handwritten notes from Nancy Reagan, many notes and letters on both sides referring to health problems and visits to hospitals, and to conversations about the Bible and Christian faith and prophecy; also letters and memos supplying Reagan with anecdotes for various speeches, correspondence about attendance at a dinner for Queen Elizabeth held in San Francisco and at a state dinner for the premier of the state council of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Ziyang. Graham wrote mainly to Nancy Reagan, often including information apparently intended for President Reagan.

Exceptional items:


Letter of support from Graham to Governor Reagan, saying he would like to meet him and help in any way he can.


Letter from Graham to Reagan with advice on the on the upcoming presidential campaign.


Press release from the BGEA about Graham’s Southern California Crusade in Anaheim and Governor Ronald Reagan’s visit there.


Letter from Reagan to Graham describing Reagan’s own faith in Jesus as the Son of God and his view of the role of the church. See Graham’s reply of July 30, 1971.


Letter from Graham to Reagan on Reagan’s debate with President Cater and Graham’s views on the abortion issue.


Brief note from Reagan explaining why he does not feel it is right to pray to God for success in events like presidential contests.


Notes apparently by Graham about the Reagan transition team in Washington and the appointments process in the new administration.


Ruth Graham’s handwritten notes on her impression of the 1981 Presidential Inauguration.


Public statement Graham released after the assassination attempt of Reagan; see also his notes on his visit to Washington after the attempt. See also the April 14th letter from Linda Faulkner, White House assistant social secretary, and Graham’s statement of 4/21/1981 about John Hinkley, the assassin and the letter dated 3/31/2006 in Notebook 27.


Graham’s notes on a phone conversation with Reagan in which Reagan described his memories of the assassinations attempts and his plans to try to work out a formula for peace with the Soviet Union.


Notes by Graham on phone conversation with Nancy Reagan in which she talked, among other topics, about her husband’s interest in biblical prophecy.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan, sending her several of his public statements saying he was not a pacifist, although he did favor responsible nuclear disarmament.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan in which he counseled her not to be upset by what appeared in the press and described briefly the conversation he had with President Truman.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan about his decision to go to the Soviet Union as a preacher of the gospel and a delegate to a peace convention. See also his letter of March 29, 1982.


Letter to Nancy Reagan describing the press reaction to his visit to the Soviet Union the previous May. See Nancy Reagan’s reply of 7/26.


Letter to Reagan from Graham in which he mentions briefly his conversation with “our mutual friend” Jerry Falwell.


Letter to Nancy Reagan accepting an invitation to attend a state dinner for President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife from the Philippines and Graham’s positive opinion of him.


Reagan’s remarks at the ceremony where Graham (and others) received the Medal of Freedom.


Letter to Nancy Reagan about the conversation he had with Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain during a state dinner in San Francisco.


Notes on a phone conversation with Reagan in which they discuss the Catholic church, the economy, Latin America.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan writing about his own history with the National Prayer Breakfast and including possible stories for Reagan to use during his address to the group.


Letter from Reagan to the Grahams describing his hopes of getting a constitutional amendment permitting prayer in public schools.


Letter to Nancy Reagan containing Graham’s advice on not going to church and avoiding being captured by a narrow spectrum of American Evangelicals.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan about his upcoming preaching tour in the Soviet Union. See also Graham’s letter of November 19, 1984.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan giving advice on the preparation and the content of his debates with Walter Mondale during the presidential campaign. See Nancy Reagan’s handwritten reply of 10/23.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 25: Ronald Reagan II/2nd Term

Date Range: 1985-1988

Number of items: 124 PDFs, 470 TIFs

Geographic coverage: France, South Africa, Soviet Union

Correspondents: Ruth Graham, Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan

Notes: This notebook covers Ronald Reagan’s second term, including material from Graham’s participation in the inauguration, many letters and notes back and forth expressing friendship and support, notes on many phone calls and conversations with both the president and his wife, usually typed up soon afterwards. Letters and phone conversations are often concerned with various political and foreign policy issues then current, but also have a great deal of spiritual content, with Graham often recommending particular passages of Scripture and illustrations Graham gave to Reagan for use during his talks to the National Prayer Breakfasts.

Exceptional items:


Graham’s notes for his sermon at the National Cathedral during the ceremonies for Reagan’s second inauguration.


Invitation from Wheaton College president J. Richard Chase to Reagan to give the commencement address at the College. Graham passed this letter on to Reagan.


Notes on phone conversations with Nancy Reagan in which she asked Graham’s advice on how to handle the controversy over Reagan’s visit to the cemetery in Bitburg, Germany. See also notes for 4/18/1985.


Text of Reagan’s May 5th speech at Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp in Germany.


Text of comments made during the 1985 Anaheim Crusade about praying for President Reagan.


Letter from Graham to Reagan in which he discusses briefly his friendship with the recently deceased J. Willard Marriot. Graham also discusses briefly the impact of his crusades on the racial conflict in South Africa.


Letter from Graham to Reagan discussing his meeting Boris Ponomarev, a member of the Soviet Politburo and a written statement on the religious situation in the Soviet Union and Graham’s evangelistic work there. See also the Soviet Union section in Notebook 46.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan describing, among other things, the just-concluded Amsterdam ‘86 conference and asking for President’s Reagan’s assistance in arranging for a meeting of Graham with the President of France, Francois Mitterrand, in relation to the evangelistic campaign Graham would soon be holding in that country. See also Graham’s letter of 8/11/1986.


Notes on a phone conversation with Nancy Reagan in which she talked about the developing Iran-Contra scandal.


Letter from Graham to Reagan with attached comments made by the minister for religious affairs in the Soviet Union about Graham’s ministry.


Ruth Graham’s notes on the state dinner for Mikhail Gorbachev. See also Graham’s typed notes of 12/10/1987.


Graham’s typed notes about his attendance at the state dinner for British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The notes have relatively little about Thatcher, but give a good impression of the people he met during such state occasions.


Letter from Graham to Reagan describing in some detail Graham’s laudatory evaluation of Reagan’s presidency (along with a rough draft of the letter).



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 26: Ronald Reagan III

Date Range: 1989-2004

Number of items: 160 PDFs, 352 TIFs

Correspondents: Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan

Notes: This notebook documents the friendship of Graham with Ronald and Nancy Reagan after Reagan’s presidency. It includes several notes of friendly phone conversations with both the Reagans, but mostly Nancy, notes on diary entries, mostly about visits to the White House and various events of state. These handwritten notes from both Reagans and Nancy and many birthday greetings and friendship notes.

Exceptional items:


Handwritten note from Reagan to Graham about his interrogation over the Iran-Contra scandal.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan about Graham’s recent visit to President and Barbara Bush.


BGEA press release on Graham’s defense of the Reagans from a book by Kitty Kelley. See also Regan’s 4/15/91 letter of response.


Text of Richard Nixon’s comments at the dedication of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. See also Reagan’s note to Graham of 11/13/1991.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan concerning the problems of the Reagan’s pastor Donn Moomauw. See also her response of 9/28/1993 and Graham’s response of 10/6/1993.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan about Ronald Reagan’s request that Graham speak at his funeral. See also Nancy Reagan’s reply of 6/1/95.


