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February 2003: Montrose Waite and The Afro-American Missionary Crusade

from Collection 81, Box 8, Folder 40

Picture from the 1951 calendar of the Afro-American Missionary Crusade, showing the Waite family sailing to Liberia.

Montrose Waite spent decades of his life as a missionary in west Africa. When he was unable to find any existing missionary agency that would support him, he helped start the Afro-American Missionary Crusade and returned to Africa in 1948 as the AAMC's field director and first missionary.

The records of Collection 81, the records of Africa Inland Mission, includes some documents about Waite's life and ministry, such as the early newsletters of the AAMC. The first page of which is shown below. Click . to see the rest of the newsletter.

from Collection 81, Box 8, Folder 40

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