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June 2008: Our greatest desire...


Photo File: Hawkes, Belle Sherwood
James and Sarah Belle Sherwood Hawkes
Photo File: Hawkes, Belle Sherwood  

Sarah Belknap "Belle" Sherwood (1854-1919) was sent to East Persia (now Iran) in 1883 by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Mission to teach at a girls’ school in the city of Hamadan. The following year she gave a six-month report on the progress of the students. The last paragraph reveals her goal for the school.

So the time has gone leaving this record, and another not less important which is written in Heaven where our prayers and we trust the prayers of many others have been sent. Our greatest desire in regard to our school is that all who come within its walls may grow not only in this worlds wisdom but in the true wisdom whose beginning is the fear of the Lord.

To view the entire report click here.

For more information on Sarah see the guide to Collection 39 - Papers of Sarah Belknap "Belle" Sherwood Hawkes


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