Handwritten note from Nancy Reagan about the Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to the Grahams.


Statement by Graham on Ronald Reagan’s significance in American history. See also his letter to Nancy Reagan of 9/20/1997.


Graham’s letter to Nancy Reagan about his receiving the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award.


Fund-raising letter by Graham for the Ronald Reagan Foundation, with supporting correspondence from the Foundation.


Letter from Graham to Nancy Reagan includes his brief comments on growing old. See also Graham’s letter of 2/7/2003.


Statement by Graham on the death of Ronald Reagan (Graham was unable to attend because of a broken pelvic bone). See also Graham’s letters to Nancy Reagan of 6/9 6/25/2004.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 27: Nancy Reagan

Date Range: 2004-2013

Number of items: 76 PDFs, 115 TIFs

Correspondents: Nancy Reagan

Notes: Contains correspondence between Graham and Nancy Reagan after Ronald Reagan’s death. The letters are concerned mainly with expressions of friendship, reports on recent activities and publications, reports on illnesses and infirmities in several letters (Graham discusses very briefly how he is coping with old age), reports on the activities of family members, and Graham’s honorary involvement in several events celebrating one or both of the Reagans. Some of Nancy Reagan’s notes are handwritten. Graham’s expressions of friendship for the Reagans are especially strong.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 28: George H.W. Bush I

Date Range: 1972-1989

Number of items: 195 PDFs, 505 TIFs

Correspondents: John Akers, Barbara Bush, George H.W. Bush, Ruth Graham

Notes: Types of documents include letters, handwritten notes, records of telephone conversations and diary entries, programs and other memorabilia of official events, photos. The material in this notebook covers Graham’s friendship and relationship with Bush from the early 1970s until the beginning of his presidency in 1989. There are many, many friendly notes exchanged between Graham and Bush (as well as some from Ruth Graham and Barbara Bush) giving friendly greetings, expressing appreciation for visits and favors (especially times that the Grahams spent with the Bush family in Kennebunkport, Maine). There is also material relating to public events in which they both participated, such as the 1981 and 1989 inauguration ceremonies, various White house dinners, the annual National Prayer Breakfast, the annual meeting of National Religious Broadcasters, and reports from Graham about his evangelistic campaigns, especially those overseas. Graham made a serious effort to help Bush understand the Evangelical community in 1980 as part of Bush’s preparation for his (unsuccessful) presidential campaign that year. Graham also often wrote Bush to express appreciation and encouragement for his work as vice president or to ask for his help in evangelistic campaigns Graham was leading in other countries.


Exceptional items:


Note from Graham congratulating Bush on being named head of the Central Intelligence Agency and Bush’s handwritten reply.


This date is given to four memos by John Akers (assistant to Billy Graham). Three of them contain material to help Graham prepare for a briefing of Bush during his unsuccessful 1980 campaign for the presidency and were intended to help him understand American Protestant Evangelical culture and beliefs. These briefings were probably in the summer of 1980. The fourth memo was apparently also passed along to Bush and it is the one dated 9/19/1979. It was intended as briefing material for Pope John Paul II during his 1979 visit to the United States and covers much the same ground as the 1980 memos, but with more information about the relationship between Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals in the United States. See the papal acknowledgment of this memo dated 10/23/1979 in notebook 44.


Handwritten letter in which Bush talks a little about his personal faith.


Thank you note from Graham to Bush for Bush’s appearance at the dedication at the Billy Graham Center of Wheaton College.


Letter from Graham to Bush asking him to contact the Queen of Holland to encourage to bring greetings at the opening of Graham International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists meeting in Amsterdam (Amsterdam ‘83). In the same letter, Graham mentions his difficulty in finding a proper position to take on the nuclear freeze issue that does not conflict with his duty as an American on one hand and an evangelist on the other. See also Bush’s reply of 3/28/83 and Graham’s response of 4/2/83 and his letter of 5/16/83.


Letter from Graham to Bush that includes a request for Bush’s help in making sure that the president of South Korea and the commander in chief of US forces in Korea were aware of Graham’s friendship with Bush and President Reagan. Graham was to visit Korea in August. See Bush’s letters to President Chun Doo Huan of Korea nd General William J. Livsey, both dated 6/7/84. See also Graham’s letter to Bush of 8/21/1984.


Letter from Graham to Bush with suggestions for Bush’s address to the National Religious Broadcasters meeting in Washington. See Bush’s speech to that group, dated 2/4/85.


Letter from Graham to Bush that includes comments on Nicaragua and the growth of Evangelicalism in Central America. See Bush’s reply of 3/19/85.


Letter from Graham to Bush that includes thanks for agreeing to be the Wheaton College commencement speaker.


Planning materials for Bush’s visit on May 1 to Graham’s Washington D.C. crusade.


Letter from Bush to Graham emphasizing his desire to not have politics enter into their friendship. This is in connection with Bush deciding to cancel a visit to Graham’s home when he (Bush) was on a political visit to North Carolina. See also Graham’s letter of 5/16/1986.


Letter from Graham to Patty Presock of Bush’s staff that includes a description of the opening of the 1986 International Congress of Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam (Amsterdam ‘86).


Letter from Graham to Bush describing the opening of his evangelistic campaign in Paris, France.


Letter from Graham to Bush including descriptions of the plans for Graham’s upcoming visit to China and asking for Bush’s assistance. See Bush’s note of 8/13/1987.


Letter from Graham to Bush commenting on various aspects of Bush’s presidential campaign.


Typed copied of diary notes Graham dictated about his attendance at a dinner honoring conservative broadcaster Paul Harvey and his phone conversations with George Bush and Ronald Reagan.


Notes on Graham’s election-day conversations with Bush. See also Graham’s letter of 1/26/1989 to Bush about the inauguration.


Suggested material Graham sent President Bush for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. See also Bush’s handwritten note to Graham of 2/1/89 apologizing for not attending because of illness.


Letter from Graham to Bush praising Bush’s presidency and describing Graham’s plans for evangelistic campaigns in Syracuse, New York and Great Britain. See also Graham’s letter of 5/25/89 and 6/22/89.


Telegram from Bush to Graham celebrating the 40th anniversary of Graham’s Los Angeles crusade that first brought him national fame in 1949.


Letter from Graham to Bush outlining plans for Graham’s upcoming tour of the Soviet Union.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 29: George H. W. Bush II

Date Range: 1990-1991

Number of items: 98 PDFs, 205 TIFs

Correspondents: George H. W. Bush

Notes: The material in this notebook documents Grahams’ close friendship with Bush and entire Bush family during Bush’s presidency. Documents describe Graham’ and his wife’s regular summer vacations with the Bush family at the Bush home in Kennebunkport, Maine, his participation in the 1989 presidential inauguration, his reports to Bush on the overseas crusades and other events of interest such as his meetings with Michael Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, and Graham’s support and encouragement of Bush during his presidency. There are repeated references in the documents to Graham’s stay in the White House and prayer with Bush on 1/1/5/1991, the day that the invasion of Iraq began.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Bush praising Graham on the occasion of Graham receiving an award from the Charlotte, North Carolina World Affairs Council.


