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One side effect of the crusade was a wide variety of numbers which gave a shadowy reflection of the impact on lives.
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"We can never use mere crowds as the sole criterion for the meeting, but crowds certainly are the yardstick the public uses."Letter from Jerry Beaven to Billy Graham about plans for the final meeting of the New York Crusade, July 24, 1957. From Collection 17, Box 1, Folder 4.

Although always acknowledged as a very poor measure of spiritual activities, statistics were very much a part of the New York and other crusades. Certainly they were often requested by the media, supporters, critics and the general public. Here a few that were made available during the campaign:
    During the first six weeks, the Impact television program received 710 phone calls

    Decisions from May 15 through August 31: 50,976 (62% women, 38% men)

    Final total (up to and including the October 27 Polo ground meetings): 2,145,900

    Inquirers: 60,577

    Bible study #1 returned by inquirers as of August 29: 16,299
    Bible study #2 returned by inquirers as of August 29: 3,588

    Minister reply cards received as of August 29: 14,454

    Total number of inquirers dealt with in counseling room as of August 29: 61,148

    People around the world who committed themselves to a local group to pray for the crusade as of December 1956: 150,000

    Churches supporting the crusade as of May 15: 1,510

    Usher volunteers: 2,000 (600 any given night)

    Counselor volunteers: 4,500

    Estimated weekly audience for the nation wide television broadcasts: 10,000,000

    Number of letters each week resulting from the broadcast: 75,000
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