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The Archives staff would like to thank the many people who generously gave necessary permission, assistance, advice, or encouragement for the creation of this exhibit. None of these folks, of course, bear any responsibility for opinions expressed in the exhibit.
We particularly want to express our gratitude to Dr. Lois Ferm of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who created the oral history project that gathered many of the reminiscences that now appear in this exhibit, and gathered the documents on which it is based.

We would also like to express heartfelt thanks to the many others who have assisted us at different points, including:
  • Laura Couchey Abate
  • Habiba Alcindor of The Nation magazine
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Winifred Bockelman
  • David Bruce of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Brian P. Couchey
  • Sid Couchey
  • William A. Drury
  • Dawn Evans of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Dick Hillis
  • John Hunn
  • IFCA International
  • Howard Jones
  • Kriste Larson
  • Les Lofquist
  • W. Scott Nyborg
  • Jimmy Seong G. Lim of the Council of Churches of the City of New York
  • T. Richard Marcis
  • Steven Scholle of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Finally, thank you to those listed below who pre-tested the exhibit in its formative stages, giving helpful suggestions, finding the bugs, and giving us real experience with those exploring the exhibit.

  • Jean Bilang
  • Dona Diehl
  • Lindsey Gibbon
  • Carol Hoelter
  • Linda Kacena
  • Judy Leimbach
  • Thomas W. Leimbach
  • Marcus Nelson
  • Don Orton
  • Mary Ellen Orton
  • Benjamin J. Stellwagen
  • Dennis Zimmer
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