Notes on the events of that day, typed sometime later, when Graham was at the White House at the time the United States invasion of Iraq began. See also Bush’s note to Graham of 1/24/91. See also Graham’s comments at a press conference in Argentina dated 11/15/1991.


Transcripts of comments by Saddam Hussain about Bush, given to Graham by Bush.


Letter’s from Stephanie Wills (Billy Graham’s secretary) to Patti Presock (Bush’s secretary) enclosing recordings of comments Graham made about the war in Iraq.


Letter from Graham to Bush supporting him and his leadership during the Iraq conflict.


Letter from Graham to Bush that included an apology for a somewhat critical comment Franklin Graham had made about US policy toward the Kurds.


Letter from Graham to Bush describing Graham’s meetings with President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and President Boris Yeltsin of Russia. See also Graham’s letter of 8/5/1991.


Letter from Graham to Bush that includes a strong endorsement of Bush’s speech on nuclear disarmament. Graham also asked Bush to write a note to the president of Argentina, where Graham was soon going to be leading an evangelistic campaign. See Bush’s message to President Menem dated 10/15/1991.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 30: George H. W. Bush III

Date Range: 1992-1994

Number of items: 68 PDFs, 164 TIFs

Geographic coverage: North Korea

Correspondents: Barbara Bush, George W. Bush, Ruth Graham, Brent Scowcroft

Notes: This notebook, besides many expressions of friendship back and forth between the Grahams and Bushes and thank you notes for visits they made to each other’s home, contain information on Graham’s preparation for and report on his 1992 visit to North Korea and his efforts to support and comfort Bush after his loss in the 1992 presidential election.

Exceptional items:


Notes for Graham’s diary on his visit to Washington for Bush’s State of the Union address and a briefing on North Korea. For Graham’s visit to North Korea, see also his letters of 3/19/1992, April 14, 1992, and 6/1/1992, and Brent Scowcroft’s reply of 6/9/1992 and Notebook 46.


Handwritten note from Barbara Bush with brief comments on the candidacy of Pat Robertson for the presidency.


Note from Bush about his presidential campaign.


Text of a statement by Bush on Billy Graham during the 1992 Republican National Convention.


Letter from Graham to Bush explaining why, because of his calling as an evangelist, he needs to stay out any involvement in the 1992 presidential campaign. See Bush’s handwritten response of 10/16/1982.


Brief note Bush wrote to Graham immediately after Bush’s defeat in the presidential election. See also Barbara Bush’s brief notes of 11/19/1992 and 12/25/1992 about the election and Graham’s letter.


Comments that Dorothy Walker Bush, mother of George Herbert Walker Bush, wrote to be read at her funeral, testifying to her deep Christian faith. Mrs. Bush died November 19, 1992, and President Bush sent Billy Graham a copy of these comments shortly after her funeral.


Letter from Graham to Bush about his recent visits to John Connolly and Lady Bird Johnson.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 31: George H. W. Bush IV

Date Range: 1995-2014

Number of items: 171 PDFs, 360 TIFs

Correspondents: Barbara Bush, George Bush, Ruth Graham

Notes: The notebook traces Graham’s continuing friendship with Bush after his presidency. Letters between the Grahams and the Bushes include expressions of friendship, condolences for illness, reports on ailments and visits to Mayo, the awarding to Graham of the 2006 George Bush Award for Public Service, the opening of the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library, and the opening of the Billy Graham Library, birthday notes, Christmas cards. There are also many photos.

Exceptional items:

May 26, 1995

Long letter from Graham to Barbara Bush on the occasion of her 70th birthday, recalling many stories of his and his wife Ruth’s long friendship with the Bushes.

July 27, 1995

Letter from Graham to the Bushes describing a serious fall he had while he and Ruth were on vacation in France. Accompanying the letter is a report dated July 24th to Graham’s board describing his ailment in more detail.

May 7, 1997

Letter from Congressman David Drier of California (with a covering letter of endorsement from George H.W. Bush) hinting at asking for Graham’s public support for the continuation of a most favored nation trade policy with China. See also Bush’s letter to Graham of 5/11/2000.


Invitation from Bush to Graham to give the invocation at the opening of the Bush Presidential Library and Graham’s acceptance.


Letter from Barbara Bush to the Grahams about their mutual friend Patsy Cornwell.


Letter from Graham to Bush congratulating him the electoral victories of his sons Jeb and George and sharing memories of Dorothy Walker Bush.


Letter from Graham to First Lady Mary de Flores of Honduras, offering help in the aftermath of a deviating earthquake.


Brief friendly note from Graham to Bush, including praise for George W. Bush’s presidency. See also Graham’s letter of 9/16/2005 and George H. W. Bush’s response; also Graham’s letter to Bush of 5/19/2006.


Detailed letter from Bush to Graham describing the current activities of all his children and grandchildren.


Letter from Graham to Bush inviting him to speak at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. See also Graham’s letter of 5/9/2007 giving his impression of new building after a tour.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 32: Dan Quayle

Date Range: 1988-1997

Number of items: 15 PDFs, 30 TIFs

Correspondents: Dan Quayle

Notes: This slim notebook contains a few letters of encouragement from Graham to Quayle, telegram of condolence after the 1992 election (11/25/1992), a few friendly notes back and forth over the years or notes expressing best wishes when Graham was in the hospital.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 33: Bill Clinton I/ Governor of Arkansas

Date Range: 1979-1995

Number of items: 109 PDFs, 227 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Japan, North Korea

Correspondents: Bill Clinton

Notes: This notebook begins with materials documenting Clinton’s endorsement while governor of Arkansas of Graham’s evangelistic meetings in his state and traces Graham’s friendship and encouragement to both Bill and Hillary Clinton up to the end of Clinton’s first term as president. It includes letters, notes on phone conversations, inaugural memorabilia, and photos. There are frequent reports from Graham on his evangelistic campaigns overseas and several letters and reports relating to Graham’s 1994 visit to North Korea, when he carried a message from President Clinton to Kim Il Sung.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Clinton as governor to Graham inviting him to hold a crusade in Little Rock.


Letter from Graham to Clinton encouraging him after criticism that his speech at the Democratic national convention went too long. See also Clinton’s response of 8/24/1988 including his memories of the 1959 integrated Graham rally in Little Rock he attended as young boy.


Text of Clinton’s talk at Graham’s Arkansas Crusade.


Mailgram congratulating Clinton on his election. See also notes on December 19th phone conversation.


Text of Graham’s invocation at inauguration.


Mailgram of condolence to Hillary Clinton on the death of her father.


Letter of greeting from Clinton to the reunion of the Wheaton College class of 1943 (Billy and Ruth Graham’s class).


Letter from Graham to Clinton encouraging him in his responsibilities as president and giving him spiritual support and Clinton’s handwritten reply of 6/22/1993.


Letter from Graham to Clinton congratulating him on his health care speech and asking for his help with Graham’s upcoming evangelistic campaign in Tokyo. See Clinton’s reply of 10/12/1993, along with his letters of support to the Japanese prime minister and the American ambassador (see also the relevant correspondence in Notebook 23).


