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What Billy Graham sermons does the Archives have?



You can find 1600 audio files of Billy Graham's sermons, spanning the years from 1949 through 2006, at the BGEA's Billy Graham Audio Archives, a site maintained by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Another page at the same sites has links to video sermons.

The Billy Graham Center Archives (a department of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois) has hundreds if not thousands of Billy Graham's sermons, most on video and audio tape. The audio tapes are primarily found in Collection 26 and Collection 191, while films and videos can be found in Collection 54 and Collection 113. However, our main sermon collection is Collection 265, which contains the texts of outlines, notes, and transcripts for thousands of Graham sermon outlines covering more than sixty years of his ministry—these manuscripts (most are not transcripts) are available online through a searchable database.

The Sermons are the sole property of Billy Graham and The Billy Graham Literary Trust, as their interests may appear, and are protected, without limitation, pursuant to U.S. and foreign copyright laws.

The Archives contains relatively few written or printed transcripts of Mr. Graham's sermons. However, we do have a few, such as those in Collection 12 (box 15-folder 46, 23-17, 23-18, 23-19, 23-20, 23-21, 23-22), 15 Collection 15 (box 3-folder 4), Collection 17 (box 36-folder 42), Collection 19 (7-1), Collection 48(box 12-folder 36), Collection 74(box 7-folders 1,2), Collection 191(box 2-folders 1 through 4), Collection 214 (1-30), Collection 360 (some newspapers during early BGEA crusades printed full or nearly full-text transcripts of Graham's sermons), Collection 506 (2-4, 9-6), and Collection 544 (50-4). However, to use these materials you must come to the Archives and you can only make (or have made) photocopies of materials from any collection deposited here by the BGEA after receiving BGEA approval. (Forms to request permission are available from the Archives.)

Our web site does contain an almost complete set of the sermons Rev. Graham preached at the 1958 Charlotte, North Carolina Crusade. Click to read these. There are also audio and moving images of Billy Graham sermons from the 1949 Christ for Greater Los Angeles campaign and the 1957 New York City campaign in the Archives web sites about those meetings.

To examine these descriptive guides or those to other collections, begin by going to the Archives Web page containing collection descriptions in numerical order. Using the collection numbers given above, scroll to the corresponding entry and the click on it.

There are several other possible sources of information for you. DECISION magazine, the BGEA's periodical includes messages by Billy Graham, although these are not usually transcripts of crusade sermons. Grason Company, a division of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, sells sets of Billy Graham sermons as pamphlets. You can find out more by clicking to go to the Grason web site. You might also try the BGEA's Web page, where Graham's recent or historical sermons are often posted. You can also e-mail the BGEA.

Another valuable source for you might be local libraries which may contain books that compile some of Mr. Graham's sermons. There are two (among many) books in the Billy Graham Center Library that you might be able to get borrow through Interlibrary Loan:

  • Graham, Billy. Blow Wind of God: Spirited Messages from the Writings of Billy Graham. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1975. (BGC LIBRARY (now Evangelism & Missions Collection of the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections) Call # BV3797 .G69 B56)

  • Graham, Billy. "The Challenge: Sermons from Madison Square Garden. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1969 (BGC LIBRARY (now Evangelism & Missions Collection of the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections) Call # BV 3797 .G69 C5 1969)

    You can search the Wheaton College Library's online catalog for other titles and Archives collections and then borrow books (sorry, not Archives collections) through inter-library.

    There are several other locations within our Web page with concentrated information about Billy Graham. By going to our Billy Graham page, you can select entries with biographical background on Graham, narrative description about all our Graham or BGEA material, and links to the BGEA's Web page. Or you may choose to read brief descriptions of all our collections with information about Billy Graham and/or the BGEA. And there are other FAQ's about Billy Graham, such as Do you have any genealogical information on Billy Graham and his wife, Ruth (Bell) Graham?, Who led Billy Graham to Christ?, and others at our FAQ page.

    Please be aware that the purpose of this page is to provide information on some of the most relevant Archives holdings relating to this often-asked question. Because of staff and time limitations, the BGC archivists can spend no more than a half-hour helping an individual researcher; we have to focus our efforts on gathering the material and making it available. In order to find all the materials in the Archives on this particular topic, you will need to personally go through the guides to the various Archives collections available at this Web site and in the Archives Reading Room in the Billy Graham Center building in Wheaton, Illinois. If your request will take longer than the half hour we can provide, you will either need to come to the Archives yourself to do the necessary research in our collections, arrange for someone to come and do the research for you, or pay to use the Archives' research services.

    You can also do further independent searching of the online database to explore what the Archives has on a wide variety of subjects. You will find only a very small sampling of the Archives actual documents on this Web site. Most of our Web pages only describe what is at the Archives in Wheaton. In most cases you must visit the Archives to use our collections, unless a collection (or portion of it) is available through inter-library loan or as a short-term loan for a fee. You may also find it helpful to visit Wheaton College's online catalog to its libraries and archives (including the Billy Graham Center Archives).

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