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2008 annual report

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Topics Researched in the Reading Room in 2008

Related to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA):
    Billy Graham’s early ministry
    The 1957 Billy Graham New York City Crusade
    Socio-economic impacts of Billy Graham crusades
    Biography of Billy Graham as a public figure
    Documentary about the life of Billy Graham
    Billy Graham as a student at Wheaton College
    Graham’s anti-communism
    Evangelicals and American Foreign Policy, 1945-1950
    John Stauffacher and the Student Volunteer Movement
    Evangelical intellectual history
    The life of pastor and evangelist Harry Ironside
    United States Evangelicals attitudes toward Israel
    Trends in evangelism and social action
    Evangelicals in 20th century New England
    Life of missionary and educator Belle Sherwood Hawkes in Persia
    Charles Hurlburt and the founding of Africa Inland Mission (AIM)
    The ministry of 20th century American Evangelical women missionaries
    William Nowack and the Ebenezer Mission of Tennessee
    Mission work in Japan
    AIM in Kenya
    African theology
    China Inland Mission (CIM) work in Szechwan Province, China
    Paul Pinney Stough missionary in Congo
    The lives of CIM missionaries Eugene and Winifred Crapuchettes
    Patriotic and political imagery in Christianity Today magazine , 1956-1981
    Conversion of slaves to Christianity
    Development of the theology of John Stott
    The theology of the Africa Inland Church of Kenya
    History of the Woman Christian Temperance Union
    The administrative organization of the 1974 Lausanne Congress
    Christian support for George McGovern’s presidential bid
    William Blackstone’s involvement in Christian Zionism
    Conservative Protestant responses to changes in marriage and family life during the 20th century
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