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November 2009: Marriage on the Mission Field

From Collection 215, Box 2, Folder 35
China Inland Mission Shanghai Marriage Register
Missionaries serving with China Inland Missionary, who wished to be married, were required to follow strict guidelines for their betrothal and marriage as set forth in the CIM Field Manual. One of the requirements for an engaged couple was to have been in China for at least one year and passed at least one section of study.

When Cyril Faulkner of England and Frances Gray of Iowa, who joined the mission in 1935 and 1934 respectively, were married, the event was recorded in the CIM Shanghai marriage register. This book contains the records of 223 marriages of CIM missionaries in Shanghai from 1890-1951. These records not only list the names of the bride and groom, date of marriage, and witnesses, but sometimes include other information and photographs. For example, the record for the Faulkners (see below) lists the acting parents, flower girl, location of the wedding, pastor performing the marriage, and photograph of the wedding party. Cyril and Frances worked in China until 1951 and then in Thailand until 1970. Additional information on them is found on their personnel cards in the Records of the United States Home Council of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission).

The marriage register is a wonderful tool in locating information and photographs of CIM missionaries. This book has been microfilmed and is available by interlibrary loan.

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