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"One Thousand Tribes Untouched":
Elvira Malmstrom Townsend

and the Founding of Wycliffe Bible Translators


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Guatemala, Dec. 30 - 1940

Dear Pastor Ironside:

Thank you for your Christmas greeting and gift from the church of $9.50 which I assure you is deeply appreciated.
Yes! We are actually having a short vacation in the land that is dear to our hearts and where we lived and worked for about 15 years. You can imagine what joy we are having in visiting around and holding meetings in many of the congregations in Cakchiquel Indian territory where are formerly ministered. Last Sunday (yesterday) we had 4 meetings in 3 different towns and the week before we had 7 meetings in 7 towns over Sat. Sun & Monday. Christmas Eve & the 25th - it was our privilege to take part in special meetings at Panajachel, (on beautiful Lake Atitlan). Right now I’m sitting in an ice cream parlor down-town in Guatemala City as I write. Both Cameron & I feel like two children “out of school” and we are having a grand time - especially that of being among so many believers - friends of many years ago - We return home to Mexico by Jan. 15th - just a short vacation! We brought Dr. Elena Trejo back to her nature land - she has the distinction of being Guatemala’s first women doctor and is being recieved with many honors by her people - Cameron joins me in wishing for you & Mrs. Ironside & Lillian a blessed new years.

Sincerely in Him, Elvira Townsend

P.S. - We have not as yet contacted Mr. Martinez but on our return to Mexico will look him up.




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