Letter from Graham to Clinton describing his upcoming visit to North Korea and asking for a message from Clinton to give to Kim Il Sung of Korea. See also Graham’s letter to Kim Il Sung of 1/25/94 and Graham’s letter of 2/3/1994 to Clinton reporting on his meeting with the North Korean President. Clinton responded in a letter of 2/15/1994.


Brief notes of a phone conversation between Clinton and Graham about Ronald Reagan’s announcement that he had Alzheimer’s disease. See also the relevant material in Notebook 26.


Letter from Graham to Bill and Hillary Clinton encouraging them in a period when they received a great deal of criticism.


Text of Clinton’s comments at the National Prayer Breakfast, autographed for Graham.


Notes on a phone conversation during which Graham encouraged Clinton in his response to the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. See also the letters dated 4/26/1995, 4/27/1995, and 5/11/1995.


Letter from Clinton to the editor of Christianity Today magazine describing his attendance as a boy of eleven at an integrated Graham crusade in Little Rock and his admiration for Graham’s ministry. The letter was for use in an issue of the magazine dedicated to Graham.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 34: Bill Clinton II

Date Range: 1996-2000

Number of items: 82 PDFs, 246 TIFs

Geographic coverage: China, Ukraine

Correspondents: Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Notes: This notebook cover’s Clinton’s second term. It includes copies of Clinton’s speeches, sometimes autographed, which he sent Graham; materials from Clinton’s second inauguration; many photos of the two men together at various events; letters and memorabilia relating to the Congressional Gold Medal which Billy and Ruth Graham jointly received; copies of autographed title pages of Clinton’s books given to Graham; several handwritten notes from Clinton to Graham; mementos from visits to the White House, spiritual support Graham gave the Clintons during the Monica Lewinsky investigation and impeachment process.

Exceptional items:


Clinton’s remarks at the banquet honoring Billy and Ruth Graham when they received the Congressional Gold Medal.


Clinton’s message of greeting to those attending the Greater Twin Cities Billy Graham Crusade in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Letter from Graham to Clinton congratulating him on his reelection.


Letter from Clinton to Graham inviting him to give invocation at his inauguration. See Graham’s acceptance letter of 12/10/1996 and the text of Graham’s 1/20/1997 prayer as well as letter dated 2/20/1997.


Letter from Graham to Hillary Clinton on the occasion of her 50th birthday, recalling their long friendship.


Letter from Graham to Hillary Clinton encouraging her amidst the stresses of her position. See her reply of 2/4/1998.


Letter from Clinton to Graham apologizing for his mistakes and the pain he caused his family and friends and thanks Graham for his friendship. See also the copy of Clinton’s letter to his pastor dated 10/5/1998 and his 9/11/1998 remarks to a Religious Leaders Breakfast. See also Graham’s letter of 3/31/1998 which also includes a statement from Graham on the importance of the United States maintaining its friendship with China.


Clinton’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.


Letter from Graham to Clinton, enclosing a letter from Gregory Komendant of the Baptist Union of Ukraine inviting Clinton to visit the First Baptist Church when he visited Kiev.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 35: Bill Clinton III

Date Range: 2001-2014

Number of items: 67 PDFs, 201 TIFs

Correspondents: Billy Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Notes: This notebook has materials from Clinton’s post-presidential career, with some materials about Hillary Clinton. There are handwritten notes from Clinton printed copies of Clinton’s speeches which were autographed for Graham, birthday greetings, Christmas cards, notes of concern about Graham’s illnesses, reports on the Clinton Global Initiative, and invitation to attend the opening of Clinton’s presidential library (which Graham was unable to attend), Clinton’s comments at the opening of the Billy Graham Library, and Graham’s comments in letters on the increasing frailties of old age.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Clinton, summarizing the high points of their friendship and a handwritten note from Clinton in response.


Letter from Graham inviting Clinton and his wife Hillary to his last crusade, held in New York City. Subsequent materials about the Clintons’ attendance at the crusade include letters dated 5/27/2005, 6/28/2005, and 9/22/2006.


Graham’s invitation to Clinton to attend the opening of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. See also letters dated 5/9/2007, 6/5/2007, 6/14/2007 and Clinton’s speech at the dedication, dated 5/31/2007.


Letter from Hillary Clinton to Graham, thanking him for his condolences on the death of her mother.


Note from Graham to Hillary Clinton, praising her record as Secretary of State.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 36: Al Gore

Date Range: 1957-2010

Number of items: 55 PDFs, 132 TIFs

Correspondents: Al Gore

Notes: The letters in this notebook trace contacts between Gore and Graham and especially Gore’s encouragement to Graham to speak out on environmental issues. There are also notes of concern from Gore about Graham’s illnesses. Included are correspondence, photos, articles, notes on phone conversations.

Exceptional items:


Mailgram from Graham to Gore congratulating him on the Clinton/Gore victory in the presidential election.


Letter from Gore to Graham about the importance of environment al issues and asking Graham to consider addressing these concerns in his sermons and articles. See Graham’s response of 12/16/1994. See also 2/7/1997, 3/17/1995, 5/12/1995, 5/23/1996, 10/20/1996, 12/13/1996.


Letter from Graham to the board of the BGEA about his illness while vacationing in France. See also letter to Gore of 7/27/1995.


Graham’s condolence letter to Gore on the death of his father, Al Gore Sr. See also the text of Gore’s eulogy of his father, dated 12/8/1988.


Graham’s letter to Gore consoling him after Gore conceded the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush. See Gore’s response of 1/15/2001.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 37: George W. Bush I

Date Range: 1982-1999

Number of items: 30 PDFs, 73 TIFs

Correspondents: George W. Bush, Laura Bush

Notes: Graham’s and Bush’s friendship before his presidency is the subject of the materials in this notebook and Graham’s participation in Bush’s inauguration as governor of Texas.

Exceptional items:


Memo about a lecture Bush gave at the LBJ Presidential Library.


Text of Graham’s invocation at Bush’s inauguration as governor of Texas. See also Laura Bush’s letter of 1/31/1996.


Letter from Graham to Bush enthusiastically describing Bush’s inauguration as governor. See Bush’s response of 1/26/1995.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 38: George W. Bush II

Date Range: 2000-2005

Number of items: 60 PDFs, 194 TIFs

Correspondents: George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager

Notes: In this notebook are materials documenting Graham’s friendship with Bush during the 2000 presidential election and Bush’s first term as President. It includes notes and statements of support during the controversial counting of the Florida votes from the election; memorabilia from the presidential inauguration, which Graham was unable to attend; the text of Graham’s sermon during the national prayer service held after the 9/11 terrorist attacks; and letters of respect, and encouragement from Graham to Bush.

Exceptional items:


Handwritten note from Bush to Graham thanking him for visiting him in Jacksonville, Florida while the counting of the Florida votes in the presidential election was being resolved. See also Graham’s 11/5/2000 statement of support and his statement of 12/13/2000 after the voting crisis was resolved.


Bush’s statement about his personal Christian faith which a supporter e-mailed to Graham.


Letter of praise from Graham to Bush about his budget speech.


Text Graham preached from for his sermon at the National Cathedral at the prayer service after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. See also Bush’s letter of 9/18/2001 thanking Graham for his sermon.


