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From PHOTO FILE: International Congress on World Evangelization, 1974
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Listen to a RealAudio excerpt of Dain's welcoming comments to the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Transcribed text of Bishop Dain's welcoming remarks to the opening session of the International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland, 1974.

The text below, transcribed by the Archives staff, is from Collection 53, audio tape T176.


DAIN: My first task as we gather today from every corner of the world is to welcome you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and on behalf of the convening and the planning committee, and to declare the International Congress on World Evangelization to be convened.

My second task is briefly to present to you those who under God have convened and planned this Congress over the past two to three years and those who will chair the plenary sessions of the Congress each day. I would first ask the members of the Congress Convening Committee to stand in their places. There are one-hundred and thirty odd members of this committee present on the platform. And we have received cables, letters, and messages of greeting and apology from the twenty odd members who through sickness or some other reason are not able to be present or who are arriving later in the Congress. It is extremely important that we should all recognize that this Congress was brought into being by this group of men. This large group of Evangelical leaders from sixty-five countries around the world, representative of Evangelical churches of every denomination, who each one initially gave their clear and unequivocal support to the call to this International Congress which was issued right at the outset. We thank God for their involvement and for their identification with the Congress. We have received cables and a host of letters of greetings from around the world assuring us of the prayers of countless people for which we are deeply grateful.

Next I would ask to stand the smaller group of thirty members of that Convening Committee who have formed the Planning Committee. This smaller group, again widely representative of the world for they come from sixteen different countries, have met on three occasions during the past two years, first in Los Angeles, then here again in Lausanne, and then in Atlanta, in order to plan the actual details of this Congress. On each occasion they have given several days and nights of intensive work, and the Planning Committee has already met for one morning of this week and will of course be meeting through the Congress. And we are deeply grateful to them for all that they have done.

Then, I would introduce to you the co-chairmen, seven of whom are present with us and one of whom, Dr. Okgill Kim, the principal of EWHA Women's University, will join us tomorrow. Each of these chairmen will act as the chairman of the day for one day of the Congress during the plenary sessions held in this auditorium. Tomorrow the chairman will be Bishop Festo Kivengere from Uganda. On Thursday the chairman of the day will the Rev. Maurice Ray of Switzerland. On Friday the chairman of the day will be Dr. Oswald Hoffmann of the United States. On Saturday the chairman of the day will be Dr. Okgill Kim of Korea. On Sunday the chairman of the day will be Bishop Anandarao Samuel of India. On Monday of the following week the chairman will be Dr. Philip Teng. On Tuesday, Dr. Nilson Fanini of Brazil. And on Wednesday, Dr. Gilbert...the Rev. Gilbert Kirby from England. And we thank them in anticipation for the onerous task which they will be fulfilling.

Finally, it is my further privilege to present and introduce to you the honorary Chairman of the Congress, Dr. Billy Graham. Dr. Graham needs no introduction from me, but I do want to share one important fact with you all. Our presence here at this Congress is, under God, the result of the vision, the evangelistic passion, and the dedication to world evangelization of Dr. Graham. Although the resulting work has obviously been shared by many, the initiative and the essential undergirding has come from Dr. Graham. I believe I speak on behalf of you all when I say we thank God for him and for his role in, under God, bringing this Congress into being. And I'm now going to ask Dr. Graham, the honorary Chairman, to welcome you all and to present the distinguished guests. Dr. Graham.

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