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Transcribed excerpts from those praying from the crusade.


“Dear Mr. Haymaker, I am so happy that you have given us here in India a chance to take part in the New York Crusade, even from a distance, through the mighty medium of prayer.

You can be sure that hundreds of Christians in India will be following the Crusade and all the preparations with Deep interest and intercessory prayer. During the past ear we have been conducting a “Chain of Prayer” throughout the churches of India, and as a result new interest in prayer has sprung up. Now there are scores of new prayer groups scattered throughout the land.

These are our plans to stir up interest for the New York Crusade: (a) A newsletter will go out to all churches that have taken part in the Prayer Chain in 1956. This means 250 or more churches. We shall urge all the new prayer groups to remember you in prayer. (b) We shall run brief articles in the “Evangelical Fellowship” magazine, and in the “More Excellent Way,” and in the “Indian Witness” of the Methodist Church. This will put the call to prayer before thousands of people. (c) Some time early in the month of May, 1957, just before the crusade opens in New York- most probably the night before- we shall conduct all-night prayer meetings in many places. All the missionaries will be on vacation in the hills at that time- around 500 or more- and we shall conduct a “Chain of Prayer” on behalf of the crusade.

Following the Prayer Chain of 1956, we are conducting a Witness Chain in 1957. We shall appreciate your prayers in the U.S.A. on our behalf as we try to get the Gospel out to the millions of India. Let us join hands across the seas in a great Band of Prayer.

We shall pray for and expect the New York Crusade to be the greatest of all Billy Graham Crusades held anywhere thus far. May God shake that great city to its very depths and start something that will be akin to the great Religious Awakening of 1857, which also started in New York at Fulton Street Prayer Meeting.”
“Your Friend and His.”
(Signed) J.T. Seamands, Director Prayer Life Movement for India.

(Where more than 600 prayer groups have been organized) “Just to let you know that prayer is being offered regularly at three prayer groups at the Church of the Good Shepherd, for God’s blessing upon the New York Crusade. Our groups are part of the rich legacy from Harringay.”

“In the summer of 1953 a group of Christians from the banks and insurance offices of this city met each week for prayer. First we supported the Harringay meetings, later the Wembley Stadium meetings. Now we are praying regularly each week for the New York Crusade in 1957. Even as you prayed for us here in London, so will we remember you.”

“My Dear Brother Haymaker, you will be glad to know that we have had a wonderful winter. Have just finished my third crusade in the city of Wolverhampton, where we saw the largest church in the city crowded to capacity and hundreds of decisions for Christ. In Barnsley for one night only, the church seating 1,200 was crowded and there were 40 decisions for Christ. As a result of meetings during the last three months, we have over 1,000 Prayer Partners for the New York Crusade.”
Signed, The Rev. Joseph Blinco.

“We count it a privilege to do all we can to awaken prayer interest on the continent of Europe in behalf of the New York Crusade. Through our German broadcasts over Radio Luxembourg we have a potential audience of 90,000,000 German speaking people in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

“I am Chaplain for two Field Artillery Battalions, the 48th and 57th. Last week I presented the request for special prayer for the New York Crusade to the two groups. As a result I can assure you of our prayers in this tremendous undertaking. Please send us Prayer Cards and copies of the New York Crusade News.”

“I am a young Burmese student studying in Rangoon University, with the intention of serving the Lord after graduation. I have been an eager follower of the news accounts of the work for the Lord that is being done by Dr. Billy Graham and his associates in New York City. I have talked to 30 of my friends here who are willing to pray for the New York Crusade. During the summer we will be going out in all parts of Burma and will enlist other Christians to join us in prayer for New York City.”

“Here in Honolulu we have at least five prayer groups that will be meeting regularly to pray for the Lord’s working through Dr. Billy Graham during the New York Crusade. These groups meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. All of these groups meet regularly each week except the one on Tuesday which meets every other week. Be assured also of our private prayer daily for Brother Billy Graham, the Team, the counselors and the seekers.”
Signed, Herbert Atwood, Jr.

FROM NAPLES, ITALY - “Please send me the prayer information concerning the Billy Graham Crusade scheduled to begin in New York City on May 15th. Rest assured that your whole crusade’s details are being held up in prayer here by CHRISTians [sic] in this area.” (Signed) Don Dennis, YN2, USN, CINCSOUTH, BOX 2, NAVY NO. 510, c/o FPO, NYC, NY.

FROM THE USS “BON HOMME RICHARD” - “The men attending the Bible study on the “Bon Homme Richard” pledge their prayer support for the forthcoming New York Billy Graham Crusade. There are 15 to 20 of us who meet for prayer and Bible study every night. We are so thankful for the New York Crusade and our prayer is that many souls will come to Christ.”
(Signed) N. L. Williams.

“Enclosed is my Prayer Partner Card. I count it a privilege to have a part in the New York Crusade. I am asking our Totonac Indian believers to become prayer partners for the crusade. It is my plan to translate the prayer requests into Totonac so that they can remember them regularly. Please send us some posters with a picture of Dr. Billy Graham as these would be real help in reminding them of their promise to pray.”
(Signed) Mrs. Herman Aschmann.

“There are now 600 prayer groups in Great Britain, one in the House of Parliament where 150 meet each week to pray especially for the New York Crusade. This group which is attended by members of the British Parliament is led by an outstanding man who was a convert of the Billy Graham Crusade held in Harringay Arena in London in 1954.”
(Signed) Geo. M. Wilson.

These excerpts are typical of similar letters received in the Crusade Office from prayer group leaders in 40 foreign countries outside the continental United States. See following page for the names of these countries......

Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, India, Viet Nam, Austria, New Zealand, Okinawa, Formosa, Korea, Japan, The Island of Guam, Syria, South Africa, Kenya, East Africa, Ireland, Finland, Island of Cyprus, Hong Kong, The Philippines.

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