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Reports in Evangelical and Fundamentalist Magazines about Billy Graham's 1949 Meetings in Los Angeles

In the fall of 1949, among Protestant Evangelicals and Fundamentalists in the United States, there was a high degree of expectancy that the United States was on the verge of a great religious revival. From 1944 through 1948, Youth for Christ had evolved from a grass roots movement with many bases into a national movement that held exciting mass rallies aimed at "young people," an audience that ranged from teenagers to people in their early 20s, as well as many older adults. During World War II and the immediate aftermath, YFC had been especially effective among service men and women. Billy Graham was the best known (among Evangelicals) of the several evangelists who had led the movement and then moved out on their own to hold meetings around the country. Other movements, such as Armin Gesswein's prayer groups in the Los Angeles area, the New England Fellowship, J. Edwin Orr's meetings around the country, also heightened the feeling of expectancy

In the spring of 1949, a spiritual awakening on the campus of Bethel College in Minnesota was widely reported (there would be similar campus revivals in 1950 on a variety of campuses, especially Asbury College and Seminary in Kentucky and Wheaton College in Illinois) In early October Percy Crawford began weekly nationwide syndicated evangelic broadcasts, the first in the nation's history. Also in October, the evangelistic meetings Billy Graham was holding in Los Angles (begun on September 25) , at the invitation of the Christ for Greater Los Angeles committee, took fire and attracted first citywide and then nationwide attention. (Crawford briefly referred to the LA meetings on his November 20th show, broadcast the same day the LA campaign ended.)

On September 25, 1949, the BGC Archives will open an online exhibit about the Los Angeles meetings, emphasizing how it was reported in the secular media. On this page are links to some of the coverage of and reaction to the meetings in Evangelical and Fundamentalist press in the United states.

Title of Article Magazine Date
"Thousands are Won to Christ in Los Angeles" United Evangelical Action November 15, 1949
"Dr. Edwin Orr writes by air mail..." Life of Faith November 30, 1949
"Billy Graham in Los Angeles" The Christian Fundamentalist December 1949
"Late News Flash" Christian Life December 1949
"Revival Fires Burn in Los Angeles Campaign" The International Evangelist December 1949
"Billy Graham Came to My Town!" The Northwestern Pilot December 1949
"Revival Meetings Sweep Los Angeles" The Protestant Voice December 1, 1949
"God Works in Los Angeles" The Evangelical Beacon December 13, 1949
"The Great Awakening in Los Angeles" Part I Sunday School Times December 17, 1949
"Great Evangelistic Campaign in Los Angeles" Life of Faith December 21, 1949
"The Great Awakening in Los Angeles" Part II Sunday School Times December 24, 1949
"Los Angeles Revival" The Alliance Weekly December 31, 1949
"Graham Campaign Stirs Los Angeles" Christian News Digest January 1950
"Tremendous Victory in Los Angeles" The International Evangelist January 1950
"Spiritual Awakening in California" Moody Monthly January 1950
"An Old Fashioned Revival" Our Hope January 1950
"Graham" Wheaton Alumni Magazine January 1950
"The River of Salvation" The Alliance Weekly January 14, 1950
"Evaluating the Billy Graham Meetings" The King's Business February 1950
"Dr. J. Edwin Orr / Recent Experiences of Revival" The Christian February 10, 1950


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