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Billy Graham - 1947

The Early Billy Graham

The year 1947 was an important for evangelist Billy Graham. It was when he moved (mostly) from being the featured preacher at Youth for Christ rallies to leading his own evangelistic team, the team that would soon become the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Above is the program (from Collection 7) from one of his last YFC rallies, held at the Hollywood Bowl in California on July 27, 1947. Below is a brochure (from Collection 5) from one of his first city-wide evangelistic campaigns, held in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina from November 9-23, 1947. For more information on this first Charlotte campaign, come to the Archives Reading Room and browse through the papers of Charlotte businessman Vernon Patterson (Collection 5) or the records of Charlotte evangelistic campaigns (Collection 295). Or perhaps you would like to read the Charlotte Observer's account of Graham's 1996 meetings in that city.

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