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2007 annual report

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Student worker Timothy Gulsvig, coordinator Noel Collins and Paul prepare the recently received shipment of several skids of InterVaristy Christian Fellowship records to be unpacked and moved to storage, seen by rolling the cursor over the photo above.

Material became part of the Archives collection in a variety of ways this year. Some letters, diaries and photographs were offered by people who knew of the Archives collecting policy or our desire to receive materials and wanted to help strengthen the record of evangelism history here. Staff sought out and conducted oral history interviews with young and retired missionaries, and Christian workers from other parts of the world. Organizations like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (US) (see photo above) and Africa Inland Mission sent their next periodic installment of inactive files from previous years. the last year, or decade. And Bob continued to find documents that help tell the story of events and impact of the 1941 sinking of the Egyptian freighter Zamzam in 1941 that carried many missionaries.

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