Menu and other materials relating to the birthday celebration for Graham held at the White House. Members of his extended family and some close friends were also invited. See Graham’s 11/8/2001 letter of thanks.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 39: George W. Bush III

Date Range: 2005-2008

Number of items: 48 PDFs, 160 TIFs

Correspondents: George W. Bush

Notes: This notebook contains materials dating from Bush’s second term, including inauguration memorabilia and photos; handwritten notes of appreciation of Graham from Bush, notes from Graham to Bush assuring the president of his prayers, praising his conduct and mentioning the frail health of Graham and his wife; photos of Graham’s 11/1/2007 visit to the White House in a wheelchair.

Exceptional items:


Graham’s invocation at the National Prayer Service during the Presidential Inaugural ceremonies.


Written greetings from Bush to those attending the dedication of the new BGEA headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 40: George W. Bush IV

Date Range: 2008-2014

Number of items: 32 PDFs, 63 TIFs

Correspondents: George W. Bush, Laura Bush

Notes: This notebook covers the post-presidential period of the Graham/Bush relationship. It includes photocopies of autographed titled pages of books from George W. And Laura Bush, friendship notes, photos, and handwritten notes from George and Laura Bush.

Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Bush praising him for his leadership during his presidency.


Material about a book signing at the BGEA Charlotte office for George W. Bush’s book which Graham attended.


Invitation to the dedication of George W. Bush Presidential Library.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 41: Bush Family

Date Range: 1980-2013

Number of items: 135 PDFs, 347TIFs

Correspondents: Dorothy Bush (mother of George H. W. Bush), Jeb Bush, Marvin Bush, Neil Bush (sons of George H. W. Bush), Prescott Bush (brother of George H. W. Bush), William H. T. “Bucky” Bush (brother of George H. W. Bush), Doro Bush Koch (daughter of G. W. Bush)

Notes: This notebook contains letters, Christmas card and other documents from Graham’s contacts with various members of the Bush family. For most members of the Bush family represented in this notebook there are only one or a few items , although there is a substantial section of materials to and from Jeb Bush

Exceptional items:


Stories from Graham about his friendship with George H. W. Bush which he sent to Doro Bush Koch for a book she was writing about her father.


Text of Jeb Bush’s speech from his inauguration as governor of Florida.


Letter of encouragement from Graham to Jeb Bush and Bush’s handwritten note in reply.


Letter from Elsie Walker, cousin of George H. W. Bush, to Graham attempting to arrange a meeting between him and the Dalai Lama, who was to be visiting North Carolina.



Series: I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 42: Dick Cheney

Date Range: 1976-2012

Number of items: 10 PDFs, 17 TIFs

Correspondents: Dick Cheney, Lynne Cheney

Notes: This notebook has a few brief notes of friendship and appreciation between Graham and the Cheneys.

Exceptional items:


Note from Graham’s secretary to Cheney informing him at Graham’s request of Graham’s upcoming trip to North Korea.


Note from Graham to Cheney congratulating him on his inauguration as Vice President.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 43: Barack Obama

Date Range: 2009-2013

Number of items: 24 PDFs, 42 TIFs

Correspondents: Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama

Notes: This notebook has material from the Obama presidency, including memos on brief, friendly phone conversations between Graham and Obama; brief letters of encouragement from Graham to Obama, photos of Obama’s visit to Graham’s home

Exceptional items:


BGEA press release about Obama’s visit to Graham’s home in Montreat.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 44: Pope John Paul I through Benedict XVI

Date Range: 1978-2009

Number of items: 112 PDFs, 280 TIFs

Geographic coverage: North Korea, United States, Vatican City

Correspondents: John Akers, Angelo Cardinal Sodano

Notes: The material in this notebook is almost entirely concerned with Graham’s friendly and productive relationship with John Paul II, with a few friendly communications to and from Benedict XVI. Graham’s assistant John Akers sometimes acted as a go-between with Vatican officials as well as an advisor to Graham. There is one letter directly from Pope John Paul II to Graham, and several from Catholic officials conveying his greetings and messages to Graham. Besides many exchanges of Christmas and similar greetings, the correspondence is mainly concerned with Graham’s visits to the Pope in the Vatican in 1981, 1990 and 1993; with coordinating with the Catolic church’s efforts on behalf of Korean Catholic Christians with Graham’s efforts to benefit North Korean Christians during his visit to that country; and Graham’s efforts to encourage John Paul II to increase his efforts for evangelism. There are many photos in this notebook.

Exceptional items:


Brief BGEA press release of the statement of Billy Graham mourning the death of John Paul I. See also the press release of 10/17/1978 on the proclamation of John Paul II as the new pope.


Letter from Graham to John Paul II reporting on his visit to Poland, including preaching at the pope’s former church in Krakow.


Letter from Graham to William Cardinal Baum expressing his great admiration for John Paul II.


Letter from the Apostolic Delegate to Graham thanking him for the memo Graham and his staff prepared for the pope on Evangelicalism in the United States for use during the pope’s visit to the United States that fall. For the memo itself, see the 4th of four memos all gathered together under the date 9/19/1979 in Notebook 44.


Photos and a newspaper clipping about Graham’s visit with the pope in the Vatican.


Letter from Graham to John Paul II expressing his concern about the suffering of Poland and the possibility of further visits by Graham to Eastern Europe. See the pope’s reply, through a secretary, of 1/20/1982.


Diary notes dictated by Graham about his reasons for turning down the pope’s invitation to appear of the platform when the John Paul II was in Columbia, South Carolina. See also letter dated 6/23/1987 in Notebook 28).


Letter from Graham to the pope thanking him for an audience in the Vatican and expressing appreciation for the pope’s wisdom concerning the parts of the world ruled by Marxist governments. The notebook also contains many photos of Graham’s 1/11/1990 visit with John Paul II.


Letter from Graham to John Paul II describing plans for his upcoming visit to North Korea, which would involve visits to both Protestant and Catholic communities. He asked, among other things, for the pope’s wisdom and advice about points that he should raise about the plight of Catholics in that country. The notebooks contains no reply to this message. However there are several letters from Graham to members of the Catholic hierarchy dated 9/14/1992 which thank them for their assistance and for the staff the pope seconded to him for the visit and indicating that he raised with North Korean leader Kim Il Sung the points that pope had given him about the Catholic Church in North Korea. See also the reply from Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano.


Memo from John Akers to Graham about a request from the Vatican, conveyed indirectly through Father Jerome Vereb (who had assisted Graham with the arrangements for the North Korea visit) that Graham visit the Vatican to discuss with the pope and Vatican officials the North Korean situation. See also Akers’ memo of 2/26/1993, written in preparation for Graham’s meeting with the pope, Cardinal Sodano and other member of the Catholic hierarchy, outlining what Akers thought they would probably want to discuss and suggesting what the policy of Graham and the BGEA should be. See also Graham’s brief letter to the pope dated March 8, 1993 authorizing John Akers to represent him in meetings about North Korea.


Lengthy letter from Graham to John Paul II urging him to make evangelization and spiritual renewal emphases in the Catholic church. See the pope’s Pontifical Letter in response, dated 4/27/1993.


Letter from Graham to John Paul II stating Graham’s deep respect for him as “a conscience of the world.”


