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Lima, Ohio August 17th 1930

Dear Clarence:

We had a wonderful time at
the Beulah Park Convention Mr. Rader
was mightily used of God he seemed
to have an unusual liberty. At the
last meeting Mr. Wilson asked how
many would like to see Mr. Rader back
next year and all gave him a
welcome back. The convention seemed
in a whole more spiritual than at some
former days.

The morning prayer meeting was very
searching just what I needed.
For your sailing word Acts 27:21-25.
And especially for I believe God, that it shall
be even as it was told me v.25.

I can never forget the prayer Katherine
and [I] had when you went back to Pittsburgh
God certainly answers prayer and
especially when it means to bring the
good news to the heathens. I have real joy
to pray for the work to which God has
called you. God help me and not fail Him
in believing prayer. I had a few words
with Mr. Rader he said they will soon
be on the air over the chain [?]. I would be
pleased to hear from you at any time

with love, A.D. Welty

Please excuse blotter

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