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Ministerial associations, word of mouth, newspapers, magazines, radio, television were all mobilized to tell people about the crusade and to encourage them to come.
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"New York’s millions, representing 60 nationalities, don’t all agree with Billy Graham and his message, but all are aware he is here." Lead from a May article by George Burnham, news editor of Christianity Today magazine. From Collection 338, Box 7, Folder 2.

 Starting eighteen months before the crusade, all available means of publicity were used. The general public was informed about the purpose and methods and. Ministers were told how they could involve their congregations. Christians were encouraged to participate and bring friends. Newspapers carried stories about the developing pans for the crusade and about all of the actual events. Thousands of bumper sticks, posters, window signs and similar materials were strewn across the metropolitan area. Magazines were assisted in preparing articles. Interviews with and articles about Billy Graham frequently appeared in both. At least a half dozen press conferences (not counting many more informal meetings) were held in 1956 and 1957. The meetings and/or classes that had been set up for ministers, ushers, choir members and counselors were also used to keep this large network of people informed about the crusade. Contact was also maintained with the prayer groups in the New York area and around the world. Once the crusade began, great emphasis was placed on electronic means of communications. Cliff Barrows hosted a weekly radio program called Prayertime. (The BGEA’s regular radio program, Hour of Decision, also carried stories related to the crusade. It was heard in the New York area at 3:30pm and 10pm on Sundays.)

The attention to making information available and encouraging a positive response continued through the crusade and after, with the major visitation efforts in October and the release of the crusade audit and the final report of the crusade committee in December.

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item 35: from Photo File BGEA: NYC, 1957
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item 37: from Collection 16, procedure book for New York City Crusade, 1957
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