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Records of the International Prison Ministries - Collection 320

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Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Historical Background

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

Lists of Artifacts, Audio Tapes, Books, Films, Film Strips, Glass Negatives, Microfilm, Negatives, Oversize Materials, Periodicals, Phonograph Records, Photo Albums, Photographs, Slides, Slides (Lantern), and Video Tapes in This Collection (Location Records)
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Brief Description.
Twenty-four audio tapes consisting of interviews and sermons by Chaplain Raymond Hoekstra for the International Prison Ministry. Included are interviews with prisoners, a chaplain, a sheriff, and testimonies by a Vietnam veteran and prisoners. Also included are two video tapes, HONEY, YOUR MAMA'S IN PRISON and GOD'S PRISON GANG. For more information, please see guide.
Vol: 24 Audio Tape Cassettes, 2 Video Tapes

Collection 320
[February 5, 2001]
International Prison Ministry; ca. 1975-
Records; 1977-1985

Audio Tapes, Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Video Tapes


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection. Copyrights to the materials have been retained by IPM.

Historical Background

Founded: Ca. 1975

Activities: Gives prisoners Bibles and study helps in English, Russian, and Spanish; produces daily prison broadcasts, TV specials, films, and videos.

Association memberships:
National Religious Broadcasters (radio)
National Association of Evangelicals

Founder: Chaplain Raymond Hoekstra
Birth Date: 1913
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Conversion: Anchor Rescue Mission, San Jose, California
Marital Status: Married, wife Leola
Pastor, Calvary Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ministry Director of Intl. Prisons Ministry, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas
Publications (See Location Record for books for more listings.):
God's Prison Gang. With Walter Wagner. Old Tappan, NJ: Fleming H. Revel Company, 1977.
Miracles in Prison Cells. Dallas, TX: International Prison Ministry, n.d.

Scope and Content

Series: International Prison Ministries

Arrangement: Audio tapes arranged as shown on the inventory from IPM.

Date range: ca. 1970s, 1980s

Volume: 24 audio tapes, 2 video tapes

Geographic coverage: United States

Type of documents: Audio tapes T1-T24 prepared for broadcast with interviews of converted prisoners, a prison chaplain, a Texas sheriff, a message from Corrie ten Boom to prisoners, testimonies of prisoners and a Vietnam veteran, a message to cult leader Charles Manson, and sermons by Chaplain Ray. In video V1, Honey Your Mama's in Prison, six women inmates at the Florida Correctional Institution are interviewed and in V2, Chaplain Ray interviews four notorious former criminals who were converted.

Correspondents: Prison inmates converted to Christianity, law enforcement officers, a chaplain from Attica Prison in New York, a Vietnam veteran, Corrie ten Boom

.Subjects: Church work with prisoners, Crime and criminals--United States, Prisoners--United States, Radio in religion. (See the Location Record for Audio Tapes detailing the names of people featured on them)

Descriptive limits: Books, pamphlets, and periodicals on related topics have been given to the Billy Graham Center Library


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in September 1985 from International Prison Ministry.

Accessions 85-118, 85-121

March 17, 1997
Janyce H. Nasgowitz
M. Bergstedt
T. Harder

Accession: 85-121
Type of Material: Audio Tapes

The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE:
Interviews, testimonies, and sermons from the International Prison Ministry. All tapes are cassettes, 3-3/4 ips, 30 minutes on each side unless otherwise indicated. They are not dated.

T1 - Side one: Interview with Chaplain Jeff Carter of Attica Prison by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Continuation of interview with Chaplain Carter.

T2 - Side one: Chaplain Ray interviews with Jack Burbridge. Known as "The Enforcer" in underworld Chicago. Side two: Continuation of interview with Jack Burbridge.

T3 - Side one: Interviews with Frank Costantino by Chaplain Ray. Prison in Florida, conversion. Side two: Continuation of interview with Frank Costantino.

T4 -Side one: Interview with Don Dennis conducted by Chaplain Ray. Life in prison and conversion. Side two: Continuation of interview with Don Dennis.

