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Steven Miller was a regular patron in the Reading Room during 2004 (as well as borrowing microfilm and audio tapes through inter-library loan) as he gathered research information for his doctoral dissertation.

  "Thank you very much for the information program you presented to our group on January 8. Our members now have a much better understanding of what resources are locally available to them at the Billy Graham Center Archives and will put this knowledge to good use." Letter from the Fox Valley Genealogical Society in response to a talk by Wayne Weber on the Genealogical Resources in the BGC Archives.
"Thanks so much for your excellent presentation to my students last Friday morning. Knowing the importance of these archives, I really enjoy giving my students the opportunity to explore the riches of women's contributions to missions." Message Bob Shuster received from a Wheaton College professor after he conducted a session for the Gender Relations in Missions class.  
  "Thank you again for the materials you sent in the mail. After receiving them, we found out that my aunt had some of my grandmother's old annuals (1939 & 1940) and an old photo album. We were able to use these also. I have completed my history project. I received 100 points out of 100 on the project from my teacher. I entered my Project Board about Mr. Graham in the Manatee County History Fair. I won a Church History Prize." E-mail message from a high school student in Florida who did a history fair project on Billy Graham's years at Florida Bible Institute, where his grandmother was also a student.
"In case you haven't heard it from anyone lately, let me give you and your colleagues a word of appreciation! The BGC collections are such a treasure trove, and you have done the historically minded end of the kingdom an immeasurable good turn by your decades of work therein. There will be jewels in your crown on the day of reckoning, my friends." Message from the provost of Calvin College.
  "Just wanted to thank you for your informative web-page concerning Billy Sunday. I purchased a photo album at an auction recently and it is about WW1 and in it there is a photograph of this wonderful man and his wife...I decided to research Mr. Sunday and your page is excellent. Thanks again." E-mail message from a researcher who referred to the Archive exhibit Hitting the Sawdust Trail with Billy Sunday.
"The Henry family greatly appreciates the tributes given on the Carl F. H. Henry Memorial page. To God be the glory." Letter from a daughter of Carl F. H. Henry  
  "First I have to say that being a Kenyan student in USA and doing research on Kenyan Church is not easy. But your collections have been a source of great help to me. Thank you for your work." E-mail message.
"They were very helpful and friendly. I had no idea what I was doing, so I had a lot of questions.... I appreciate the staff's understanding in my lack of knowledge of how to find materials." A high school student from Washington State who put together a dramatic dialogue on the life of Corrie ten Boom for a History Fair project.  
  "Thank you for putting this information on the Internet. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1975 - 1978 at Bethel, Swaziland, where Malla Moe helped erect the church and establish a ministry there. Your biography was very interesting and informative. I have visited her grave site at Mhlosheni and have been friends of missionaries who later worked there and friends of Swazis who taught or went to school there. It was very exciting to read your article. I am deeply indebted to the people who made it happen. God Bless." E-mail message referring to the Archival Bulletin Board for January 2004 about missionary Malla Moe.
"Thank you for making these important documents available to the Lausanne family and the larger Body of Christ. And thank you for your prayers as we continue to prepare for the 2004 Forum on World Evangelization. Gratefully and prayerfully yours." Message from a former chairman of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization referring to the web site the Archives prepared for the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Lausanne Congress.
  "A great presentation. My husband was there all three months on leave from Houghton College with their blessing to assist Billy Graham in any way he could mainly in helping him in the preparation of the may sermons he had to preach. It was nearly a nation wide revival. People sang in the undergrounds as they came to the meetings. Royalty came." BGEA Resource Coordinator, with recollections after visiting the Archival Bulletin Board for May 2004 commemorating Billy Graham's 1954 Crusade in London.