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Rift Valley Academy School Report, 1912

The following is a transcript of a document found in folder 2 of box 78 of Collection 81, The Records of Africa Inland Mission International. The report was probably written for the governing board of the Kenya field or of the mission. A picture of the first lines of the report, which was written on ledger paper, is above.

Report of the School for Missionary Children

It is quite safe to say that during the last term there has been a moderate degree of progress on the part of some scholars and more on the part of others

We have had an increase in numbers over last term as this term we had 12 boys and 11 girls boarding at the school and 4 day pupils.

Three teachers (Miss Collins, Miss Steckel, and Mr Westervelt) have given their whole time to the work and Mrs. Westervelt about half her time, not being able to give more on account of ill health.

The older girls have had five hours a week in dressmaking under Miss Steckel and have made several white dresses for themselves as well as one or two khaki suits for the boys (their brothers) The lessons which they missed during that time reading and writing were made up outside and recited to their respective teachers. In the literary and mathematical branches some made marked progress while others have delayed quite in the background. Mr. Downing has faithfully taught music every Friday night to all the scholars when he was not absent from the station. All of the older girls have had experience in cooking bread and cookies and a few other articles of diet. One of our scholars, Daisy Aggett, has completed a business course in bookkeeping and stenography and typing, having one term of the first and two of the last two. Another, Jeanne Rogers, is also pursuing the same course but will remain in the school to further perfect herself; the former expects to take a position in nairobi in a contractor’s office soon. Many have expressed a desire to take up this course when they become far enough advanced in their education and no doubt there will be many calls for young women and men of ability of this order in the future.

We are especially thankful to Almighty God for spiritual visitation during the past period. Almost all of our new scholars were not professing of Christianity when they came but now profess to follow jesus. We have seen many marked changes in some of their lives but in others it is not so evident. All of our scholars now profess to be followers of Jesus.

Our oldest scholar of last term, Madge Arnoldi, who received a diploma for her Grammar School work, did not return but is pursuing her students in connection with teaching at the government school in Nairobi.

An effort has been made to beautify the grounds around the school but very much remains yet to be done.

A piano has been purchased from Mrs. Riebe on semiannual installments and it will be the possession of the school when they can pay for it. A stone chicken house has been paid for and a barn for cattle is almost completed. We has paid over the past term almost Rs 750/ on the above mentioned and other debts, besides the regular bills of the school supplies and provisions, men, boys, etc. At this rate we hope to cancel all debts outstanding in about two terms more.

With deep gratitude to Almighty God for many manifestations of His love and care during the past term and trusting His continued mercies during the coming one we remain His willing servants.

Yours in the name of the school,
Signed Theo. K. Westervelt (Prin.)
June 22, 1912

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