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The heart of the exhibit is comprised of materials from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held in the Billy Graham Center Archives, especially from:
The New York City Crusade came about through the planning and hard work of thousands of people. We of the Archives staff believe God used the work of these fallible and fallen people as a means of grace to reach the hearts of many with the salvation that comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Archives staff, just as fallen and perhaps even more fallible, hope this exhibit is a true representation of that 1957 event, that it instructs and entertains, and that it is a means of God's grace to those who visit it.
This exhibit was a production of the BGC Archives staff. The text for the exhibit narrative and captions were written by Bob Shuster , who did extensive searching for all the items that appear throughout the exhibit and coordinated the pre-testing. The exhibit design and Web construction were done by Paul Ericksen. Paul and Bob (shown below) stand at the pulpit (now housed in the permanent exhibit at the Billy Graham Center Museum in Wheaton) that Billy Graham spoke from during his 1957 New York and many other crusades.
Digitization of the non-moving image items in the collection was done by Bob, Paul and student workers (appearing below in corresponding order) Jeff Aernie, Evan Kuehn, and Jeremy Wells; digitizing of audio files was done by Bob and Paul. Jim Newing and Beth Johanson of Wheaton College’s Media Resources Department were of great assistance in turning 16mm kinescopes into viewable digitized versions for the exhibit.
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