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Public Service

A student learns about missions to Tibet from Robert Carlson (seated) during the Archives semi-annual Treasure Hunt for home schooled students. During these sessions, the kids get a chance to learn about church history firsthand from eyewitnesses and documents.

1/01 " "Thank you for your wonderful abstracts and online documents that I'm using for a church newsletter article on DL Moody. What a wonderful resource! We are mentioning that we are indebted to the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives at the beginning of the article." E-mail from a Wheaton College alumnus.

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Selected Public Service Statistics 1980-2001
Year 80 81 83 84 86 87 89 90 92 93 95 96 98 99 00 01
BGEA 25 30 31 22 22 40 39 30 56 53 26 60 36 32 19 26
Classes 24 20 14 18 20 17 19 17
E-mail 38 38 89 147 291 467 575 626
Faxes 7 3 4 3 3 1
Interlibrary Loans 3 6 12 6 21 31 17
Letters 67 64 59 46 72 64 69 60 57 34 20 12 15 18
Personal Contacts 507 310 762 709 434 869 96 40 64 53 36 22 14 19
Phone 132 82 127 136 114 114 215 128 194 171 163 132 145 178
Presentations 12 10 9 9 12 5
Totals 25 30 737 478 970 931 659 1077 498 342 469 508 585 715 833 907

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Starting in January 2001, the Archives newsletter was only available online via the World Wide Web. Here are the links to the three issues posted during the year: January, May, September

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Dr. Kathryn Long, of the Wheaton College history faculty giving a luncheon lecture sponsored by the Billy Graham Center on photographic images of mission work, particularly concentrating on the story of the the so-called Auca Martyrs of 1956 and the ministry of Betty Elliot among the Huaorani people of Ecuador. Her lecture was illustrated in part with material from the BGC Archives and Museum.

The staff gave several presentations during the year to groups outside the Reading Room. In May, Bob gave the annual Treasures of Wheaton presentation to Wheaton alumni on the topic, "Run, Then, In Such a Way as to Win the Prize: Sports and Evangelism" and illustrated it with audio clips, video clips and documents from the Archives.

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In 2001, the Archives received $10,650 in gifts and $4,500 in fees for the use and/or duplication of materials.

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Organizations Assisted

Below is a select list of the organizations, Christian and secular, which the Archives assisted in one way or another during 2001.
Africa Inland Church - Tanzania
Africa Inland Mission International
American Jewish Historical Society
Asheville Citizen Times
Assemblies of God
Beeson Divinity School, The Global Center
Believers Bookshelf, Inc.
Berkshire Publishing Group LLC
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
British Broadcasting Corporation
Cable Network News (CNN)
The Caleb Project
Charlotte Museum of History
China Institute
Christian History magazine
Christianity Today International
Calvary Church of Naperville
Cincinnati Museum Center
Cornerstone Church
Cross Point magazine
David C. Cook Publishers
Decision magazine
The DeMoss Group
El Paso Times newspaper
Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies
Evangelical Free Church of Wheaton
Franklin Graham Ministries
Free Methodist Church of North America
Gospel Publishing House
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hope College Library
Idea Fotoredaktion
Illinois State Baptist Association
Illinois State Library
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - USA
Karma to Grace
The King's College and Seminary
Larry Ross and Associates
Los Angeles Times
Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College
Median Broadcasting
Moody Church of Chicago
Office of Christian Outreach, Wheaton College
The Open University
Paraclete Press
Paulist Productions
Peabody Essex Museum
City of Portland, Oregon
RBC Ministry
Reformed Church in America
Scripps-Howard News Agency
Tribune Review newspaper of Pittsburgh
The Trinity Foundation
UNC Center for Public Television
Union Theological Seminary
Wheaton College Development
WBTV television station
WGBH television station
Willow Creek Community Church
Wireless magazine
WMBI radio station
World Evangelical Fellowship
WTTW television station
Youth for Christ - USA
Youth Unlimited

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The Internet

"I cannot begin to digest all of the material you have available. Thanks anyway for such a great e-library." E-mail message

The Archives has thousands of different pages at its website, but we only keep statistics on the very first page, our front door so to speak. This page was visited 26,348 times during the year. Some came to visit our Bulletin Board, where a new document or image was posted every month. Others came to look at the Evangelism Archives or our online exhibits or listen to our audio clips of interviews. And of course many wanted to use our Billy Graham chronology or web database or the guides to our collections. Among the documents we added to our web site in 2001 were:

The funeral sermon of Billy Sunday, preached in 1935 by H. A. Ironside

The brochures given out at Billy Sunday meetings to counselors and to new converts

The manuscript of a "Jesus, Lord, I Come," a Fanny Crosby hymn

The evangelistic tract, "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

The Paul Rader sermon, "I Sent You to Reap."

  • Audio excerpt from the oral history interview with evangelist Jack Wyrtzen about his first televsion broadcasts in the 1940s

  • Audio excerpt from the oral history interview with Milton Acosta on the world of migrant farm workers with whom he worked in Alabama.

  • Audio excerpt from the oral history interview with John Huffman about the founding of the National Association of Evangelicals.

  • Audio excerpt from the oral history interview with Robert Carlson about being home schooled in Tibet in the 1930s by his missionary parents.

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