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July 2017: The Cartoons of E. J. Pace


Killing six birds with one stone.
One of many of Pace's cartoons that defended Biblical creationism.
From Collection 625, Folder OS40

For three decades, E, J. Pace (1880-1946) was perhaps the best known cartoonist among American Fundamentalist and Evangelicals. Every week one of his drawings, usually combining contemporary scenes with Biblical admonitions, appeared in The Sunday School Times. His work also was transmitted through posters, calendars, tracts, and magic lantern slides combined with lectures or sermons. His art truly had a world wide reach.

The BGC Museum collected hundreds of his cartoons in a variety of mediums. These were later turned over to the BGC Archives. This month we highlight a few of these. Click on the thumbnails below to see an enlarged version.

For more on E. J. Pace and his cartoons, see the guide to BGC Archives Collection 702.

To see other Pace cartoon on the BGC Archives website, click Here or Here.

Put Out The Fire Before the Barn Burns
The Bow in the Cloud
Songs We Do Not Mean No. 1
Quit You Like Like Men, Be Strong
Of One Blood
The Purpose of God
A First Class Conflagration Needed
The Sin Game

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