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October 2001:
Holistic Evangelism in the Deep South

from PHOTO FILE: African Americans

This young boy is one of many children who have participated in Voice of Calvary's outreach activities.

Over the years John Perkins has been and continues to be a man of quiet, but profound influence. Among many other accomplishments, Perkins founded the Voice of Calvary Ministries in 1960 to emphasize evangelism in a context of wholistic community development, economic distribution and racial reconciliation. The ministry, first based in rural Missippi and then in urban Jackson, expanded to include a church, international study center, youth center, non-profit housing co-operative, thrift store, several publications and two community health centers among other services by 1986. Ultimately, Voice of Calvary Ministries has significantly impacted the world around it through its social and evangelistic endeavors.

Collection 362 has numerous photographs and fifty-one boxes of organizational records concerning the Voice of Calvary Ministries. More information regarding the Voice of Calvary can be found in Collection 367 (the records of John Perkins) and Collection 366 (the records of VOCM past-president Lem Tucker).

from PHOTO FILE: Voice of Calvary Ministries--Conferences and events

Left: VOCM founder John Perkins (first person, facing forward, on left) joins in a circle with others for a time of prayer during a Voice of Calvary event.

Below: Author and former VOCM staff member Chris Rice (right) jokes around with two unidentified friends during a construction project in the 1980s.

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