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Graham and his associates preached simple, basic Christian doctrine - salvation through faith in Jesus.
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"But while I was In New York City, I had the privilege of attending one of the rallies at Madison Square Garden and I sat right in the front row. I was not only impressed with his personal charisma, but especially with the manner in which he presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This so touched my heart that I find it difficult to explain." Oral history interview of Rev. T. Richard Marcis by Robert Ferm, July 1972. From Collection 141, Box 10, Folder 12. Tape T6.

 Besides the nightly sermons by Billy Graham in Madison Square Garden (and special evangelistic rallies he addressed in Wall Street, Harlem, and other sites), BGEA associate evangelists, Team members and volunteer clergy such as Lane Adams, Tom Allan, Joseph Blinco, Leighton Ford, Howard Jones, Paul Rees, Samuel Shoemaker, John R. W. Stott, Grady Wilson, and T. W. Wilson spoke at many dozens of services and special meetings at local churches and other venues throughout the crusade. Graham himself also occasionally spoke at luncheons and special meetings besides the evening service.

Graham’s sermons during the crusade services all followed a similar format. He would start with a theme of popular interest, provide a Biblical perspective and then link the theme to the need for individuals to accept Jesus Christ as their savior and surrender their lives to him. The sermon always ended with an invitation to come forward to those who wanted to committee their lives to Christ or who wanted to find out more or who were Christians who wanted to rededicate their lives.

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