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Africa Inland Church
Missionary Board
AICMB October 7, 1979
Henry Ambongo. Serves in Homa Bay, South Nyana among the Luos Moses Ikayo. Serves in Meru, among theMeru People Joseph Githai. Works/serves in Nyachogochogo among the Kisii tribe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mbith serve in Wajr, North Eastern province among the Somalis
These are the few who have gone out to share the Gospel
among the unreached.
George and Joyce Ndemwa serve in Loglogo and Marsabil among the Samburu, Boran and Somalis tribe.
On this day all offerings including from Sunday School and youth from all churches will be set aside for AICMB. This is to allow the missionaries to carry on with their ministry and witness.
John 4: 35,36. But I tell you, look at the fields, the fields are ripe for harvest. The laborer gets his due and collects the harvest for eternal life. Both the laborer and the sower will rejoice together.
African Inland Church Missionary Board

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