Letter from John Paul II to Graham expressing his appreciation of Graham and his dedication to Jesus Christ.


Message from Akers to Corrine Hoggs, U S ambassador to Italy, asking her to convey a letter from Graham to Pope John Paul II informing the pope about his upcoming Amsterdam 2000 conference for itinerant evangelists and asking for his support in insuring that there would be many Catholic leaders and parish level evangelists included in the meeting. See also the pope’s response of 6/16/2000.


BGEA press release of Graham’s statement upon the death of John Paul II.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 45: International VIPs, Argentina to Monaco

Date Range: 1955-2013

Number of items: 323 PDFs, 205 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Monaco, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South Africa (there is a section for Italy in the notebook, but it does not contain any documents)

Correspondents: Menachem Begin, prime minister of Israel; Jean Chretien, prime minister of Canada; Hugh Foot, governor of Jamaica; Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India; William McMahon, prime minister of Australia; Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel; Cearbhall Ó Dlaigh, prime minister of Ireland; Lester Pearson, prime minister of Canada, Prince Ranier of Monaco; William R. Tolbert, president of Liberia

Notes: This notebook contains correspondence, telegrams, notes and other materials relating to Graham’s contacts with various heads of government or heads of state, usually relating to evangelistic campaigns Graham was holding in their countries. There is a substantial amount of correspondence about arranging a meeting with Nelson Mandela of South Africa, both during his prison sentence and after his release; the meeting never happened. There are also several friendly letters between Graham and prime ministers of Israel, such as Golda Meir, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin. The notebook also contains photos of Graham with Pierre Trudeau of Canada, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Willy Brandt of West Germany, the Shah of Iran, Golda Meir of Israel, and William Tolbert of Liberia.

Exceptional items: Documents are listed in the order in which they appear in the notebook


Telegram from Graham to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia asking to be allowed to visit that country on Graham’s 1960 tour of Africa. See also the reply of the Emperor’s secretary dated 10/22/59 and Graham’s letter of 4/5/1960 expressing his appreciation for the warm welcome he received.


Letter from Graham to Haile Selassie thanking him for attending the 1966 World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin.


Letter from Graham to Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana asking for a meeting during Graham’s visit to Ghana and stating that Nkrumah was “a man of destiny, perhaps chosen by God to lead Africa out of the shackles and exploitation of colonialism.”


Letters from Graham to President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Margaret Kenyatta, the mayor of Nairobi, for their hospitality during the 1976 Pan African Christian Leadership Assembly meeting.


Letter sent by Graham at the request of his daughter Ann Lotz to Daniel Moi, president of Kenya, giving Graham’s endorsement of the Bible Study Fellowship, which was starting to work in Kenya.


Letter from Graham to Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe) urging him to agreement with Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain about easing Rhodesia’s racial segregation.


Notes of Graham’s secretary, Stephanie Wills, about her conversation with U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield about Graham’s investigation of the possibility of meeting with the imprisoned Nelson Mandela in South Africa. See also Graham’s letter to Hatfield of 9/10/1988 and Graham’s correspondence in July 1988 with Robert J. Brown and Brown’s reply of August 24 on the same subject.


Internal BGEA memo from Diane Holmquist to Stephanie Wills about a letter Graham had supposedly received from Nelson Mandela, although there was no such letter. See newspaper coverage of this supposed letter dated 4/1990. See also Wills’ notes on her phone conversation of 3/9/1990 with Tom Getman, a former aide to Senator Mark Hatfield.


Letter from assistant to South African evangelist Michael Cassidy about books by Billy and Ruth Graham which they personally inscribed for Mandela and which Cassidy presented to him.


Memo by Billy Graham aide Larry Ross on a possible meeting between Graham and Mandela during Mandela’s visit to the United States. The visit never happened.


Brief letter from Graham to Nelson Mandela stating he was praying for him because of Mandela’s illness and stating Graham’s great admiration for him.


Letter from Jean Chretien, prime minister of Canada, that includes remarks about the American economic boycott of Cuba and Graham’s reply of 8/10/1998.


Letter from Rev. Sandor Palotay, president of the Free Churches of Hungary, inviting Graham to Hungary to hold meetings. This was the beginning of Graham’s major meetings in Communist countries.


Letter from Graham to Indira Gandhi, asking to meet with her during his tour of India and her reply of 10/22/1972. See also Graham’s letter to her of 12/15/1972.


Brief note from Iraq clergy to Graham asking his help in lifting the UN embargo against Iraq.


Letter form Graham to the Shah of Iran, thanking him for a meeting and the Shah’s reply of 12/30/1972.


Graham’s letter to President Hassan Rouhani calling on him to release Saeed Abedini, a Christian pastor and US citizen imprisoned for his faith.


Letter from Graham to Gold Meir, prime minister of Israel, thanking her for meeting with him in Los Angeles and describing his efforts to help Israeli prisoners in Syria.


Letter from Israeli ambassador Yitzhak Rabin to Graham, thanking him for his friendship for Israel and Graham’s reply of 3/19/1973.


Letter from Graham to Gold Meir describing his admiration and friendship for her.


Letter from Menachem Begin, prime minister of Israel, expressing his appreciation of Graham’s ministry and his friendship for Israel.


Message from Graham to the prime minister of Israel, expressing his sadness over the death of his friend, Golda Meir. See Begin’s reply of 12/15/1978.


Graham telegram of congratulations to Begin on the occasion of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and Begin’s reply of 4/6/1979.


Letter from Graham to prime minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel, congratulating him on is recent electoral victory and Graham’s support for the Labor Party. See Rabin’s response of 10/6/1992.


Letter from Graham to Queen Noor of Jordan expressing his condolences on the death of King Hussein. See the reply of the Jordanian ambassador dated March 9, 1999 and from the queen, dated 4/1999.


Letter from William R. Tolbert, vice president of Liberia to Graham, expressing appreciation for Graham’s visit to his country and reflecting on the challenges facing Africa. This was the start of a correspondence that continued until 1978, including letters relating to the attendance of Graham and Mrs. Pat Nixon at Tolbert’s 1971 inauguration as President and the text of Tolbert’s 1973 speech to the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention.


Letter from Victoria Tolbert, widow of William Tolbert, to Graham describing her and her family’s suffering since her husband’s assassination and asking for Graham’s help. See also his reply of 7/29/1983.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 46: International VIPs, Netherlands to Yugoslavia,

Date Range: 1954-2014

Number of items: 195 PDFs, 391 TIFs

Geographic coverage: Japan (listed under Tokyo in the notebook), Netherlands, North Korea, Norway, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, USSR, Yugoslavia

Correspondents: John Akers; Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, Chiang Ching-Kuo, prime minister of Taiwan, Ruth Bell Graham, Kim Il Sung, leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Pil, prime minister of South Korea, Kim Jung Il, leader of North Korea, Stephen Linton

Notes: This notebook contains correspondence, telegrams, notes and other materials relating to Graham’s contacts with various heads of government or heads of state, usually relating to evangelistic campaigns Graham was holding in their countries. However, there is substantial material on two other topics, namely Graham’s involvement with US efforts to improve the poor relationship between the United States and North Korea and Graham’s contacts in the 1980s with senior Soviet officials in order to improve the conditions of Christians in the Soviet Union and to open the way for Graham to hold evangelistic meetings and training seminars in that country. There are also photos of Graham (and Bob Pierce) meeting with Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai Shek of Taiwan; Alexander Solzhenitsyn; Boris Ponomarev (Soviet Politburo member); Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the USSR, and Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia.

