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"As this is our first broadcast..."
The broadcast

The running times indicated below are approximate. Click the icon to play the video.

...the October 9, 1949, Youth on the March program in its entirety (30 minutes)
  ...or highlights including...
...the beginning of the program (1 minute)
...Ruth Crawford at the piano accompanying the quartet singing the musical selection "These are They" (2 minutes)
...the testimony of a weightlifter (1.5 minutes)
..."Onward Christian Soldiers" (55 seconds)
...Crawford's comments including "As this is our first broadcast,...the first Gospel program sent coast to coast on television that we know of." (40 seconds)
...the Crawfords' sons, The Four Ds, singing "Do, Lord" (2.75 minutes)
...transcript and video clip of Percy Crawford's sermon, "Good Master, what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?" (7.5 minutes)
...Crawford's evangelistic invitation and prayer (1.5 minutes)