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Visiting students and teacher from Christian Life High School (Rockford, Illinois) as they survey materials in the Reading Room during a special orientation in May on missionary Jim Elliot. Archives staff regularly develop orientation sessions for college, grad school and highschool classes, homeschool groups, and others to learn more from the history of evangelism.

One of two Samaritan's Purse staff in December as they worked in the Reading Room on a video history project about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Archives staff guided and assisted their survey of numerous films, videos and photographs to depict the history and ministry of Billy Graham and the BGEA.

Wayne's office is overtaken in April by the processing project of surveying and sorting the contents of the William Deans papers. Wayne completed the arrangement and description of the collection during 2003. Deans was involved in the publication of Christian literature in African languages, and duplicate material from his papers not included in the collection at the Archives was redirected to Uganda, where, because of natural catastrophe and wartime devastation, no copies of the publication were available among the people groups they were originally written for.

John and Alice Fitzwilliam with materials of John's mother, missionary Jennie Fitzwilliam. The Fitzwilliams used Jennie's papers and oral history interviews in the Reading Room in March and June to write and illustrate Alice's biography of her mother-in-law's missionary work in China with China Inland Mission. Part of Alice's project included transcribing the five tapes in the oral history interviews the staff conducted with Jennie in 1984 and 1985; the Fitzwilliams gave these full-text transcripts to the Archives where they can now be used by researchers through the Archives Web site. Jennie Fitzwilliam passed away in April at the age of ninety-nine. To find out more about Mrs. Fitzwilliam, visit the memorial page developed as a tribute to her, or read the description of her papers and interview.

Researcher using the papers in June by and about her great grandfather, medical missionary Elwood Davis. In addition to the many researchers that use the Archives collection to complete class assignments, or write articles or books or dissertations, or produce video projects, during 2003 a fifth came to work on evangelistic projects, or search for information for a family history, or develop projects of personal interest.

Bob orienting two students from a Grad School evangelism class in February to materials they were using as part of an exercise in the Reading Room. During 2003 the staff provided sessions for thirteen classes.

Students, parents, staff and volunteer, during the April Treasure Hunt for homeschool students. The staff provided three Treasure Hunts during 2003. Volunteer Elizabeth Stough and Bob are in the background during the main part of the program where students explore selected documents for information about evangelism history and missionary life. The student in the foreground is reading a handwritten letter by missionary and explorer David Livingstone.

Bob, Christian and Paul with librarian Cindy Lu during her weeklong visit to the Archives in March and April. Lu will become the library director of Singapore Bible College, and came to the Archives for orientation, training and consultation about establishing a mission archives at SBC's library. The Archives hopes to regularly contribute to the training of archivists and growth of emerging programs in the developing world in order to preserve the record of evangelism and mission history in many nations.

Christian, Paul and Bob exploring ideas in November for new or more effective ways to implement the Archives' goal to gather, preserve and make available for use unpublished documents on the history of North American nondenominational Protestant efforts to spread the Christian Gospel.

Paul and visiting evangelist and theologian John Stott as they survey Lausanne Committee materials (Collection 46) in the Archives storage area in May. The visit was one step in the Archives' coordination of the microfilming and digitizing of Stott's own papers related to the Lausanne movement.

Wayne with Robert Carlson during a Treasure Hunt for area homeschool students in November. Carlson, shown with traditional Tibetan clothing and a prayer wheel, spent his early life in Tibet where his missionary parents served, and later he himself was a missionary in Hong Kong. Carlson is a valuable resource to the Archives as a volunteer, helping the staff create concrete links between the history of evangelism and living people.

Christian, Bob and Paul during a creativity day in July dedicated to exploring plans and dreams for the Archives' goals, projects, and future.

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