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Billy Graham's FBI Scrapbook, 1938-1940

On this site is a digital copy of the scrapbook that Billy Graham kept at the very beginning of his evangelistic ministry, when he was a student at Florida Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida. He put it together from newspaper clippings, church programs, and other ephemera of his earliest preaching activities. It also highlights aspects of his student days at Florida Bible Institute, such as the mentoring he received from John Minder and W. T. Watson and his graduation in 1940. Many of Graham's evangelistic activities were traditional ones, in churches for single services or week long campaigns or at Bible camps. Others indicate his traveling into new territory, such as the bilingual handbill on page 1 and the story about trailer parks on page 8. Trailer parks of mobile homes were new social phenomena in the 1930s. Graham led other FBI students in beginning a ministry at a local park.

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The white number labels on the front of the plastic envelope containing each page were put there by the BGC Archives staff. Some of the items on the enlarged digital copies have been enhanced to make them easier to read. Pages labeled M1 and M2 are on display in the Billy Graham Center Museum and are not part of the scrapbook kept in the BGC Archives.

The scrapbook, minus the material on display in the BGC Museum, is in the Archives' Collection 15, Box 1, Folder 1

For more information on Billy Graham's early ministry, go to
"I Learned To Look Straight At Them." The Apprenticeship of Billy Graham, 1937-1949

Florida Bible Institute continues today, renamed Trinity College.


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