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Papers of William Eugene Blackstone - Collection 540

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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Biography of William Eugene Blackstone

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

Lists of Books, Periodicals, and Photographs in This Collection (Location Records)
List of the Contents of Boxes of Paper Records in This Collection (Container List)

Brief Description

Collection contains correspondence, reports, petitions to Presidents Harrison and Wilson and other materials related to his work with Jewish evangelism, his attempts to get world governments to agree on a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, and his trusteeship of the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund which was set up primarily for reaching Jews in China and Palestine.

Collection 540 [April 25, 2001]
Blackstone, William Eugene; 1841-1935
Papers; 1891-1979
8 Boxes (DC; 3.4 cubic feet), Photographs

Restrictions: None


Full name: William Eugene Blackstone
Birth date: October 6, 1841, in Adams, New York
Marital Status: Married Sarah Lee Smith, June 5, 1866
Children: Andrew, Harry (missionary to China), and Flora
Conversion: Age 11 at evangelistic meetings at the Methodist Church
Death: November 30, 1935
Education: No formal college education, self-educated
1870 - Building and property investor
Preacher and evangelist
1889 - Helped organize and became the first superintendent of the Chicago Hebrew Mission, incorporated in 1891
Sole trustee of the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund

Selected publications:
Satan: His Kingdom and its Overthrow. New York: Fleming H Revell Company, 1900 (see folder 1-1)
The Millennium. New York: Fleming H Revell Company; 1904 (see folder 1-1)
Jesus is Coming. New York: Fleming H Revell Company, c. 1908. Translated into many languages

Scope and Content

[Note: In the Scope and Content description, the notation "folder 2-5" means box 2, folder 5.]

Arrangement: Alphabetical and then roughly chronological
Date range: 1891-1979
Volume: 3.4 cubic feet
Geographic coverage: China, Egypt, India, Israel (Palestine), Poland, Russia, United States
Type of documents: Correspondence, organizational reports, petitions to U. S. presidents (called Memorials), miscellaneous mission organization reports, book orders, financial statements
Correspondents: Home and foreign missionaries, Presidents Harrison and Wilson, people and organizations who received support from the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund of which Blackstone was sole trustee
Subjects: Establishment of a homeland for Jews in Palestine (Israel), Zionism, and the evangelization of Jews
Notes: Much of the collection was damaged to varying degrees by fire and water and some letters could not be salvaged and were disposed of; the numbers in parentheses in the Container List were assigned by Blackstone to distinguish between correspondents
Exceptional items: Documents which show the early work of Blackstone and the resultant letters of petition to presidents Harrison (folder 6-9) and Wilson (folder 7-5) to establish in Palestine a state for displaced Jews, especially those from Russia (folders 7-2 through 8-6); the debate over liberalism in the Methodist Episcopal Church (folder 3-5). There are also several manuscripts and a thesis which deal with the Zionist movement (folders 6-1 through 6-5). Many correspondents were recipients of funding from the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund, such as the All Russian Union of Evangelical Christians (folder 1-2, 3), American Bible Society (folder 1-3), Barbican Mission to the Jews (Poland)(folders 1-7, 8), China Inland Mission (folder 2-9) Greek work in Los Angeles (folder 2-15), Mount Carmel Bible School, Haifa, Palestine (folders 4-7, 8); New York Gospel Mission to the Jews (folder 5-1), North China Theological Seminary (folder 5-3), Union Methodist Seminary and Union Chinese Church of Korea (folder 5-7), Women's Bible Institute, Korea (folder 5-9), among others. Folder 1-9 includes notice from Charles Hurlburt of new mission called Unevangelized Africa


The materials in this collection were given to the Billy Graham Center Archives by the American Messianic Fellowship in March, 1990.

Accession 90-31
January 22, 1998
Janyce H. Nasgowitz
M. Bergstedt
J. Taussig

Accession: 90-31
Type of Material: Books
The following items have been given to the BGC LIBRARY:

Lindberg, Beth M. A God-Filled Life/The Story of William E. Blackstone. A tract, no date. Probably published by the American Messianic Fellowship


Accession: 90-31
Type of Material: Periodicals
The following items have been given to the BGC LIBRARY:

The Jewish Era Volume XLVII, Number 11, December 1937. Contains a fifty year history of the Chicago Jewish Mission.


