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February 2010: Evangelist, Author and Politician

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A Williams Evangelistic Tabernacle, n.d.
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Milan Bertrand Williams (1860-1941) better know as M.B. Williams was an evangelist mainly in north central United States. For eight years he was accompanied by song leader Charles M. Alexander. He was the author of several books including Where Satan Sows His Seed: Plain Talks on the Amusements of Modern Society and Among Many Witnesses: a Book for Bible Students. In 1910 he was elected to the Kansas State Legislature as representative from the 109th district. Seven years later he became the president of the Interdenominational Association of Evangelicals and in his later years became the director and curator of St. Petersburg Historical Society Museum in Florida. Additional information about Rev. Williams is found in Collection 601 - Ephemera of Milan Bertrand Williams.

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Certificate of Election for M.B. Williams, 1910
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