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September 2013: Billy Graham's FBI Scrapbook, 1938-1940

Handbill printed up by Graham for a series of meetings in Capitola, Florida in the summer of 1938. The meetings were canceled because the minister of the church had to be out of town.

Billy Graham began his preparation to be an evangelist at Florida Bible Institute in Tampa Florida. He enrolled there as a student in January 1937 and within three months, under the guidance of his professor and mentor, Rev. John Minder, he was preaching the Easter service at a nearby church. While Graham was a student at FBI, as it was affectionately called, he kept a scrapbook of clippings, programs, handbills and other souvenirs from many of his earliest ministry efforts. The Bulletin Board this month is showing a digital copy the entire scrapbook.

Click here to go to the online scrapbook, which is from the Archives' Collection 15.


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