T5 -Side one: Interviews with Perry Desmond, former female impersonator, by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Continuation of interviews with Desmond.

T6 -Side one: Interview with Joe Donato by Chaplain Ray. Former Mafia member. Side two: Continuation of interview with Donato.

T7 - Side one: Interview with Freddie Gage by Chaplain Ray. Side two:"All My Friends Are Dead!" by Freddie Gage.

T8 -Side one: Interview with Ernie Hollands by Chaplain Ray. At one time, the most wanted criminal in Canada. Side two: Continuation of interview with Hollands.

T9 -Side one: Interviews with Rommie Loudd by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Continuation of interviews with Loudd.

T10 -Side one: Interview with George Meyer by Chaplain Ray. Known as Al Capone's "Devil Driver." Side two: Continuation of interview with Meyer.

T11 -Side one: Interview with Jack "Murf-the-Surf" Murphy by Chaplain Ray. Stole the Star of India sapphire from the New York Museum of Natural History. Side two: Continuation of interview with Murphy.

T12 - Side one: Interview with LaVoy Sims by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Music by LaVoy Sims.

T13 -Side one: Interview with Dallas County Sheriff Carl Thomas by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Continuation of interview with Sheriff Thomas.

T14 - Side one: Corrie ten Boom speaks to prisoners with Chaplain Ray. Side two: Corrie Ten Boom speaks at the International Congress on World Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland. Introduction by Billy Graham.

T15 - Side one: Testimony of Floyd Hamilton with Chaplain Ray. Member of Bonnie and Clyde's gang and one-time Public Enemy No. 1. Side two: Continuation of testimony of Hamilton.

T16 - Side one:The Gene Neill Story, with Chaplain Ray. Known as the "Perry Mason of Florida." Side two: Continuation of the Gene Neill Story.

T17 - Side one: Interview with Cookie Rodriguez by Chaplain Ray. A former drug addict and prostitute. Side two: Continuation of interview with Rodriguez.

T18 - Side one: A testimony of Clyde Thompson. Known as "the meanest man in Texas." Side two: Continuation of testimony of Thompson.

T19 - Side one: A testimony of Robert Van Buskirk, Vietnam Veteran. Side two: Continuation of testimony of Van Buskirk.

T20 - Side one: A message to cult leader and murderer Charles Manson from Chaplain Ray and Tex Watson (a former member of Manson's "family")

T21 - Side one:"Jesus Christ the Son of God." Sermon by Chaplain Ray. Side two: Continuation of sermon from side one.

T22 - Side one:"Restitution - Forgotten Justice." Sermon by Chaplain Ray. Side two: "Ministry to the Small Jails." Talk by Chaplain Ray.

T23 - Side one:"The Bible, the Word of God" by Chaplain Raymond Hoekstra. Side two: "The God of the Bible" by Chaplain Ray.

T24 - Side one: "The Three Causes of Crime, and the One Sure Cure." Sermon by Chaplain Ray. Side two:"Justice and Mercy, Law and Order." Sermon by Chaplain Ray.

Accession: 85-118
Type of Materials: Video Tapes

The following items have been filed in the VIDEO TAPE FILE:

V1 - Color, VHS cassette, approximately 42 minutes. Honey, Your Mama's in Prison. Produced by International Prison Ministry, Executive Producer/Director: Chaplain Ray Hoekstra; Producer/Director: William Greenelsh; Actors: Nancy Peters, Linda Olivero, Annette Colkmire, Melinda Wellington, Gertha Arceneaux. Filmed at the Florida Correctional Institution in Lowell, Florida, ca. 1984.

V2 -Color, VHS cassette, approximately 48 minutes. God's Prison Gang. Produced by International Prison Ministry; hosted by Art Linkletter, written and produced by Ray Wilson; Director, Dan Dunkelberger; Special Guests: Chaplain Ray, George Meyer, Floyd Hamilton, Jerry Graham, Ted Jefferson, 198-?.

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