Exceptional items: Documents are listed in the order in which they appear in the notebook


Letter to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands describing the purpose and results of the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists held in Amsterdam. See also Graham’s letter of 4/21/1986 asking that the queen bring greetings to the second conference, due to meet in Amsterdam that year and the refusal he received dated 7/2/1986.


Title page of a Spanish edition of Graham’s book Peace with God that Graham autographed for Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua.


Text, with cover message by Stephanie Wills, of the message that North Korean Kim Il Sung gave to Billy Graham to convey to US president George H. W. Bush.


Graham’s handwritten notes, with 2014 transcription by Stephanie Wills, of his conversation with Kim Il Sung. See also Graham’s letter to Kim dated 1/27/1994 which includes the message US president Bill Clinton gave him to give to Kim.


Letter from Graham to Kim Il Sung conveying a message from US president Bill Clinton urging Kim to choose negotiation rather than confrontation.


Letter to Graham from Kim Jong Su, North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, discouraging Graham from accepting an invitation to hold an evangelistic campaign in South Korea and inviting Graham to visit the North Korean embassy at the United Nations. See also John Akers’ memo about this letter and Graham’s reply to Kim on 3/29/1994. There was a further memo from Akers about invitations to visit the North Korean embassy dated 4/12/1994. Graham did visit the embassy on 7/13/1994 and the notebook contains a transcript of his remarks there.


Letter of condolence from Graham to Kim Jong Su on the death of his father, Kim Il Sung. See also Kim Jong Il’s response of 8/7/1994.


Letter from Stephen W. Linton to Graham about several invitations and possible invitations Graham had received to speak in both North and South Korea. Linton was Graham’s interpreter during his visits to North Korea. See also the letter of 5/10/1995 which Graham sent to Kim Jong Il via Linton when Linton visited North Korea.


Letter of friendship from Graham to Kim Jung Il. This was one of several letters that were written to be delivered over the next several years either by Graham’s sister-in-law and her husband, Virginia and John Somerville, his nephew Walter Somerville or Graham’s son Franklin.


Letter from Graham to Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, president and first lady of the Philippines, thanking them for all their assistance in the evangelistic campaign in Manila that Graham had just held.


Long letter from Kim Jong Pil to Graham expressing his appreciation for Graham’s ministry during his recent crusade in Seoul and welcoming Graham’s “positive cooperation” in his policy of deepening the friendship between South Korea and the United States. See also Graham’s reply of July 27, 1973.


Telegrams of condolences to Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and to Prime Minister Chiang Ching-Kuo of Taiwan upon the death of husband and father Chiang Kai-Shek. See Madame Chiang’s reply of 4/21/1975.


Letter from Chiang Ching-Kuo, prime minister (later president) of Taiwan, to Graham expressing his appreciation for Graham’s recent crusade in his country. This is one of several letters that he wrote to Graham over the next few years that are in the notebooks.


Graham’s telegram of condolence to Lee Teng-Hui upon the death of Lee’s predecessor in the President, Chiang Ching-Kuo.


Letter from Billy Graham to President Lee Teng-Hui. This was the first of several letters between Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, Madame Chiang, President Lee and David C. White of Christ’s College in Taipei about a dispute in regard to land ownership that threatened to destroy the college, an institution that the Grahams and the Bells had long supported.


Letter from Graham to President Lee Teng-Hui of Taiwan about a land dispute involving the Nanking East Road Christian Church in Taipei. Graham hoped the government would help the church an appropriate location.


Letter from Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Byelorussia and chairman of the international preparatory committee of the World Conference for Saving the Sacred Gift of Life from Nuclear Catastrophe inviting Graham to participate in the conference. Graham’s acceptance of this invitation was part of his first, controversial, visit to the Soviet Union. 


Graham’s handwritten notes (along with a 2014 transcription by his secretary Stephanie Wills) of his meeting with George Arbatov, senior Kremlin advisor on the United States.


Transcript of Graham’s remarks to Soviet Politburo member Boris Ponomarev about his reasons for visiting the Soviet Union to preach the Christian gospel and his hopes for greater religious freedom in the USSR and greater friendship between the United States and the USSR. See also Graham’s 10/3/1984 letter to Ponomarev, thanking him for the meeting and his discussion of Ponomarev’s comments with leaders in the United States.


Graham’s handwritten notes from his meeting with Ponomarev and Stephanie Wills’ 2014 transcription of the notes.


Letter from Graham to Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the USSR, describing Graham’s previous visits to the Soviet Union, his desire to hold evangelistic meetings in major population centers of the country and the reasons why this would help in Gorbachev’s efforts to renew the country. He asked for Gorbachev’s support for his visit.


BGEA press release about Graham’s meeting with President Gorbachev of the USSR and President Boris Yeltsin of Russia during his visit to Moscow to train Soviet Christians in evangelism.


Letter of condolence from Graham to Gorbachev on the death of his wife.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 47: Elisabeth II

Date Range: 1954-1994

Number of items: 141 PDFs, 262 TIFs

Geographic coverage: United Kingdom

Correspondents: Prince Philip, Elliot Richardson, Maurcie Rowlandson, Major-General D. J. Wilson-Haffenden, various royal staff members

Notes: This notebook consists mainly of invitations from the royal staff for Graham to visit the queen or come to a meal or preach at one of the palaces, as well as Graham’s notes of acceptance and letters of thanks and appreciation sent after the event, and letters informing the royal staff that he would be in England or Scotland on certain dates in case the queen wold be interested in seeing him, brief reports from Graham on his crusades in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, letters assuring the queen of his prayers for her, and letters accompanying copies of his books or videos which he sent her. Almost all the documents are letters, usually brief, although there are as well some clippings, photos, a souvenir book, and many Christmas cards.


Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Elizabeth II’s private secretary Sir Michael Adeans, asking for a meeting with her to discuss the need to lead the world back to a moral equilibrium. See also Graham’s letter to the American ambassador to Great Britain, John Hay Whitney, dated April 20, 1954.


Letter from Graham to Adeans describing his plans for the North of England Crusade in Manchester.


Letter from D. J. Wilson-Haffenden to Graham on the importance of having him clear first any invitations to the queen. See also Graham’s reply of 12/30/1965 and Wilson-Haffenden’s reply of 1/10/1966.


Telegram from Elizabeth II to Graham thanking him for his congratulations on the anniversary of her coronation.


Letter from Graham to American ambassador to Great Britain Elliot Richardson, asking for Richardson’s help in arranging a meeting for Graham with the queen so that he can make some suggestions for her upcoming American visit. See Richardson’s reply of 11/13/1975.

n.d., describing 12/9/1975

Note by BGEA staff member Maurice Rowlandson, describing Rowlandson’s taking Graham to Buckingham Palace for a meeting with Elizabeth II and his talking with Graham about it afterwards.


