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September 2012: From the Postcard Collection - Raising the Tabernacle



For many years the Billy Graham Center Museum staff with diligence and discernment collected postcards that had a religious theme, especially cards were related in any way to Christian evangelism. The collection grew to include thousands of items from throughout the 20th century, mostly American, and of great variety. There are images of meeting tents, churches, activities, denominations, individual evangelists, illustrations of passages of scripture, Gospel messages and much more. In 2006, this collection was transferred to the BGC Archives. The cards comprise Collection 636.

One interesting set of postcards, and some of the last postcards purchased by the BGC Museum staff, showed a congregation building their own church in a single day. The simple, homemade cards give a vivid feel for the event, now more than a century in the past. On this page are two of cards from this series. To see the entire series in sequence,
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