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Collection 611

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Collection 611

[February 21, 2005]

Miller, Mary Ann (Shook); ca. 1936-

Interviews; ca. 1936-1988

Audio Tape (0.004 cubic feet)

Brief Description: Interview with Mary Ann Miller a missionary with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) to the Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) and the Central African Republic. Miller talks about her family, conversion, life on the mission field, teaching school, raising a family in Africa, animism, demon possession, and the Azande (Zande) people.

Restrictions: None.


Full name

Mary Ann (Shook) Miller


ca. 1936, South Dakota




Rev. & Mrs. Charles Shook



Mary was the oldest child in the family


Marital Status

Married Russell James Miller, August 29, 1964



Ronald James, Susan, Jon


At the age of 3




Graduated from Wheaton College with a BA degree (majored in Christian education)




Worked at Scripture Press Publications



Appointed missionary with Africa Inland Mission (AIM)



Studied French in Neuchatei, Switzerland


1972-ca. 1980

Assigned to Dungu Station in Zaire where Mary Ann and her husband were teachers at a training school for Zairean elementary school teachers (2 terms)



3rd term in Central African Republic (CAR)


Late 1980s

Translating Bible materials into the Bangala language while living in Aba, Congo

Other significant information


Mary Ann’s father was a pastor


Her husband’s parents, Harry & Dorothy Miller, were AIM missionaries in Zaire

Scope and Content

Mary Ann (Shook) Miller was interviewed by Julie Schwemin on November 9, 1988, at the home of Mrs. Miller in Wheaton, Illinois. This interview was conducted as part of a Wheaton College class assignment. The events described in the interview cover the time period ca.1936-1988.

T1 (90 minutes). Childhood, desire to be a missionary, conversion, influence of parents, Wheaton College, spiritual life at Wheaton, courses taken, meets her future husband, missionary call, attends IVCF Urbana conference, brief history of Africa Inland Mission, AIM’s requirements for prospective missionaries, evaluation of AIM’s program of orientation and preparation, language training, first impressions of Zaire, description of mission station, animism, demon possession, “Bengi” demon, weakness of local church, teaching school, work done at the mission station, works at a trade school in Central African Republic (CAR), knighting of Russ Miller by President Andre Kolingba of the CAR, principles and practice of Theological Education by Extension (TEE), culture influences which affect the way Zairean’s respond to the gospel, birth of daughter, raising children in Africa, rumors of war, the Azande (Zande) people.


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Mary Ann (Shook) Miller and Julie Schwemin in January 1989.

Accession: 89-6

February 21, 2005

Wayne D. Weber


Accession: 89-6

Type of Material: Audio Tapes

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90 min.


Interview of Mary Ann (Shook) Miller by Julie Schwemin

Nov. 9, 1988

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