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December 2012: Christmas in Korea, 1952

Graham with a Marine after one of his services near the front line. The painting in the back of Jesus looking over a sleeping Marine was painted by a frontline solider especially for Graham's service.

In December 1952 Billy Graham, with Bob Pierce, Grady Wilson, Ralph Provost and David Morken, traveled to the Korea war zone. He was there to spend time with Western missionaries and Korean Christians and, especially, to be with the American troops serving in the ongoing conflict which was one of the first hotspots of the Cold War.

On the 60th anniversary of that visit, the Bulletin Board remembers the event with audio recordings and other materials. (The audio recordings also include Graham's description of his meeting with President-elect Dwight David Eisenhower in Washington, DC.)

Timeline of the visit


Newspaper clippings



Booklet that Graham published in 1953 about his Korean visit.

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