Letter from Graham to the queen’s secretary, Sir Martin Charteris, praising the results of her visit to America. See also Philip Moore’s reply of 8/12/1976.


Letter from Graham to Prince Philip praising the moral stand he took in a magazine article and Prince Philip’s letter of thanks in reply on 12/3/1976.


Letter from William Hesseltine, deputy secretary to Elizabeth II, inviting Graham to preach to the queen at Sandringham Church and the letter of 2/17/1983 accepting the invitation. See also the letters of 6/9,28/1983 on the details of the occasion and the photos of the event from 1/16/1984 and Graham’s letter of thanks to the queen for the invitation, dated 1/18/1984 and to Prince Philip dated 1/22/1984.


Letter from Graham thanking him for copies of the prince’s books, A Question of Balance and Men, Machines, and Sacred Cows. The letter provides Graham’s somewhat detailed analysis of the moral themes in these books.


Telegram from the queen thanking Graham for his good wishes on her 60th birthday.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 48: Elizabeth II

Date Range: 1990-1999

Number of items: 53 PDFs, 148 TIFs

Correspondents: Sir Robert Fellowes, Sir William Hesseltine

Notes: This notebook consists mainly of invitations from the royal staff for Graham to visit the queen or come to a meal or preach at one of the palaces, as well as Graham’s notes of acceptance and letters of thanks and appreciation sent after the event, and letters informing the royal staff that he would be in England or Scotland on certain dates in case the queen would be interested in seeing him, letters assuring the queen of his prayers for her, letters accompanying copies of his books or videos which he sent her. Almost all the documents are letters, usually brief, although there are as well some clippings, photos, and many Christmas cards.


Exceptional items:


Letter from Graham to Elizabeth II congratulating her on the 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne. See also Graham’s similar letters in Notebook 49 on the 50th anniversary in 2002 and on the 60th anniversary in 2012.


Letter from Stephanie Wills to Sir Robert Fellowes about a book by a staff member of the BGEA, Maurice Rowlandson, which touched on Graham’s meeting with British royalty.


Telegram from Elizabeth II congratulating the Grahams on their golden wedding anniversary and Graham’s response of August 13, assuring her of his prayers for her amid the burdens of her office.


Press statement by Graham on the occasion of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.


Cable from Elizabeth II to Graham congratulating him on his 80th birthday and Graham’s response of 11/11. See also the personal congratulation from Elizabeth the Queen Mother in Notebook 50.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 49: Elizabeth II

Date Range: 2000-2014

Number of items: 33 PDFs, 122 TIFs

Correspondents: Elizabeth II, Sir Robin Janvrin

Notes: This notebook consists mainly of invitations from the royal staff for Graham to visit the queen or come to a meal or preach at one of the palaces, as well as Graham’s notes of acceptance and letters of thanks and appreciation sent after the event, and letters informing the royal staff that he would be in England or Scotland on certain dates in case the queen would be interested in seeing him, letters assuring the Queen of his prayers for her, and letters accompanying copies of his books or videos which he sent her. Almost all the documents are letters, usually brief, although there are as well some clippings, photos, invitations, and many Christmas cards


Exceptional items:


Text of Graham’s remarks upon the occasion of his receiving an honorary knighthood and being made a Knight Commander in the Order of the British Empire. The ceremony was held at the British Embassy in Washington and the notebook contains copies of the proclamation and other related documents, including the comments of Christopher Meyer, the British ambassador.


Brief handwritten note from Elizabeth II to Graham, thanking him for the letter with his birthday greetings on her 80th birthday.


Note from Elizabeth II to Graham expressing sympathy on the death of Ruth Graham.


Two-page letter from Graham to Elizabeth II, congratulating her on the 60th anniversary of her reign and reflecting on his affection for Great Britain and its place in his ministry.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 50: Royal Family

Date Range: 1954-2015

Number of items: 45 PDFs, 59 TIFs

Correspondents: Bishop Hugh Gough, Prince Charles, Prince Michael of Kent

Notes: Correspondence in with various royal staff members about invitation to various members of the royal family to attend a BGEA crusade or invitations to Graham to visit members of the family in one or another of their palaces.

Exceptional items:


Note from Prince Charles thanking Graham for praising a speech he had made.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 51: Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy

Date Range: 1966-2013

Number of items: 86 PDFs, 194 TIFs

Geographic coverage: United Kingdom, United States

Correspondents: Princess Alexandra, Ruth Graham, Angus Ogilvy

Notes: Princess Alexandra was a cousin of Elizabeth II. Over the years, Billy and Ruth Graham developed a friendly relationship with her and her husband Angus Ogilvy. The notebook contains mainly brief notes arranging to meet for dinner in each other’s homes in England and the United States or exchanging friendly greetings, invitations from Graham to attend various of his meetings in the United Kingdom, and Christmas cards.

Exceptional items:


Cable from Graham to Princess Alexandra expressing sympathy on the death of her mother and her handwritten note in response.


Letter from Graham to Ogilvy inviting him to chair a meeting at which Graham would be speaking on the 350th anniversary of the Pilgrim fathers sailing from England to Massachusetts. See Ogilivy’s response declining of 3/26/1970.


Brief letter from Graham to Ogilvy giving Graham’s impressions of the Honor Billy Graham Day held in Charlotte, North Carolina, which President Richard Nixon attended.


Letter of condolence from Graham to Alexandra on the death of Angus Ogilivy.



I. VIP Notebooks

Subseries: Notebook 52: British VIPs

Date Range: 1954-2015

Number of items: 34 PDFs, 47 TIFs

Geographic coverage: United Kingdom

Correspondents: Charles H. Price II, Elliot Richardson, Margaret Thatcher

Notes: This slim notebook contains letters that Graham exchanged with British prime ministers and their staff and with United States ambassadors to the United Kingdom, although a note from Stephanie Wills at the beginning of the notebook indicates that some letters that fall into this category are in the general correspondence. The correspondence often relates to invitations from Graham to people to attend his crusades in England and elsewhere in the British Isles. The notebook contains mostly letters, along with some invitations, a program and a clipping.

Exceptional items:


Program for the welcome dinner held for Graham in the House of Commons in Westminister shortly before he began his 1954 Greater London Crusade.


Carbon copy of a letter from Frank Clemont, governor of Tennessee to then-prime minister Winston Churchill, enthusiastically laying out Graham’s credentials and urging Churchill to extend to him every courtesy during Graham’s 1954 London crusade.


Letter from Graham to Winston Churchill inviting him to attend the last meeting of his London Crusade and outlining some of the results of that Crusade.


Telegram to Harold Wilson, encouraging him while he was negotiation with the apartheid regime in Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe). See also the Rhodesian correspondence in Notebook 46.


Letter from Graham to Margaret Thatcher after she resigned as prime minister, expressing his appreciation for her work and for her service. See also Thatcher’s response of 3/27/1991.


Handwritten note from Thatcher to Graham congratulating him on the honorary knighthood he received. See also the material about this knighthood in Notebook 49.





The originals of the materials in this collection were loaned to the BGC Archives by the Montreat office of the BGEA in 2014. After TIF and PDF copies were made, the originals were returned to the Montreat office.


Accession: 14-36, 15-05

March 31, 2015

Bob Shuster

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