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Interviews of Habil Raphael Omungu - Collection 605

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Collection 605                                        [May 29, 2019]

Habil Raphael Omungu; 1960-

Interviews; 2004-2005

3 audio cassettes (.006 cubic feet, 217 minutes)

Restrictions: None

Brief Description
. Oral history interview with Omungu, a Kenyan of the Luo tribe. Topics covered include his family background, his parents’ faith, his own conversion at a Billy Graham meeting and the development of his spiritual life through the years, his education at Pan Africa Christian College, his experiences as an ordained Anglican priest in several churches, including All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi; Anglicanism in Kenya; the larger Christianity community in Kenya, particularly the impact of Pentecostalism; the debate over the ordination of homosexual priests within the Anglican communion worldwide. The events in this interview cover the years 1960-2004.

Full name: Habil Raphael Omungu

Birth: May 1960 in Nairobi, Kenya


            Parents: Raphael and Joanna Omungu

            Siblings: Four, including his brother Benson

            Marital Status: Married to Claire Omungu, ca. 1990

            Children: Emmanuel, Hope, Joseph

Conversion: December 1976 at a Billy Graham evangelistic rally in Nairobi

Ordination: December 1990


            1981:              Graduated Upperhill School in Nairobi with a high school certificate

1986-1989:     Pan Africa Christian College, Nairobi, graduated with BA in Bible and Theology

            1989:              Pre-ordination training at Trinity College

2004-2006:     Wheaton College Graduate School, graduated with an MA in Intercultural Studies


            1980s:             Cashier in a coffee and food exporting firm                                       

            1989-1991:     Deacon in St. Mark’s Church, Westlands, Kenya

            1992-1995:     Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Embakasi, Kenya

            1995-1996:     Vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd-Langata, Nairobi, Kenya

1997-2003:     Assistant to the Provost and Acting Provost of All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, Kenya           

2003-2004:     Vicar of St. Francis Church and Dean of St. Francis Deanery, Karen, Kenya

Other Significant Information: Professionally trained as an accountant

Scope and Content
Rev. Habil Omungu was interviewed by Bob Shuster on September 29, 2004, and September 30, 2005, in the office of the Billy Graham Center Archives. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1960-2004.

T1 (93 minutes).Family background, parents’ work for Church Missionary Society missionaries in Nairobi; membership in the Luo tribe; mother’s conversion during a revival in 1950; his father’s conversion at Billy Graham’s 1960 Nairobi Rally (Habil nicknamed Billy as a result); attacked by bees as a child; Christian atmosphere in his home and his parents’ faith; the influence of Sunday school; descriptions and examples of his parents’ Christian character; strength of Anglicanism in his home village of Maseno; Bishop Festo Olang; thoughts about God as a boy; parents’ objections to his joining the Air Force; description of Nairobi in the early independence era; his conversion at Graham’s 1976 Nairobi rally and the counseling he received; influence of Kenya Students Christian Fellowship on his spiritual growth; his involvement with All Saints Cathedral and its roots in the racism of the colonial era; different types of services in Anglican churches; his education and call to the ministry; his devotional life; the ways his reading of the Bible developed and the influence of the Navigators; his prayer life; lessons he learned when serving as a youth leader in the church; unity between Evangelical churches in Kenya; Campus Crusade for Christ; the Jesus film; starting to share is faith while in high school; becoming an accountant at his parents’ wish; education at Pan African Christian College (PACC); vision from God he had during a serious illness that was his call to ministry; memories of PACC; theological education in Kenya; theologian Gordon Fee

T2 (95 minutes).Teaching Sunday school as a teenager; his illness and his call to ministry; his deaconate and ordination (St. Mark’s); learning to be courageous as a priest; serving as a vicar in Swahili speaking church (St. Peter’s) and lessons learned; meeting and proposing to wife Claire on their first date; Claire’s life and faith; the stresses of his first church; Pentecostalism in the church to the exclusion of liturgy and the process of restoring Anglicanism; the relationship between Pentecostalism and the other Christian traditions in Kenya; speaking in tongues in Anglican churches; continuing ferment in the country from Pentecostalism; ethnic mixture in St. Stephen’s; poor understanding of tithing among Anglicans in Kenya; suffering in the congregation because of AIDS and the reaction of the Anglican church; vicar at an upper middle class church (Good Shepherd) and building a new building; personal spiritual challenges; average activities during a week; being used by God to manifest his grace; the experience of preaching; experience of celebrating communion; move to All Saints as assistant to the provost; characteristics of the cathedral congregation; organizing a month-long evangelistic mission there; responsibilities of the assistant to the provost; government of the cathedral; an average week’s activities; the impact of the cathedral clergy upon the national leadership under President Daniel Arap Moi; riot police and tear gas in the cathedral; his development during his service at All Saints; strengths and weakness of the church in Kenya; ministering in slums; relations between Protestants and Catholics; relations between Christianity and Islam; African and Asian opposition to homosexual priests within the Anglican church

T3 (29 minutes). Continuation on African and Asian opposition to homosexual priests within the Anglican church; transfer to a wealthy suburban church (St. Francis) before leaving for grad school; characteristics of the congregation; dispute over Freemason symbols in church stained glass windows; dispute over the symbol of Jomo Kenyatta’s philosophy; the Kenyan church and missions; attending Wheaton Graduate School despite obstacles: comparison of the church in Kenya and in the United States; attending Anglican meetings in the United States; Bishop Katherine Schori of Nevada; 1Aldo Osotsi Mojola and the United Bible Society in Kenya; Presiding Bishop Benjamin Nzimbi in Kenya


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Rev. Omungu in September 2004 and September 2005.

Accession: 04-51, 05-58 
May 29, 2019
Bob Shuster


Accession: 04-51, 05-58
Type of Material: Audio Recordings

The material listed below are located in the [] file.

Length in minutes: 93
# of sides: 2
Contents: First oral history interview of Habil Omungu by Bob Shuster
Date: 9/29/2004 

Format: Cassette
Length in minutes: 95
# of sides: 2
Contents: Beginning of the second oral history interview of Habil Omungu by Bob Shuster
Date: 9/30/2005

Format: Cassette
Length in minutes: 29
# of sides: 1
Contents: Conclusion of the second oral history interview of Habil Omungu by Bob Shuster
Date: 9/30/2005

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