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Interview of Joseph Charles MacKnight - Collection 490

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Biography of Joseph Charles MacKnight

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Brief Description.
One interview with MacKnight in which he discusses his education and activities at Wheaton College from which he graduated in 1943, reasons for attending, literary societies, friends and significant staff and faculty (V. Raymond Edman, Russell Mixter, Elsie Storrs Dow, Edith Torrey, Mortimer Lane, James Mack), impact of World War II on the campus, Billy Graham and his role in the Gospel Tabernacle in Wheaton, and his medical career since graduating.

Collection 490 [November 6, 2007]
MacKnight, Joseph (Dr.); 1921-2003
Interview; 1993
1 Reel of Audio Tape

Restrictions: None


Full name: Joseph Charles MacKnight, M.D.

Birth date: March 9, 1921, in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

Death date: July 28, 2003


Parents: Joseph A. and Juanita MacKnight (lived with mother, who was separated from his father)

Marital Status: Married, wife June

Conversion: At age twelve

Denominational affiliation: Southern Baptist

- Ridgefield Park High School, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
1939-1943 B.S., Wheaton College (Pre-Med, first winter convocation)
1943-1946 Columbia University Medical School, New York

1946- Army medical service in Japan
- Internist (25 years)
- Occupational physician for Dupont Co. (10 years)
- Medical director of a nursing home

Scope and Content

Interview with Dr Joseph Charles MacKnight by Paul Ericksen on May 7, 1993, at the office of the Billy Graham Center Archives. Events described in the interview cover the time period, 1921-1993.

T1 (60 minutes). Early life, parents' divorce, his conversion. Wheaton College: decision to attend, felt too sheltered and unprepared for medical school culture, professors Russell Mixter and James Mack, contact with Billy Graham (as Graham's lab instructor, Graham's preaching at the United Gospel Tabernacle), Mortimer and Mary Lane, organic chemistry final exam, his academic load, Elsie Storrs Dow's Shakespeare class, Edith Torrey's Acts of the Apostles class, assessment of campus spiritual life, hearing FDR's Pearl Harbor speech on the radio in chapel, MacKnight's speech urging blood donations for the war effort, classmates Pat Flack (auto accident with MacKnight), John MacDonald (see CN 489), Mc-Mac Club, social life at Wheaton (Washington Banquet, outings into Chicago), literary societies, Dr. Edman and transition from Dr. Buswell, Homecoming football game caravan (1940 or '41) to Naperville, working on Building & Grounds after his graduation, lived at The Schooner (named for Howard Schoon), member of the Scripture Distribution Society and its activities in Chicago, medical training and career, annual alumni gatherings in Philadelphia, classmate Scott Kerr, memorable train ride home at Christmas with other students


This oral history tape in this collection was given to the BGC Archives by Dr. MacKnight in May 1993.

Accession 93-66
July 26, 2000
Janyce H. Nasgowitz
P. Ericksen

Accession 93-66
Type of Material: Audio tapes
The following item is located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE:

T1 - Reel-to-reel , 3-3/4 ips, 60 minutes, one side only. Interview of Joseph C. MacKnight by Paul Ericksen on May 7, 1993, at the Billy Graham Center Archives.

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