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Citations for Materials in the BGC Archives

Credit Lines in Magazines, Books, Films, etc.:

Archives of the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton, Illinois (Collection 47).

Footnotes and Bibliographical References

Listed below are recommended citations for various kinds of material contained in the Archives. The Archives will be happy to receive copies of articles, dissertations, books, or other works which are based, in whole or in part, on the Archives' collections.


Citation begins with the particular item in the collection. A citation to a letter gives the names (often only the last names) of sender and recipient followed by the date of the letter. The word "Letter" is usually unnecessary but other forms of communication are specified. Then comes item number (Pl, S8, V3, etc.) or folder and box number and collection nubmer, the name of the collection, and the repository.

When a particular document, collection, or repository is used several times, give the title in full the first time and then give an abbreviation that will be used in the rest of the footnotes.

Note: A title of a manuscript in a collection is given in quotation marks ("Causes of the Recent Boxer Uprising in China") but not descriptive designations such as Tape or Report or Memo, etc. When in doubt, omit quotation marks.

A. Letters

B. Memorandums
C. Audio Tapes
D. Motion Pictures
F. Scrapbooks
G. Minutes of Meetings
H. Diaries
I. Microform Collections
Microform collections of original materials not in the Archives.
Microform collection of original materials in the Archives.
J. E-mail message


Full identification of most unpublished material usually requires the name of the collection and the name of the depository. Except for placing the cited item first in a note, there is, no general agreement on the sequence of the remaining elements in the citation. Whatever sequence is adopted, however, should be used consistently throughout the same work.

There are two principal sequences one might follow in listing manuscript collections in a bibliography. One begins with the particular--the name of the author of the manuscripts or the title of the item being cited--and ends with the depository and, where desirable, its location. This sequence is the most feasible for all collections of correspondence and other personal papers named for an individual or a group. Thus, when a letter or telegram or diary entry or other specific reference is cited in the text or in a note, the reader will easily locate the collection from which it came in the bibliography or reference list.

The second possible sequence begins with the depository (or its location) and ends with the collection or item being cited. This sequence is useful when a number of collections from the same depository are cited and it is desirable to list them together in the bibliography or when a text reference is more easily or economically made to a depository than to an individual item in it.

Individual items cited from a collection, such as specific letters or diary entries, are mentioned in the text or in a footnote. If only one item from a collection has been cited, it may be listed under its own author or title in the bibliography. Titles of collections and descriptive designations such as Diary or Correspondence or Records are usually capitalized in a bibliography listing but not given in quotation marks.

A. Processed Collections

B. Unprocessed Material

Internet sources

To use an Archives Web page (whether a guide or exhibit or other page) as a general resource, the following [with generic components identified in parentheses] is suggested format for a bibliographic entry:

Bibliographic entries for a specific part of a source in an Archives online resource can be further expanded in the citation as follows:

For further information on citation, please consult:

For further guidance in citing Internet sources such as an Archives guide or sample documents, see suggestions according to:

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