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Text of Brief Messages from the World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin, Germany in 1966

In the table below are links to a few of the shorter papers from the Congress. The texts are taken from the news releases of talks given out at the congress. Most of the papers given at the congress were later published in a two volume set, One Race, One Gospel, One Task / World Congress on Evangelism / Berlin 1966 / Official Reference Volumes / Papers and Reports edited by Carl Henry and W. Stanley Mooneyham (Minneapolis, Minnesota: World Wide Publications, 1967) In some cases the text from the news release from the conference has minor differences from the published version.



C. E. Autrey, director of the Division of Evangelism of the Southern Baptist Convention, United States Methods of Group Evangelism
Nicholas B. Bhengu, founder of the Back to God Crusade, South Africa Evangelism in Africa
Bill Bright, president and founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, United States The Methods of Personal Evangelism
Thomas Cosmades, missionary to Turkey Empowered by the Spirit
William Culbertson, President of Moody Bible Institute, United States Opposition to Cults - An Apology
A. Jack Dain, Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Sydney (Church of England in Australia) Self-Containment, Parochialism, And Isolation
V. Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College, United States The Conflict of the Spirits
Paul E. Finkenbinder, director of Latin American Radio Evangelism, El Salvador Evangelism in Central America and Mexico

Akira Hatori, chairman of Pacific Broadcasting Association, Japan

Evangelism in the Far East (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Akira Hatori The Japanese Mind
Juan M. Isais, director of the Northern Zone of the division of evangelism of Latin America Mission in Mexico City, Mexico The Holy Spirit Constrains Us
Reuben Lores, international coordinator of Evangelism-in-Depth for Latin America Mission The Evangelism-in-Depth Movement
Helen Kim, president of the Upper Room Evangelistic Association and former ambassador for Korea to the United Nations Totalitarianism and Collectivism
Festo Kivengere, lay preacher in Uganda, student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, United States at the time of the conference Spiritual Indifference
Jules-Marcel Nicole, president of the Bible Institute, Nogent, France Hinderances to Evangelization--Doctrinal Unbelief and Heresy
Harold John Ockenga, pastor of Bark Street Church, Boston and president of Fuller Theological Seminary, both in the United States The Methods of Group Evangelism
William E. Pannell,evangelist and member of the executive staff of Youth for Christ, United States The Methods of Personal Evangelism
Bob Pierce, president and founder of World Vision, United States. Commissioned to Communicate
Lorne Sanny, president of The Navigators, United States. Disciple Makers - Key to Evangelism
Francis Schaeffer, president and founder of the the L'Abri Fellowship Foundation The Practice of Truth
Clyde W. Taylor, general director of the National Association of Evangelicals of the United States and chairman of the congress executive committee Evangelism in the United States

 Corrie ten Boom, evangelist and author, Netherlands

 The Regenerating Work of the Holy Spirit

Imchaba Bendang Wati, executive secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India Evangelism in India

 Thomas F. Zimmerman, general superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God

 Evangelism and the Eschatological Imperative




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