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May 2017

"Don't Leave New York Without Visiting the Crusade"
The 1957 Billy Graham New York City Campaign

Sixty years ago this month, Evangelist Billy Graham and his associates began one of the most complex, extended and influential evangelistic crusades of his ministry. Starting on May 15th and continuing until Labor Day, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) was holding meetings all over city, with Graham leading the main services almost every night at Madison Square Garden (with major meetings also in Yankee Stadium and Time Square, among other locations.) After the campaign ended, there were follow-up meetings involving participating churches all round the Greater New York area.

The Archives is remembering this epic event with a few items from our holdings:

Click Here to see some of the many posters generated before during and after the campaign (Collection 1, Box 7, Folder 11)

Click Here to listen to the the program of Graham's Hour of Decision radio program broadcast just before the first day of the meetings. (Collection 191, T383, broadcast May 12, 1957)

Click Here to listen to the the memories of the meetings of Sid Couchey, a professional cartoonist who served as one of the many volunteers (Collection 621, T1; 80 minutes)
Click Here to see his caricature of the BGEA staff.

Click Here to listen to the the program of Graham's Hour of Decision radio program broadcast just after the meetings ended. (Collection 191, T401, broadcast September 15, 1957)

Click Here to read the report by Graham's assistant, Robert O. Ferm, analyzing the inquirers who came forward at the meetings. (Collection 19, Box 5, Folder 46)

The complete story of the meetings cane be found in the Archives permanent online exhibit,
1957 - New York City - Billy Graham: A Crusade Remembered

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