Accession: 90-31
Type of material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

MISSIONS TO JEWS. These photographs (29 b/w, 1 color; 1924-1928), regardless of identification or country, came from the correspondence of missionary workers supported by the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund, whose primary function was evangelizing Jews around the world. The images include:
-- Chapel and workers and missionary Paul M. Hosler and family of Shek Lung Station, South China Mission
-- Rev. S. B. Rohold of Mount Carmel Bible School and colporteurs at Baghdad, dealing with Jews. Rev Rohold and Rev. A. J. Edwards in ancient Babylon; earthquake scenes: inside yard of St. John Convent near Jordan, cracks at edge of Jordan baptismal place, streets in Ramah, aerial view of Mount Carmel Bible School in Haifa, Palestine
-- Three generations of the Lang family
-- Christians from Manchuria
-- Pastor Peter Gorodishz, Barbican Mission to the Jews, and photos of the Gospel van in Bialystock, Poland
-- Jewish woman, 106 years old, waiting for Messiah
-- Grave of Prof. Zia Hung Lai, Christian literary man of China
-- School for Blind Girls, Wushang, China
-- Christian Literature Society in Haifa, Palestine
-- Quartet of musicians, Edythe Flower, director, and final rehearsal of "Elijah," Dr and Mrs Howdon in rickshaws (in letter of Edythe Flower, Shantung, China)
-- School in Korea (?)

NOWACK, WILLIAM. Photo includes William and Katherine Nowack with Esther and Helen, from a letter of Edythe Flower to Blackstone. 1 b/w, 1925.


