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Does the Archives Have Films of Billy Sunday?

As far as the staff of the BGC Archives is aware, very little film footage of evangelist Billy Sunday was taken during his lifetime. Most of what footage there is included in the film Billy Sunday, originally produced by Sacred Cinema. The Archives has a copy of this film (which can be viewed in the Archives Reading Room), but it does not have the rights to it, so it cannot sell, rent, or loan copies.

Anyone one interested in using this film or portions of it should contact the copyright holder at:
Sacred Cinema
P.O. Box K
Paoli, PA 19301

To purchase a copy of the video, try one of the following:

Billy Sunday Home and Visitor Center
Winona Lake, Indiana

Christian Duplications International
1710 Lee Rd.
Orlando, FL 32810
phone: 1-800-327-9332
fax: 407-578-1880
Web site:

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