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Interview of Trent Sheppard- Collection 476

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Collection 476 [May 16, 2016]
Sheppard, Michael Trent; 1975
Interviews; 2002

3 audio recordings

Restrictions: None

Brief Description. Oral history interview in which Sheppard talks about the influence of his parents and the International Prayer Ministry, the development of his own Christian faith, the influence on him of Loren Cunningham, Corrie ten Boom, and J. Edwin Orr among others; the purpose and methods of Youth with a Mission; his activities in England with the Christian community The Fellowship; and his hopes for a world wide Christian renewal movement among young people.


Full name

 Michael Trent Sheppard


August 5, 1975 in Dothan, Alabama




Glen and Jacquelyn Sheppard



brother Tre, sister Christa


Marital Status

Rebekah Bronwyn Lutz



Miréa, Blaze


Ca. 1982, during a sermon by his father






Spring Academy, Conyers, Georgia (secondary school)



Youth with a Mission’s Discipleship Training School



Youth with a Mission, School of Biblical Studies



University of the Nations; Nuneaton, England, Koma, Hawaii, Lausanne, Switzerland; B. A. In International Studies



Wheaton College Grad School, M.A.




Youth with a Mission, England, leader in The Factory Christian community



Campus America, a prayer movement among college students



Collegiate minister and teaching pastor with Alpha USA

Other significant information


Participated in YWAM’s the King’s Kids program and went on missions trips to Fiji, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries as a high school student


Spoke and taught in more than 50 nations

Scope and Content

Trent Sheppard was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on January 23 and 29 and February 12, 2002, at the offices of the Billy Graham Center Archives. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1975-2002.

T1 ( 98 minutes). Birth; parent’s leadership of International Prayer Ministry; working with his father on a Navaho reservation; being a pastor’s kid; spiritual environment at home; influence of his father and mother on him; conversion at the age of seven; growing strength of his faith over time; first missions tip to Fiji with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) at the age of 15; family’s involvement with YWAM starting when he was 11; parents’ efforts to assist girls in Thailand caught in the sex industry; J. Edwin Orr; Joy and Jim Dawson; Tom and Cindy Bauer; Loren Cunningham; family stories about J. Edwin Orr; call to ministry during a 1992 tour of Europe with YWAM; praying and fasting with friends for a ministry with young people; beginning of his preaching; thinking about abortion; living holy and godly lives (II Peter 3); serving on a YWAM team to Indonesia and Singapore in 1993; the importance of generational partnerships; influence of Dale Kauffman, founder of King’s Kids; incidents from King’s Kid tours in Europe and Asia; financing his King’s Kid tours; taking a longer mission trip to Thailand with a Disciple Training School (DTS)after high school; his mother’s struggle with cancer in 1994; struggle with psoriasis and the severe testing of his faith; empathy produced by suffering; description of YWAM’s University of the Nations and it study method; advice from his mother about college

T2 (96 minutes). Preparing for ministry - what helped and what didn’t; methods of preparing to preach; use of humor in preaching; dynamics of speaking to small and large groups; hearing Billy Graham preach; preaching advice Sheppard got from his father; YWAM’s international culture and values; joining YWAM via the DTS; decentralized nature of YWAM; financial basis of YWAM; example of sacrificial giving; origins of The Factory community in England; Sheppard’s close relationship with his siblings and its effect on his ministry; conflict with his brother Tre; Shepard’s roles in the Factory’s leadership team; the way the Factory team functions while still traveling frequently; Shepard’s vision for a spiritual awakening among youth; mission and teaching trips he took while a grad student at Wheaton

T3 (77 minutes). Loren Cunningham’s vision humility; his endurance despite back pain and health problems; his vision for the Gospel being preached through the whole earth (Mark 16:15); his ability to get things done through confidence in and partnership with other people; Howard Malmstadt and the University of the Nations; Cunningham’s weeping over someone’s sin; Sheppard’s esteem for Cunningham; YWAM’s decentralized approach to handling conflicts; conflicts caused by the international nature of YWAM; people who influenced Cunningham; Duncan Campbell; Corrie ten Boom; Joy Dawson; Cunningham’s personality; attitude toward women in ministry; origin of International prayer Ministries in 1987; IPM’s ministry in Thailand and Nepal; The Factory’s affiliation with YWAM and IPM; reaction of churches to IPM’s foreign mission work; results from fifteen years of church’s praying for spiritual awakening; next steps in IPM’s ministry; the creation of a global church, especially among young people; final comments

The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Trent Sheppard in 2002.

Accession: 02-06, 02-09, 02-13 
May 3, 2016
Robert Shuster

Accession: 02-06, 02-09, 02-13
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
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Oral history interview of Trent Shepard by Paul Ericksen






Oral history interview of Trent Shepard by Paul Ericksen






Oral history interview of Trent Shepard by Paul Ericksen


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