Box Folder Item
1 1 Articles, Brochures, Booklets, and Reports; 1900-75, n.d.
 Correspondence (also sometimes includes brochures, reports, pamphlets, etc.)
1 2 All Russian Union of Evangelical Christians (313)--I. S. Prokhanoff, J. Khanayantz; 1914-26
1 3 All Russian Union of Evangelical Christians (313)--I. S. Prokhanoff, J Khanayantz; 1927-29
1 4 American Bible Society--George W. Brown, William I. Haven, Frank H. Mann; 1925-32
1 5 American Presbyterian Mission, Shek Lung Station (246)--A. A. Pratt; 1922, 1925
1 6 Anti-Cigarette League--James A. Walton; 1927-29
1 7 Barbican Mission to the Jews (Poland)(316)--Peter Gorodishz; 1925-27
1 8 Barbican Mission to the Jews (Poland)(316)--Peter Gorodishz; 1928-30
1 9 Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA) (229)--John H. Hunter; David L. Cooper, Paul Dunn, D. L. Foster, and others); 1923-1928
2 1 BIOLA Book Room (315)--H. G. Dean; 1926
2 2 Blackstone Family ; 1926-30, 1961-62
2 3 Blind Girls School, Wuchang, China (273)--Mrs. Emma Ekvall; 1925-28
2 4 Calcutta Christian Tract and Book Society (315)--F. F. Longman and M. Khanoygautz; 1926
2 5 California Anti-Saloon League--R. H. Young; 1920-30
2 6 Canadian Church Mission, Kaifeng, Honan, China (265)--Bishop W. C. White, Rev. George E. Simmons; 1921-26
2 7 Cancellation of printed matter due to illness (Blackstone); 1929-30
2 8 Chicago Hebrew Mission--Charles P. Meeker; 1930-1932
2 9 China Inland Mission (298)--Johanna Rabe, Frieda Paul, and Margaret C. Welzel; 1926-29
2 10 Christian Literature Society of Korea (228)--Gerald Bonwick, W. M. Baird; 1920-27
2 11 Church of Christ in China and Kwangtung Evangelistic Association (299)--Rev A. J. Fisher; 1921-27
2 12 Collingwood, G. C.; 1923-25
2 13 Flacks, J. S. (China and Poland); 1926-28
2 14 Gospel Messengers Bible School for Cairo, Egypt--Allison D. Boutros; 1928
2 15 Greek Work in Los Angeles (309)--Nicholas and Sophia Bakan, A. Wesley Mell; 1925-28
2 16 Immanuel Mission to Seamen, Israel's Missionary Society, and Biola Book Room (273)--Oscar S. Zimmerman; Jeanette Gedalius, H. G. Dean, W. E. and Dorothy Macklin, A. Z. Yeghoyian; 1925-28
3 1 Jacobs, H., General Evangelist in Palestine; 1927
3 2 King's Business, The--Keith L. Brooks; 1928
3 3 Leung Kwong Baptist Hospital, Canton, China (318)--Dr. Charles Hayes; 1926-29
3 4 Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary--William A. Mathews; 1928-29
3 5 Methodist Episcopal Church Board of Bishops; 1921
3 6 Methodist Mission, Calcutta, India (295)--A. Andrews; 1924-28
  Milton Stewart Evangelistic Funds--China--
3 7  Miss Lydia P. Dahl; 1925-27
   Rev A. H. Reinhard;
3 8   1923-27
3 9   1928
3 10   1929
4 1  A-B; 1926-31
4 2  C-R; 1901-30
4 3  S; 1927-30
4 4  T-Z; 1930-32
4 5 Modern Zionism ("Zionism Comes to Chicago" by Anita Libman Lebeson, reprinted from Early History of Zionism in America); n.d.
4 6 Moody Bible Institute--Rev James E Gray, A G Olson; 1927-29
   Mount Carmel Bible School, Haifa, Palestine (262)--S B Rohold, A Payne, and Robert P Wilder
4 7  1925-27
4 8  1928
4 9 National Council for Prevention of War (Western Office); 1930-32
5 1 New York Gospel Mission to the Jews--Bernhard and Ruth Angel; 1927-31, 1961
5 2 Nile Mission Press--John L. Oliver; 1927
5 3 North China Theological Seminary (264)--Watson M. Hayes ; 1926-28
5 4 Norwegian Alliance Mission (242)--K. Vatsaas, Chr. Hvidsteen, Peter Bredvei; 1919-25
5 5 Philadelphia School of the Bible--J Davis Adams; 1928-30
5 6 Torrey, R A, Sr (295); 1925
5 7 Union Methodist Seminary and Union Chinese Church of Korea (226)--Edith Deming; 1917-26
5 8 Weaver, Albert; 1930-32
5 9 Women's Bible Institute, Korea (243)--Margaret Best; 1925-27
5 10 World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches--Henry Atkinson; 1923
5 11 Young Men's Christian Association, Wuchang, China (291)--W R Stewart; 1924-26
5 12 Young Men's Christian Association of Shanghai (291)--W. W. Lockwood, Harry L Kingman; 1925-26
5 13 Yunnan Presbyterian Mission (Third Avenue Presbyterian Church) (237)--C R Callender; 1925
6 1 "Christian Zionist, The"--by Morris Sigel, transl by David Ehrlick; 1927
6 2 "Egypt and Palestine"--by Albert M. Hyamson (from the London "Quarterly Review"); n.d.
6 3 "Evangelical Roots of Zionism, The"--thesis by David Brodeur, copy 1; 1979
6 4 "Evangelical Roots of Zionism, The"--thesis by David Brodeur, copy 2; 1979
6 5 No title or author --(concerns Biblical Judaism, the Talmud, and Christianity); n.d.
 Memorials re Jewish Homeland
6 6 Blackstone Memorials, 1891 and 1916, The
6 7 For International Arbitration--George M Ambrose; 1923
6 8 Methodist Ministers, Chicago, IL; Jun 15, 1903
6 9 Presented to President Harrison, Mar 4, 1891
7 1 The World's Columbian Exposition: Memorial for International Arbitration (signatures of World and Church Leaders); 1893
 Notebooks: Correspondence
7 2 About Jewish Evangelism, Vol I, part 1; 1891-94
7 3 About Jewish Evangelism, Vol I, part 2; 1891-94
7 4 About Jewish Evangelism, Vol II; 1891-94
7 5 About the Memorial to President Wilson, Vol III; 1912-1917
7 6 With Jewish leaders, Vol IV, part 1; 1907-20
8 1 With Jewish leaders, Vol IV, part 2; 1907-20
8 2 With Christian Jewish leaders, Vol V, part 1; 1907-25 (Zionist papers)
8 3 With Christian Jewish leaders, Vol V, part 2; 1907-25 (Zionist papers)
8 4 With Christian Zionist helpers, Vol VI, part 1; 1916-18
8 5 With Christian Zionist helpers, Vol VI, part 2; 1916-18
8 6 Report: The Polish Catholic Church; 1928
8 7 Sermon and Miscellaneous Notes; n.d.

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